13 things scientists don’t understand

I love a good mystery, and you probably do too.  Check out these  from Michael Brooks via New Scientist – it’s almost enough to make you think there is more to this Universe than scientists can understand:

1.  Radiation left from the Big Bang is still glowing in the sky – in a mysterious and controversial pattern.

2.  Something unseeable and far bigger than anything in the known universe is hauling a group of galaxies towards it at inexplicable speed.

3.  Tens of millions of years ago, the average temperature at the poles was 15 or 20 °C. Now let’s talk about climate change!

4.  Space probes using Earth’s gravity to get a slingshot speed boost are moving faster than they should. Call in dark matter.

5.  The fusion of two distinct evolutionary lines is not supposed to work – but the seas are teeming with chimeras that prove it can.

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