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Who’s Really at War with Religion? Pluto in Sagittarius

Sometime soon I’ll post a link to a new article about Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius, which is about two-thirds completed. Pluto is all about destruction and transformation, and in Sagittarius Pluto has been creating havoc in the religious arena. Meanwhile, the Green Knight’s posts today are all about the conflicts (Pluto) that are erupting over religious ideas (Sagittarius), beginning with a great tale of the current “War on Christmas” in a suburban neighborhood and moving on to Bill O’Reilly’s paranoid rantings about left-wing moonbats coming after Christmas supporters. I couldn’t find the quote online, but heard O’Reilly on the Stephanie Miller show say “Retailers should get on their knees and thank Jesus for Christmas.” Is THAT what Christmas is all about?

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Mercury in Scorpio Draws Out the Secrets

Scorpio dislikes superficiality, and Mercury in Scorpio dives deep into the underworld to expose the dark underside of events and our own psyche. As Mercury passes back through Scorpio, lots of secrets are coming out into the open. For example, about the exposure of Randy Cunningham that is the tip of the domino that is the Abramoff fiasco. Hundreds of Alito’s papers were released today revealing the passionate opinions that lie behind that mild-mannered facade. European investigators will delve into reports of across the continent, including Poland.

And today it was revealed that Abramoff and Scanlon siphoned $80 million dollars from Indian tribes to purportedly buy influence with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, over $60 mil into a “public relations” corporation with no reporting requirements. We’ll see how that gets spun by the Fox News team.

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Happy Birthday, Jon Stewart

Blow a candle out for everyone’s favorite fake news anchor, Jon Stewart! To me, Jon Stewart is the most trusted name in news, fake or not, aside from His humorous yet pointed skewering of political figures has done more to keep the media on the straight and narrow path than any other public figure, in my humble opinion!

Jon’s sun sign is Sagittarius, the sign of the philosopher, the humorist, and the adventurer, and his Sun is conjunct Mercury, the planet of information and communication. Sun/Mercury people are mobile, rarely stand still, and adept communicators and Jon is no exception. Jupiter in his chart is in Pisces, showing that his longing for meaning in life (Jupiter) is closely tied to a sense of compassion for others (Pisces), and that his religious experience (Jupiter) must be tied to a genuine experience rather than mere theology (Pisces). With Jupiter making a square to Sun/Mercury, though, he can be somewhat dogmatic about his beliefs but with several planets in lighthearted Sagittarius he does not take himself all that seriously

Pluto (power and transformation) and Uranus (rebellion) both make a square to Jon’s Sun (identity and personal spirit), showing a person who makes his own way and dislikes being told what to do (Uranus/Sun) and constantly reinvents himself (Pluto/Sun). His Mars (drive) in Leo (self-expression) shows a strong flair for drama and a desire to be on the stage. Born Jon Stuart Leibowitz, Jon dropped the Leibowitz at an early age and created a new identity (Pluto/Sun) for himself as a comedian (Mars/Sag).

Jon’s Venus (relating to others) is in Scorpio, showing a passionate nature where others are concerned, but the fact that it is retrograde shows that […]

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Tales From the Trenches: Mercury Retrograde

I thought I’d share just a few fun things that have happened over the past few days:

A document that I was waiting for from Switzerland arrived late, and the post office lost the slip for me to pick up the document with. I went to the post office to straighten this out, and their computer crashed so they couldn’t locate the document. Today I went to the post office when the computer was back up, whereupon they discovered that the document wasn’t where it was supposed to be and spent most of the morning looking for it.

A friend of mine who lives in Germany had mailed her electric bill, but it was erroneously posted to the wrong address and her power was turned off. Because she didn’t live in the house she didn’t know that the power was off, and wasn’t aware of various repair problems that occurred as a result.

Today my Outloook program suddenly decided not to collect my email.

This morning I drove 30 minutes to a neighboring town to appear as a witness in a friend’s divorce case. I waited 2 hours in a local coffee shop, waiting to be called. When I received no phone calls, I returned back to my office only to find a message from earlier that morning that I was needed to appear.

What’s been going on in your world?

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Predicting the Future

When I was young, I went to psychics for everything. Should I take this job? Should I stay with this man? Hampered by my Libran indecision, I longed for someone to just tell me what to do. Yes, THIS will be the right path to walk, not THAT one.

Over the years, psychics have told me many things. I would be selling condos at the beach (I live in the North Carolina Piedmont). I would marry the man that left me seven times (I didn’t). I would have three children (I have none). Very few specific predictions about the future come to pass exactly as predicted.

Astrology can predict the upcoming climate, but the specifics of what will happen remain unknown. Personally, I now believe that we are unable to predict the future because there are some things we are not supposed to know. Life is a process, an unfolding and a journey. The horoscope is a map that we’re given at birth, but we’re not given directions and a plan. That is our free will — to make our own decisions and follow our own roads.

Looking at upcoming planetary patterns provides us with a weather report that tells us what the climate will be for certain events or decisions, but whether or not we move forward is up to us. Examining how two birthcharts interact can tell us a great deal about the relationship those two people will have, but not whether they should be together. However, we ARE given the way to answer those questions and make those decisions! The answers really lie in the small voice that speaks within us when we are quiet enough to hear it–the voice that says YES! when the […]

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