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Happy Birthday Gemini!!

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(Honoring the Sun’s entry into Gemini late Saturday night.) Gemini is the sign of the twins, and ruled by Mercury which entered Gemini yesterday. This gives us a strong Mercurial focus for the next month or so, dealing with issues of communication and information.

Those born under the sign of Gemini or with Gemini rising in their birthchart tend to be somewhat Mercurial in nature – they crave change and seek out a wide variety of activities. Though others may call them dilettantes because they may not stick to one thing for very long, Geminis know that their pathway to transformation is through their life experiences. They are curious and changeable, with a facility for languages and mimicry. Actors often possess the Gemini skill of being able to copy exactly the language and demeanor of another – to shapeshift from one character into another.

Mercury/Hermes in mythology was not only the messenger god, he was also celebrated for his cunning and quick mind. A thief from an early age, he was able to charm the gods into forgiveness (the character Frank Abagnale Jr. as played by Leonardo diCaprio in the film “Catch Me If You Can” was probably a Gemini). Mercury/Hermes was also known as the god of the crossroads and the giver of charm.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and in this archetype we see the two sides of Gemini: one dark and one light. Astronomically, one of the twin stars of Gemini is often inside the Milky Way while the other lies outside it. There are two faces to Gemini and they are rarely seen at the same time. As a result, there is a part of the Gemini individual that may […]

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Mercury enters Gemini today

Mercury rules matters of intellect and experience, and rules the sign of Gemini the twins. Its realm is all sorts of communication, and for this reason it rules the media and writers. For the past month or so, Mercury has been traveling through Taurus, which as a fixed earth sign has a tendency to be stubborn and unyielding. While Mercury has been in Taurus, very little has been accomplished in terms of diplomatic negotiations (the UN and Iran, for example), legal cases (the lacrosse rape case in Durham) or Congress (endless arguments over wiretapping and budgetary matters). Mercury’s entry into Gemini should facilitate all kinds of matters requiring communication, since in Gemini Mercury is able to process information much more quickly. Watch for unexpected turns of events as Mercury breaks up patterns it established while in Taurus.

Mercurius in the medieval alchemical language is a symbol of the process of integration. Mercury bridges the gap between opposites and acts as the process to transform lead into gold. It is therefore the perfect translator, the perfect mediator, and something that is desperately needed at this current point in time. On a personal level, the mind is more active – this is a great time to begin new projects as there is a great deal of mental energy available. It’s also a good time for short trips and learning as the mind will want to be busy!

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Spirit and Fate in the Astrological Chart

Art by Willow Arlenea

The ancient Greek term “daemon” has come a long way from its original meaning as guardian, guide or higher self,.  The term “demon” gained a malevolent bent in the early books of the Old Testament as nasty creatures who caused disease and plagues, and in the New Testament, they were considered to be angels who had fallen from grace and turned to the dark side.

For Plato, the daemon or guiding spirit was chosen by the soul before each incarnation. For most people the daemon was thought to be an unconscious guiding force, but the occasional enlightened beings were said to be able to communicate with their daemon. In ancient Egyptian astrology, the daemon was said to be symbolized by the Sun sign. Iamblicus , student and teacher of ancient mysteries (280-330 CE) wrote: “”For whether these arts are knowable or beyond comprehension, yet the aura or emanation from the stars brings the daemon to us, whether we ourselves are cognizant of it or not.” These ancient sages wrote before the age of monotheism limited the role of the divine in the lives of men and women, and offered a more personal concept of deity.

The question of fate versus free will is an ancient one, and astrology has been used for thousands of years to determine one’s fate and thereby avoid the painful process of self-discovery. Until the emergence of the outer, or transpersonal planets over the past few centuries, Eastern and Western schools of astrology all taught that one’s fate was preordained by the stars and that very few humans could escape their destiny. One’s horoscope was beneficial or detrimental, and one’s fortune in life was set […]

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John McCain will never be president (Part II)

Please note: After this article was written for John McCain was located showing that he has Pisces rising, not Libra. John McCain very badly wants to be president. He wants to be president so badly that he is willing to suck up to the very people who trashed his family in the last election, leading whisper campaigns that his wife was crazy and that he had an illegitimate black daughter (referring to his adopted daughter from Bangladesh). He wants to be president so badly that he has recreated his previous image as an independent maverick who thinks for himself (in 2001 he was one of only two Republican senators to vote against the tax cuts but recently voted to extend them). Now he has agreed to give the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University even though previously he had denounced Falwell as an “evil influence.”

I profiled McCain last November:

John McCain works hard to maintain his image as a consensus builder. With Libra rising, and Mercury in Libra, the sign of balance and relationships, he struggles between his need to please others (Libra) and his Virgo sun which strives for authenticity and perfection. Virgos dislike the flattery and superficiality required to negotiate and capitulate; they tend to avoid the spotlight and prefer a quiet corner where they can utilize their famous discrimination to continually perfect themselves and their work.

Mr. McCain has Saturn retrograde, a placement that causes Saturn’s critical voice to turn inward. Individuals with this placement tend to be insecure and more dependent on the approval of others than they might otherwise be. Saturn opposes his Venus, demonstrating that he doubts his ability to really relate to others. With his Venus in Virgo, […]

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Bush, Saturn and the NSA Spy Scandal

Saturn is in the process of making the final pass over President Bush’s ascendant between now and June 2, and his poll numbers have slipped below 30% for the first time. Even conservatives are now calling him the worst president ever. The ascendant is the cusp of the first house of identity, and is also called the “rising sign” because it’s the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. It forms one end of a polarity axis with the descendant which is the cusp of the seventh house of partnership. As such, the ascendant/descendant axis deals with issues of personal identity versus identity in relationships, and personal experiences (first house) versus experiences shared with partners as well as open enemies (seventh house).

The Bush White House has been a cabal of partners in crime. Bush is famously loyal to his staff and his appointees, and as long as those around him demonstrate their loyalty in return their jobs have been safe. Faced with plummeting poll numbers and under pressure from Republican congresspeople who fear the end of their own power in Washington, Bush has hired Josh Bolten to clean house. As a result, Bush’s long-time associate and press secretary Scott McClellan (aka Puffy McMoonface [tm Stephanie Miller]) has been replaced with Tony Snow, and Karl Rove lost one of his jobs (policy wonk) and is now down to one (eviscerating Democrats in the next election).

The exposure of Bush’s deficiencies therefore exposes the entire Bush conglomerate including all partners in crime (7th house). The seventh house deals not only with partner and spouses but also with open enemies. The long letter from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (president if Iran, the open enemy of the US) requesting open dialogue and negotiation forces the Bush White House […]

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