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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Virgo is one of the least respected signs of the zodiac. Virgo gets blamed for being perfectionistic, critical and cautious yet rarely receives accolades for its exceptional attributes: service to others, , attention to health and self-improvement, and practical application of the mind. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, but not the celibate definition of virgin that we use today. Rather, the virgin in ancient times was an unmarried woman, and individuals with Virgo prominent in their chart tend to be self-directed and concerned primarily with the development of their spirit and perfection of the body.

Virgo, being an earth sign, is grounded in earthly matters. Like the sixth house with which it is associated, Virgo deals with the rituals of everyday physical reality. In its effort to keep life organized into manageable segments, Virgo can be cautious and easily worried if things seem to be going out of control and this can cause emotional difficulties that sometimes result in physical ailments. Virgo is naturally attuned to the delicate balance of the body/mind connection and often is very careful about the foods used to fuel the physical engine. There is often an affinity for creative work of a practical nature (such as pottery or sculpture) as they are good with their hands, as well as skills repairing virtually anything (taking things apart and seeing how they work is a classic Virgo trait).

Virgo can be frugal to the point of stingy, part of the caution with which they approach most aspects of their life. They need to be prepared for every eventuality which often requires hoarding of financial assets as well as the odd bits of string and other remnants of their past. But where Virgo may be less than generous with […]

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News from Prague – What about the Plutons?

As you probably know, 3,000 astronomers are meeting this week in Prague to decide the fate of Pluto and the very solar system as we know it.

The New York Times:

In e-mail messages from Prague, Owen Gingerich, chairman of the union’s Planet Definition Committee, said, “It was only accidental that Pluto remained a planet” in their proposal. Nor had they tried to calculate how many new planets would result.

Today the group will be offering a new proposal, taking orbital dynamics as well as roundness into account. “The eight classical planets will still be central to the meaning of planet, and the other round nonsatellite objects will all be dwarf planets,” he wrote, “but there will still be a special category for which Pluto is the prototype.”

So it’s still up in the air whether the astronomical importance of these bodies will change, and if they do, how that change will be made and what the astrological significance will be. Astronomers are sharply divided on whether or not Pluto should remain a planet, and many feel that the retention of Pluto in the planetary definition would open the door to hundreds and possibly thousands of other planets and other objects.

The International Astronomers Union is set to vote on Thursday just after the New Moon in Virgo which is exceedingly appropriate since Virgo loves classification and pigeonholing objects into their appropriate category. Meanwhile, manyVedic astrologers are unfazed by this turn of events since they typically don’t work with any of the planets beyond Saturn anyway.

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Planetary news this week

I’m going to take a break from the series on the new Plutons until the International Astronomers Union votes on whether the new proposal will take place since there is still quite a bit of debate. Meanwhile, we are in the shadow of the New Moon which occurs August 23 at 3:10 pm in Virgo.

But first, we see the introduction of Mercury (communication) to the upcoming opposition of Saturn (building forms) and Neptune (dissolving forms) which will be exact on August 31. Mercury conjuncts Saturn this week, where it wants to crystallize (Saturn) ideas and concepts despite the pull of Neptune into the realm of imagination and ideas. This can be a powerful time for creative (Neptune) writing (Saturn), or writing on topics of a spiritual or transformative (Neptune) nature. Writing connects the communication urge of Mercury with the discipline and structure of Saturn and is a key to navigating this period.

Venus squares Jupiter on August 22 (a challenging aspect between the planet of relating and the planet of expansion and opportunity) which may give us a tendency towards self-indulgence, although Venus is simultaneously approaching a conjunction to Saturn which will encourage responsibility and duty. However, the conflict here between Jupiter’s expansiveness and Saturn’s restrictions could create problems in our personal relationships for a few days.

The New Moon occurs in the first degree of Virgo on August 23, signifying the moment of the Sun’s entry into Virgo. Virgo is a practical and cautious sign, concerned with matters of health, service, and organization. New moons are times of beginning, when the solar conscious principle works in concert with the lunar instincts, and this New Moon marks the transition point from the solar focus in Leo which is […]

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Introducing the Plutons!! Part I, Ceres

As I wrote earlier this week and most people already know, the International Astronomical Union is meeting this week to discuss reclassifying our solar system, and adding three new planets under the category of “Plutons” to accompany our old friend Pluto. The three new planets are Ceres, Charon, and 2003 UB313 (temporarily nicknamed “Xena”). Because the astrological Pluto deals with the transformation that comes from looking death in the eye and annhilation of the personal ego, it stands to reason that the reclassification of the “Plutons” could open a door to how this process operates.

The last “planet” to be discovered in our lifetime was the comet/planetoid Chiron, and it took some time for its astrological signficance to become known. Through the magic of synchronicity, the name of the planet itself reveals the god whose energy manifests through that planet.

Ceres was the first asteroid discovered in 1801, and it briefly enjoyed planetary status before being classified as an asteroid (meaning “star-like”). (The fact that there already exists an asteroid called Demeter complicates the interpretation of the story somewhat since Ceres and Demeter are often used interchangeably). Ceres is the Roman name for the Greek goddess Demeter, ruling agriculture, sustenance and motherhood. Ceres is best known for the disappearance of her daughter Proserpine/Persephone into the underworld of Hades/Pluto, during which she created a perpetual winter until her daughter was returned.

Astrologers are already arguing over what sign Ceres will rule. Until Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered, the twelve signs each had a planetary ruler but a few of the signs had to share that ruler with another sign. For example, Mars is the ruler of Aries, but it also was the ruler of Scorpio (Pluto is considered the modern ruler of […]

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The death of Jonbenet Ramsey

The news that a suspect has been arrested in the murder of the young beauty queen ten years ago brought relief to some and more questions to others. The statements by John Mark Karr that he drugged and had sex with Jonbenet but killed her “by accident” doesn’t seem to square with the details of her death. No semen was found at the scene, and there was no sign of drugs, and this news has reopened the mystery of who killed Jonbenet Ramsey. No one escaped suspicion in the murder – not the father, the mother, the brother or the family friends.

Jonbenet’s chart (birth data from Astrodatabank) has a creepy quality to me – there’s a Grand Cross in fixed planets that includes Mars in Taurus (motivated to maintain security and harmony) in the twelfth house (a karmic placement that often involves sacrifice (12th house) of the will (Mars) of the individual, often to the family dynamic. Mars exactly opposes (180 degrees) Pluto in Scorpio in the sixth house. Taurus and Scorpio both have a strong sexual component; Taurus is sensual and requires sensory stimulation and Pluto deals with the darker and more obsessive aspects of sexuality. Mars and Pluto similarly deal with sex – Mars with the pure sex drive and Pluto with, again, the more compulsive need to transform through sexuality. The Mars/Pluto opposition in Taurus/Scorpio is strongly sexual and often indicates either a tendency to attract violence (particularly in the twelfth house where it remains hidden).

This opposition squares another opposition: the opposition between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun often represents the father in a birthchart and the Moon the mother, and here it appears that the father was the more nurturing parent and the […]

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