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Who could’ve seen this coming?

Pam Anderson and Kid Rock announced today that they are splitting up. You can read my take on this earthshaking event at the National Ledger site, but there are a few interesting things in her chart that are worth looking at in more depth.

Pamela Anderson seems to have a lot of trouble making decisions. During her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee she twice filed for divorce and twice returned to the marriage before their final separation. She had breast implants put in, removed them, and then had a new pair implanted. She was engaged to Kid Rock in 2002, broke up with him the following year and then this summer married him less than two weeks after announcing her decision on her blog. Rumors that the marriage was motivated by pregnancy were confirmed when Pam miscarried earlier this month.

She has Mars in Libra, which can be difficult for decision making as the drive to take action (Mars) becomes stumped by the need to be all things to all people (Libra). But this Mars is part of a T-square that includes her Mercury in Cancer square to her Moon which is opposite Mars. It appears to me that she is likely in a constant state of agitation from which she seeks relief. Her Moon is in Aries which impels her towards continuous action and keeps her from the kind of thorough self-examination that would facilitate personal evolution. In addition, she has Saturn square her Cancer Sun, weakening her sense of self-esteem, and Venus in square to Neptune which can cause delusion (Neptune) in one’s relationships (Venus).

Transiting Saturn is currently passing over this Venus and setting off that square, forcing her to acknowledge […]

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More on Michael Richards

Jeffrey has a great take on the racist rant spewed by Michael Richards last week as an eruption of the dark underbelly of the national psyche into the public consciousness:

I’m inclined to believe he is being as honest as his self-awareness allows. In the U.S., we grow up learning some pretty hateful messages about people different from ourselves … it’s almost unavoidable. If you grow up in a racist culture, prejudice insinuates itself into your psyche. You can do “personal work” — as Richards says he will do — but there’s always a part of our culture inside of us.

Richards’ explosion occurred when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, was in the last degree of Scorpio. Any time a planet is in the last degree of a sign, something significant happens related to the flavor of that sign. In this case, Jupiter made a big splash in Scorpio’s domain, which is about rooting out the darkness in the depths of our psyches.

We don’t need to study Richards’ natal chart (although a tight Uranus-Mars conjunction obviously relates to impulsivity). Instead we can see this incident as an event in the greater cultural landscape — Richards just happens to have been “chosen” to play out this drama. . . .

This incident is actually an appropriate expression of the recent New Moon in Scorpio squared by Saturn in Leo — a negative experience (Saturn) performing on-stage (Leo) which leads to a large display (Jupiter) of the hidden, dark and ugly aspects of one’s psyche (Scorpio).

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A lovely description of astrology

I wish I knew who wrote this, it’s unattributed in this article.

Astrology is one vehicle for the stream of living wisdom which alone can heal the results of the dualistic and rationalistic preoccupations: mankind in disjunction from his deeper self, the natural environment and life as a whole, Alienation, in a word.

Today much grassroots astrological work is psychological in orientation, although the knowledge of life and human nature embedded in astrological motifs predates psychology as we know it, by thousands of years.

Unlike reductive psychology, however, the astrological view of the individual psyche does not pathologize the quirks of human nature, but seeks to examine how particular energies are manifesting in a given individual life, also exploring possible alternatives to distorted or troublesome expressions.

Additionally, astrology sees individuals not only as unique in themselves, but also as reflections of the larger whole in which they live, being simultaneously embedded within it, relating to it and co-responsible for its creation. Indeed, our very bodies contain elements which also comprise the substance of the stars.

The planets symbolize spiritual energies that form the subtle fabric from which the visible universe is woven. Their expression is found within human life, in the individual psyche, at the core of which is the unknowable mystery of Being.

The movements of the planets are like the ripples and the astrologer interprets these never repeating patterns through knowledge of astrology’s symbolic language; this information is in turn applied to the situation at hand.

At birth we surface into the pool of our individual life; our horoscope represents that moment, our portion of the universe, the centre of a web whose pattern represents the energies which will seek expression through us. In this way, […]

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Splitting the Shadow Self

Cynthia made this comment to yesterday’s Michael Richards post:

My Scottish father was inducted into the Freemasons before migrating to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) after WW2. He was totally racist and I was raised that way. As you know, the “white colonials” never won that war. Zimbabwe is now black ruled.
My journey has been through that inherited racist rage, to the point where I realised that the dark (or the black)is within one’s self and as long as it is not dealt with, it will appear as a projection outside of one’s self. Isn’t that how we see ourselves – “as in a glass darkly” ? ie the mirror! Getting rid of it on the outside doesn’t clean up the inside. I mean how can you clean up an image in the mirror? The work has to start inside one’s self first and no one is exempt; we all share the same shadow qualities. With regard to the Masons, and other exclusive cultish sects, the esoteric spirituality that stands behind them must surely be about the transformation of one’s own dark shadow; otherwise they’ve lost the plot.

Racism isn’t limited to the white culture, it exists within the dark-skinned cultures as well: as the caste system in India and as a color-coded hierarchy in African cultures and cultures of African descent. The splitting off of the shadow self into “black” and “white” led also to the development of the devil and hell. The darker side of the psyche is felt to be the source of all evil and is relegated to realms of the unconscious, where it takes on a life of its own and is projected as fear of the very darkness that lives within us. Jung said, The shadow is that […]

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The Rant of Michael Richards: The Freemason Connection

Michael Richards is a comedian best known for his role of Cosmo Kramer in the hit television show “Seinfeld.” He has not been heard of much since Seinfeld went into syndication, but last week he made headlines when he was filmed by a cellphone video camera in a racist rant against two black members of the audience. As the black members left Richards shouted, “That’s what happens when you interrupt the white man.” He subsequently went on the apology tour, hitting the Letterman show and making personal calls to black leaders including Al Sharpton.

Subsequent reports include fresh allegations of an anti-Jewish rant earlier this year. Richards claimed at the time that he was “in character” and that this was part of his act. His publicist reports that Richards is Jewish, but his biographies are clear that he was raised Catholic and but is now unaffiliated with any religion. He is, however, a Freemasons have a long history of racism and was associated with the beginnings of the KKK in the US; in fact, there is currently a controversy within the southern Masonic lodges whether to accept the black lodges (Prince Hall Masonry) that were set up because blacks were not permitted to join the Masons. Reports of this kind of behavior from Richards just erupted this year after a lifetime on the comedy circuit, making it easy to conclude that his Masonic connections have something to do with these racist outbursts.

Michael Richards’ birthchart shows that he is a Leo, with Mercury conjunct his Sun. The affiliation of Mercury with the Sun always shows an extremely bright individual […]

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