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Saturn/Neptune cycles love a good scandal!!

As I wrote last fall: “The opposition of Saturn to Neptune which began in late August and continues until next summer was predicted to bring the end (Saturn) of illusions (Neptune). It was, after all, the dominating planetary influence during the Watergate scandal. Neptune tends to erode the power structures of Saturn, and Saturn tests and challenges our idealistic fantasies and things that we would prefer to ignore. Americans have been willing to ignore the debacle in Iraq because by and large they haven’t really been personally affected. This is a very Neptunian way of looking at things: ignore them and they wil go away. Saturn comes and jolts us into realizing that our world is actually unraveling. ”

The number of scandals facing the Bush White House is staggering, coinciding with the second phase of the opposition cycle between Saturn and Neptune. When a planetary cycle has three or more phases due to the retrograde phenomenon, the first phase is typically a wake-up call, jolting us into awareness that something is amiss. The second phase really grabs our attention with some kind of crisis, and we usually find we have to make a change in our life to deal with the energy shift that the planetary cycle has thrust upon us. By the third phase we often have made that shift and we begin to integrate the lessons of the cycle, but if we have resisted the change we may find ourselves in an accelerating crisis that will ultimately force the evolutionary growth that the energy of the planets require.

Now that we are in the second phase of the Saturn/Neptune opposition, with Neptune’s confusion eroding Saturn in Leo’s question of Who is In Charge, multiple scandals are erupting in Washington:

  • The connection of 23 administration officials […]
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Study of a Marriage: John and Elizabeth Edwards

I have resisted writing about the recent announcement that the Edwards campaign will continue despite the announcement that Elizabeth Edwards’ breast cancer has returned. Mostly this is because I feel a great deal of judgement about that decision, and I also feel it’s not for me or anyone else to judge the life decisions that anyone makes. But what really interests me is the marriage of Elizabeth and John Edwards and the strong connection that they have which has remained strong through the death of a child and a challenging political career.

You can read my profile of John Edwards here, but essentially :

John Edwards is driven both by a sincere desire to help people and a fierce ambition combined with a brilliant intellect. But with four planets in Gemini, he has difficulty focusing. Gemini of course is the sign of the twins, the sign of communication. Gemini has a thirst for experience, an intense curiosity and a desire to digest as much information as possible. Gemini is the jack of all trades and extremely versatile; they are chameleons who can change their skins frequently and in fact they usually dislike becoming overly involved in one particular project. The career of John Edwards has reflected this trait.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a Cancer and her life is focused on nurturing those that she loves. In my workshops on relationships I teach that there is no way to assess compatibility based on Sun Signs, and the Edwards’ are a great example. The Sun shows our quest or our mission in life, and two people can have very different missions yet share the same values and soul connections.

Click here to enlarge) With her Moon […]

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Voices in our heads

voicesNearly all of us hear voices of one kind or another. My mother hears the voice of her mother criticizing her in her head. Someone I know well hears music in his head – full orchestras. When I do readings, I hear voices describing aspects of the chart to me before I have a chance to notice them. Are we all crazy? Granted, this is nothing like the people whose voices urge them to murder and worse, but perhaps there’s more to this phenomenon than simply classifying people who hear voices as schizophrenics.

An article in the New York Times (thank you Ellie Crystal) asks the question, “Can you live with the voices in your head?” The article cites the work of a group in Britain called “Hearing Voices Network” whose purpose is to bring people that hear voices an opportunity to get together for mutual support. The Times article suggests:

Since the 1990s, a growing number of researchers and clinicians, predominantly based in England, have been comparing voice-hearing in psychotic patients with voice-hearing in nonpatients, measuring the incidence of hallucinations in the general population, and using cognitive behavioral therapy (C.B.T.), a popular, short-term treatment for depression and anxiety, to help them manage their responses to the voices they continue to hear. C.B.T. typically asks patients to scrutinize how they interpret their symptoms rather than focusing on an illness as an underlying cause. “The matter of whether it’s effective, and to what extent,” Lieberman says, is still being investigated. So far, the use of C.B.T. in the treatment of psychoses is much more prevalent in the U.K. than in the U.S.

I’m sure the powerful Big Pharma lobby has something to do with that.

But still, the whole concept […]

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Great yoga podcast!

One thing I regularly prescribe for my clients and anyone else who will listen is a regular practice of yoga. I first discovered yoga when I was in college back in 1969 and though I have been a sporadic practitioner since then, I have always found it to be a fantastic ally for life on earth. The word “yoga” comes from the sanskrit word for “union,” and it truly does facilitate the uniting of the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is a wonderful tool for dealing with problematic planetary cycles: it grounds us when we’re feeling confused by Neptune, and it uplifts us when we’re under the thumb of Saturn’s negativity. It soothes the jangled nervous system under a transit of Uranus, and helps us to release the wounds revealed by Chiron. It’s simply a marvelous gift.

I have found a really lovely class online taught by Elsie Escobar, an instructor in California who is generous enough to distribute free audio podcasts of her classes (or you can listen right on your computer if you don’t have an mp3 player). She even kindly gives instructions for downloading podcasts.

Although I gravitate mostly towards a vinyasa or power-type practice, I have found Elsie’s class to be one of the best I have ever seen for connecting the inner practice of focus and release to the practice of the poses. She is teacher of the Anusara method which is based in heart opening and joy which is a nice alternative to the intensity of the power yoga that I am used to. And in addition, her actual instruction in the dynamics of each pose goes beyond anything I have seen. To top it off, her personality radiates through the audio and […]

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A Birthtime for Barack?

Thanks to Dharmaruci for posting a link to Nancy’s always excellent political astrology blog. Nancy posts a look ahead for Obama using a birthtime of 1:06 pm that seems to have been quoted originally by Michael Wolfstar as coming from Frances McEvoy. Nancy reports that Obama gave this birthtime at an event. Meanwhile I have written to Frances to see where this came from, but Dharma has done some rectification that seems to indicate that this chart has possibilities.

I posted my own profile of Obama back in January, and sent emails to his campaign requesting his birthtime that sadly received no response. There is a lot of information in a birthtime with only a birth date, but a birth time provides an ascendant and tells us more about the areas of life that are important to the individual.

With a birthtime of 1:06 pm we have a Scorpio ascendant, suggesting an intense personality and a tendency towards secrecy. Often individuals with Scorpio rising appear to be rather intimidating when often they are not – the ascendant shows our disguise, the mask that we wear for others. It also shows the way we process our experiences, which for a Scorpio rising person is through intensity and drama. With this birthtime Obama’s Leo Sun would form a square to the ascendant which would suggest that Obama has difficulty integrating the way people see him with the person that he really is, making it hard to find others who like him for who he is.

This does not ring true for me, as Obama is well-liked and does not at all appear as a Scorpio. The rising sign is usually the easiest sign […]

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