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Mars conjunct Neptune today!

If you’ve been having trouble getting off the sofa the past few days, you’re not alone. Mars, which creates the fire that drives us, made an opposition to Saturn a couple of days ago and is now conjunct Neptune. Neptune, being a watery planet, often puts out the fire of Mars and dampens our physical energy as well as the drives and passions that fuel us to action. Both Mars and Neptune are in Aquarius, where they tend to join in imagination and creativity, but may lack focus and direction.

Mars and Neptune are uneasy bedfellows and can induce a queasy weirdness as Neptune’s misty urge for transcendence makes Mars forget what it came here for. The drive of Mars, along with its passion and urge for action, can become mired in confusion and self-deception when it is buried under the glamour of Neptune’s idealizations.

In an ideal world, Mars and Neptune will unite in a passionate (Mars) compassion (Neptune) for the wellbeing of others, and there is often a desire (Mars) to sacrifice one’s self for a higher good. But the conjunction is just as likely to bring a drive (Mars) for cloaking the truth in an illusion (Neptune).

This is a short-lived transit and will move away in the next couple of days. For those of us (me!!) who are under it’s spell, a practice such as yoga which links the physical energy system (Mars) to a more spiritual one (Neptune) will help to link these energies in a way that’s beneficial and brings out the best of both planets.

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The astrology of viral marketing

The universe is so ingenious, which makes it difficult for astrologers to attempt to predict the future. Saturn/Neptune is famously associated with the flu and other viruses, leading many astrologers to predict a major flu outbreak under its influence beginning last summer. But no one predicted the astonishing rise of something called “viral marketing” that recently became mainstream news with the production of an that circulated like wildfire over the Internet.

The ad uses an old Apple ad where hundreds of automaton-type humans are watching a film of Hillary Clinton until a blonde ax-wielding Lara Croft wannabe throws her ax through the film screen. The ad ends with the link to Barack Obama’s website, yet Obama’s campaign had nothing to do with the ad.

Viral marketing or political advertising spreads like wildfire just as biological viruses do, and can be just as destructive. Under the Saturn/Neptune opposition Neptune’s mysterious and sometimes devious ways erode the social order of Saturn and Saturn’s restrictions and challenges exacerbate the mysterious illnesses promoted by Neptune.

Uranus in Pisces is also at play here, where information technology (Uranus) is used for purposes that transcend all known boundaries and marketers can shapeshift by wearing online disguises (Pisces). As with all things astrological, there is a higher and lower manifestation of these cycles and along with the potential deception and destruction of viral marketing-type events we also have the building of online communities that share information and transform the experience of community into something that brings knowledge and wisdom to all of us.

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New images of the Sun!

click image to enlarge!!

Thanks to my editor CK for this article about these astounding images from the new Japanese telescope called Hinode:

The restless bubbling and frothing of the Sun’s chaotic surface is astonishing astronomers who have been treated to detailed new images from a Japanese space telescope called Hinode.

The observatory will have as dramatic an impact on our understanding of the Sun as the Hubble Space Telescope has had on our view of the universe beyond, scientists told a NASA press conference in Washington, DC, US, on Wednesday.

“Everything we thought we knew about X-ray images of the Sun is now out of date,” says Leon Golub from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. “We’ve seen many new and unexpected things. For that reason alone, the mission is already a success.”


Another surprise sighting is that of giant magnetic field loops crashing down onto the Sun’s surface as if they were collapsing from exhaustion, a finding that Golub describes as “impossible”. Previously, scientists thought they should emerge from the Sun and continue blowing out into space.

“Almost every day, we look at the data and we say – what the heck was that?” says Golub, a member of the XRT science team.

read more…
(if you can, the servers must be very busy)

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Saturn/Neptune and the Bush Presidency

bush-danceAs we’ve said before too many times to cite, the current opposition cycle of Saturn to Neptune which began last summer and is now in the second phase of a three-part cycle, is forcing us to confront (Saturn) that which we are hiding (Neptune), among other things. Nowhere is this more true than in the Bush administration which has made obfuscation into an art form.

The inaugural chart of the Bush administration is the chart cast for the moment that George Bush became president. This chart very clearly describes the Bush presidency: The fixed sign Taurus is rising in the chart, indicating a persona that is focused on material security and the acquisition of money and other possessions. Taurus is conservative and doesn’t like change, and tends to be stubborn and fixed in ideology.

The Sun in the chart, showing the essential nature of the Bush presidency, is in detached and idealistic Aquarius. Aquarius has a vision of the perfect world and is not hampered by emotional considerations when implementing that vision. Aquarius is the sign of democracy, with justice and equality for all, but the inauguration chart shows a conjunction of the Sun to Neptune, the planet that compels us to reach beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives and experience a more transcendent world. Spirituality is important with the Sun/Neptune combination, but there is also a tendency for self-deception as Neptune’s wizardry for disguise and confusion takes hold of the identity.

The Sun is trined by the beneficent Jupiter here, showing a general sense of optimism and offering a fair amount of good luck, and Jupiter therefore also trines Neptune which can bring an expanded sense of compassion and empathy. The impulse for benevolence is here, but unfortunately […]

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Easter and the Equinox

easter-bunnieaMany people now know that Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are tied to pagan celebrations of cosmological events such as the solstices and equinoxes. Easter, a holiday that commemorates the time that Jesus supposedly rose from the tomb, was originally connected to both the Equinox and the full moon since it originally occurred on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon following the Vernal Equinox.

This was likely calculated from observation of the full moon at first, but because the date derived from the actual full moon coincided with the Jewish celebration of Passover. For centuries the early Church leaders squabbled over a method to determine the date for Easter and ultimately created a table of “ecclesiastical” full moons for which to calculate a date for Easter in an method.

I personally believe that the practice of dating Christian “feast days” to coincide with pagan magical points such as the solstices and equinoxes and moons goes beyond a simple desire to convert the pagans; it is quite likely that the early church fathers were aware of the power of these planetary events that connect us to a greater sense of cosmological wonder and utilized them to their advantage. At the Vernal Equinox we celebrate the resurrection of Spring, and for centuries preChristian peoples celebrated the resurrection of their dying gods at the Equinox. Dionysos, Tammuz, Adonis and Attis were all gods whose rebirth was celebrated as the Spring brought the return of fertility to the land. It is this fertility connection to Easter that brings us the Easter bunny, whose capacity to become impregnated with a second litter while bearing the first makes it a perfect symbol for fertility.

And the name Easter? This name […]

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