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A celebration of Neptune

quickening1The Quickening, by the fabulous Willow Arlenea

Found this on : a brilliant homage to Neptune and the path to ecstasy:

Time is now for religion to cease from disparaging Mankind’s humanity. True theology should no longer regard Humankind as perennially deficient and in a permanent state of spiritual shortage, but rather recognize that our plentifulness of naturally human traits are truly signs of our collective spiritual abundance. Religion has indeed initiated society into the Mysteries of God; but time is now for religion to evolve our society into a civilization capable of exposing its own true Godlikeness, a more fully evolved species thoroughly readied and enabled to manifest and reveal its own innate, natural-born Divinity.The mystic transcendence of our mortal limitations into which our religions initiate us is no lonely flight away from the World, nor does it encourage the continued condemnation of the human condition. On the contrary: the transcendent viewpoint bestowed upon those gifted with the theophany of mystic ecstasy provides them the inspiration for a deeper participation in the life of the World– the fostering of a more angelic human species, and the nurturing of the long promised Utopia, the Golden Age that yet awaits the full employment of our deific inventiveness for its future construction. True theology does not disparage the natural World, nor the inclinations to which authentic participation in the life of Nature dispose us. Genuine religious faith makes us better caretakers of the blessings we find everywhere disclosed in the natural World, and allows the Spirit its rightful freedom to partake of the God-given miracles that naturally exude from our healthy human bodies.

Humankind’s natural tendency towards mystic transcendence is not something to be cloistered away in hermitages and chapels. The […]

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Alberto Gonzales: Tunnel vision and a shortage of empathy

Alberto Gonzales has ridden on the coattails of George Bush to fame and recognition. Among his achievements:

  • Assisted then-Governor Bush to avoid jury duty;
  • Worked against clemency in death penalty cases, aiding Governor Bush to execute more prisoners than any other state;
  • Promoted the end of the Geneva Convention and defended the detention of American citizens without habeas corpus and the torture of suspected terrorists;
  • Fought to keep the documents from Dick Cheney’s energy task force from being reviewed by Congress;
  • Promoted the “rendition” of prisoners to countries where they would be tortured;
  • Facilitated the dismissal of eight US prosecutors for political reasons, such as the prosecutor who aggressively went after Duke Cunningham’s bribery scandal.

Alberto Gonzales (born August 4, 1955, no time known) has an astonishing six planets in Leo, including a tight conjunction between the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Leo is the sign of royalty, and it is not uncommon for individuals with Leo in their charts to feel a sense of entitlement and a need for admiration and adulation. The conjunction of the Sun to Mercury shows a tremendous intelligence, and combined with Mars in the fiery sign of Leo there is a need to prove that intelligence through competition. There is potential for a combative nature here with Jupiter aligned with Mars in connection with the intellect (Mercury) and the spirit (Sun). Gonzales was an honor student in high school and earned his law degree from Harvard, a tremendous accomplishment for the son of illegal immigrants from Mexico. The Sun/Mercury combination also bestows a tendency towards pride in his intelligence which often leads to a belief that one is always right, and the addition of Mars gives the aggression to prove it.

The conjunction of Jupiter to both the Sun and Mercury, particularly […]

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The Jupiter influence: A look ahead at 2007


Jupiter and Saturn have been moving into a trine in the fire element over the past couple of weeks, and this aspect will be exact tomorrow (March 16th). Jupiter is slowing down now and making a “station” as it prepares to turn retrograde in early April. Saturn’s motion has also slowed down as it prepares to turn direct in late April, and meanwhile the two planets will be within a degree of aspect until the second phase of the trine on May 6. The Jupiter/Saturn trine cycle will end next January in 2008, but by then both Jupiter and Saturn will have moved into the earth element which will alter the effect of the relationship between them.

Trines are not often very noticeable because they are easy and comfortable and we tend not to notice our lives until we are presented with difficulty. The energy between the planets flows easily and provides opportunity for the expression of each planet to be enhanced by the other. Jupiter is expansive and optimistic where Saturn is disciplined and works hard to achieve its goals, so the two combined are a very beneficial force for manifesting wonderful changes in our lives.

Saturn is an earthy planet and Jupiter a fiery one, and while they are trine in fire it is Jupiter which is the teacher, bestowing on Saturn the more Jupiterian qualities of inspiration, vision, and optimism which enables Saturn’s discipline and “nose to the grindstone” mentality to find a more expansive expression. When Jupiter and Saturn move into earth signs (Saturn into Virgo in October and Jupiter into Capricorn in December) , Saturn will become the teacher and add a dose of practicality and planning to Jupiter’s sometimes overblown confidence and tendency to take life a little too easily.

Dovetailing with this […]

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The Ides of March

The ides of each month were days in the approximate middle of the month – in March, May, July and October the ides fell on the 15th, and in other months the ides were the 13th. Until the solar calendar was adopted by Julius Caesar, the roman calendar was lunar based and the ides of the month corresponded to the full moons.

The Full Moon and the Ides of the month were dedicated to Jupiter in his role as Lucetius, the Supreme Lightbringer, and the Ides have only come down to us as a warning because of the famous warning in Shakespeare’s play advising Julius Caesar to “beware the Ides of March.” So this March 15, let us honor Jupiter: bringer of good fortune, abundance, an awareness of possiiblities and an understanding of truth.

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Privacy and the ethics of blogging

As an astrological counselor, I am a strong believer in the privacy of the clients who come to me for a consultation. I will never mention in casual conversation that so-and-so came to me for a reading, nor do I discuss the contents of their charts with others. So I was mortified to learn that a certain planetary combination recently discussed in this column was recognized by that client’s astrologer friends.

There is so much that we can learn about astrology through the charts of others; yet in an environment like the web which is so public extra care must be taken to maintain the privacy of individuals. I had not realized that the web of readers of this column was so intimate and so knowledgeable that they would recognize an individual through a few words about a planetary aspect.

So be assured, dear readers and clients, that from this point forth I shall not post a single word about the charts of individuals whom I know personally without first obtaining their express permission. As much as I value the ability to teach astrology through these examples, I value your privacy more and will continue to make that a priority.

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