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Happy Birthday Uranus!

It was on March 13, 1781 that the patron planet of astrology was discovered by William Herschel. Although Uranus had been seen several times before by various astronomers, it had been perceived as a fixed star rather than a planet, and Herschel originally cited it as a comet. Uranus had to endure the unfortunate name “Herschel” until it was renamed Uranus in the period between 1791 and 1821.

Uranus is the only one of the planets to be named after a Greek god rather than a Roman one, and in fact there is no Roman counterpart to the god Uranus who is the sky god and represented the heavens themselves. This singularity of identity is reflected in the quality of the astrological Uranus to define our individuality and unique attributes.

Uranus was the father of Gaia’s many horrific children, including the Titans and the Cyclops as well as beings with fifty heads and a hundred arms. His disgust for these monsters mirrors the quality of Uranus to show where we seek perfection and where we are disgusted by that which is less than ideal.

As the god of the heavens, Uranus brings us information from beyond in ways that we cannot explain. Like sudden changes of weather that take place in the sky, Uranus brings sudden change and the awakening to new ways of thinking about things.

The excellent has the discovery chart with these comments:

Although Herschel had not initially realised the significance of his sighting, the chart is clearly meaningful. Its most striking feature is the T-square involving Uranus opposite Mars and Saturn, squared by the Sun. One may say that the Sun brought the new planet to light, and […]

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The Interface of Science and Spirit

Phil Brown and I must have been having an astral conference, because the other day while I was browsing through articles discussing the relationship between spirituality and science, on the subject, quoting an article in the NY Times Magazine:

Which is the better biological explanation for a belief in God — evolutionary adaptation or neurological accident? Is there something about the cognitive functioning of humans that makes us receptive to belief in a supernatural deity? And if scientists are able to explain God, what then? Is explaining religion the same thing as explaining it away? Are the nonbelievers right, and is religion at its core an empty undertaking, a misdirection, a vestigial artifact of a primitive mind? Or are the believers right, and does the fact that we have the mental capacities for discerning God suggest that it was God who put them there?

Although I have sworn a vow to myself to refrain from making frivolous astrological connections, it does appear that the heated arguments over astrology and religion that have been circulating the net lately seem to coincide with the opposition between Saturn (realism) and Neptune (transcendentalism). Perhaps it is the ever-increasing number of astrology and other consciousness-oriented blogs (Uranus-technology in Pisces-mysticism in mutual reception with Neptune-spirituality in Aquarius-innovation) which makes these fields a growing target for skeptics.

Phil mentions the new best-seller by biologist Richard Dawkins, who puts religion to the test of scientific scrutiny. This book was first published in September as Saturn and Neptune were first in oppositional alignment. Under Pluto in Sagittarius (since 1995) there has been an increasing willingness to take apart the foundations of religion and the theological framework (Jupiter/Sagittarius) that form the basis of the world’s religions. […]

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Afflicted planets and the words of Jesus

Thanks to for the link to s beautiful artwork. This is “Tornado Woman.”

I’ve been reading up on some of the early gnostic gospels that I haven’t read for a while, and this passage from the Gospel of Thomas struck me:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not bring it forth, what you do not have within you will kill you.” v. 70

The term “afflicted planets” is a classical and vedic astrological term that refers to personal planets that are weakened by aspects to “malefic” planets. This is considered “bad” in the more traditional modes of astrological thinking, but in transformational astrology the “bad” aspects are often the most powerful agents for change and evolution.

Our birthcharts are our fate, but every day we make choices that determine our destiny. The woman with this powerful planetary combination has become a powerful individual who learns from every action that she takes and uses the knowledge gained to become more empowered on a deep and personal level. She confronts her fears (Sun/Chiron) and consciously strives to express her power (Saturn/Mars/Pluto) in a positive way.

The words of Jesus as quoted above are a powerful reminder that we must bring forth all that is within us in order to utilize these powers for our highest good. If they are left to fester in the unconscious they can become powers for destruction instead. The most difficult planetary aspects contain within them the seeds to personal empowerment if we make the choice to seek the road of personal growth and evolution. As Shakespeare said, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars […]

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The power of fire and air and other planetary news

Robert Wilkinson points out that since Mars left Capricorn at the end of February we have been in a period where all planets are in fire and air signs, except for airy Uranus which is drying out the sign of Pisces, and the Sun in Pisces . The combination of fire and air is combustible and full of inspiration – this is a dynamic where great ideas and visions take shape and we are full of energy. Fire is somewhat self-centered and air is rather remote on a personal level, so this is not a time that lends itself naturally to periods of personal intimacy.

The Virgo Eclipse that we just experienced provided a fair amount of grounding, but now we are moving into a period with four planets in Aquarius including a conjunction of Mars to Chiron that is likely to provide some disruption (Mars) to sensitive places within us (Chiron). Aquarius doesn’t process emotions easily, and Mars would just as soon get over them as deal with them, and with Venus in self-oriented Aries the next week or so leading up to the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is not the best time for dealing with our interpersonal relations. This is a time of ideas – of invention and innovation.

Venus leaves fiery Aries for the serenity of pleasure-seeking Taurus on the 18th just in time for the Pisces Eclipse which will begin to bring some greater balance. When our relationships (Venus) become stabilized (Taurus), it tends to ground the rest of our lives as well. Taurus tends to put us back in our bodies where we belong, and will make it easier for us to connect with others (Venus) in order to manifest our visions […]

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In honor of International Women’s Day

I know many of my readers are women, so I wanted to celebrate today by encouraging you to check out . This is a wonderful way to support women all over the world by sponsoring a woman in a country that is suffering from war and poverty. For $28/month you can help a survivor of war to develop a new business and help to feed her family as well as offer her emotional support to become more fully empowered.

For the past three years I have sponsored four women, two in Rwanda and two in Afghanistan. Each year they graduate from the program and I meet four new ladies. We exchange letters and photos and I am able to learn a little more about their culture. It has really been a rewarding program and I hope that some of you will join. Women are the bedrock of society, and by helping to lift the circumstances of the women, the whole world can begin to change.

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