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Saturn/Neptune loves a good conspiracy

With my Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in the third house, I am always looking under the surface to see what’s really going on, looking for connections and information (Mercury/third house) that might be hidden or obscured by powerful authorities (Pluto/Scorpio). Until September 11 the Kennedy Assassination was the primary focus of my quest into conspiracy, but since that fateful day in 2001 a whole host of other mysteries have captured my interest, as my regular readers know.

Under the influence of the Saturn/Neptune cycle, that which has deceived or confused us (Neptune) is forced into physical reality (Saturn) or exposed, and the Saturn/Neptune opposition has brought back conspiracy questions about what really happened September 11. It is not surprising that at the five-year anniversary of September 11 in 2006, during the first phase of the current opposition cycle, the publicized their organization and the film Loose Change became the first conspiracy film on the event to hit the mainstream press.

Now, during the second phase of the opposition, we have news that both Aaron Brown of and Jane Standley of announced that building WTC-7 fell BEFORE it actually did fall. In both cases footage of the event shown simultaneous to the broadcast demonstrates that WTC-7 was still standing. Yet nowhere has this information been covered in the mainstream press. BBC has published a response, claiming that there was an error in the control room. An error that predicted the future? That is hard to believe.

The unexplained collapse of building 7 in the World Trade Center complex is one of the biggest mysteries of the September 11 event. The building wasn’t hit, and physics expert Steven Jones of Brigham Young University famously lost […]

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Ann Coulter redux

The National Ledger has reprinted my article from last fall and updated it for her latest outrage. I found her to be a particularly interesting profile. Perhaps you will too! Check it out.

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Jesus: A family man?

I finally watched the documentary produced by Titanic director James Cameron connecting ossuaries found in a tomb in Talpiot Israel to the family of Jesus of Nazareth. I confess to having a predisposition to believe the story because it aligns nicely with my own thinking and with what I have expected from Pluto’s final travel through Sagittarius before entering Capricorn next year. Pluto creates chaos and upheaval in whatever sign it moves through, and since 1995 when it entered Sagittarius we have seen this kind of chaos in religion (including an amplification of religious wars) , travel (including attack (Pluto) with planes (Sag) areas of life that are ruled by Sagittarius.

Pluto also reveals secrets, and one of the biggest mysteries in our world today concerns what actually happened in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Scriptures have been retranslated and edited over the last 2000 years in order to fit the theological fashion of the day, and the actual history has been erased forever.

Long before the DaVinci code, my reading had convinced me that Jesus and Mary of Magdala would have had to be married. Jesus was a nice Jewish boy and a rabbi, and as a Jewish boy with a Jewish mother he would have been under enormous pressure to be married. The whole concept of celibacy among priests did not become a rule until the early fourth century CE; previous to that time the first pope, St. Peter, is known to have been a married man and subsequent popes and bishops were married, many with children. This became a problem as the early church began amassing property since children become heirs and inherited the priestly property. It was only after the early […]

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Britney Spears and the Meltdown of Rage

When I started doing celebrity profiles I was determined never to profile Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, Britney Spears’ recent meltdown has caused me to renege on this pledge.

click chart to enlargeBritney Spears’ career began when she was eleven years old. With four planets in Sagittarius including a conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and the Sun, she has a strong adventurous streak and a determinedly optimistic (Sag) view of the world (Mercury/Sun). The addition of Uranus (planet of rebellion and radical change) shows that she is an independent thinker (Uranus/Mercury) and determined to follow her own path (Uranus/Sun). Sagittarians are typically optimistic and forward-looking – they can be inspirational and create an overwhelmingly positive impression. There is no doubt of the effect that Britney Spears has had on a generation of young girls. The danger in the often relentless optimism of the Sagittarian personality comes when their refusal to confront their own negative feelings or issues forces them to confront these issues in their outer life.

Britney’s Moon is in Aquarius, an air sign of the intellect, so her emotions (Moon) are filtered through the rationality of the mind (Aquarius). Aquarian Moons are often brilliant individuals with a strong need for freedom and autonomy, and they are typically uncomfortable in the emotional realm which is difficult to reconcile with the rational world of ideas in which they live. Her Moon is in the fifth house of creative self-expression, suggesting a need to be on the stage and a love of children.

Britney has Libra rising, which indicates her need for peace and harmony (Libra) and living in partnership with others. Those with Libra rising are often exceptionally attractive individuals, but […]

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Grand Fire Trines and the Venus Kite

I confess, I don’t usually pay much attention to trines. Trines (120 degrees) are comfortable, they flow easily, they create harmonious situations in which things work well. Typically, in my experience, people don’t tend to notice these events. I always compare this to a comfortable temperature in a room. People may say “it’s hot in here!” or “it’s cold!” I have never heard anyone say “the temperature is really comfortable.” Grand Trines are particularly well-known for creating a complacency that can rob us of our energy, although this is less evident in the fire trines.

Nonetheless, the series of Grand Trines in Fire this month is getting a lot of buzz, and the initial phase is actually a Kite formation (click chart to enlarge) incorporating the Saturn/Neptune opposition which gives it a little more punch than it would otherwise have. Expansive Jupiter is nearing an exact trine to Saturn now which adds confidence and optimism to Saturn’s rather relentless restrictions, and this eases the pressure of Saturn on Neptune. The Jupiter/Saturn trine is a major planetary event that will hit no less than five times over the next two years! I’ll write more on this later, but the first exact connection between these two planets is March 16.

Lovely Venus is moving into formation to trine first Jupiter and then Saturn, creating a positive flow of open sharing and responsibility to others. The Kite formation is formed by the sextile of both Venus and Jupiter to Neptune which then opposes Saturn. Saturn in this case is the apex planet and the stabilizing force, adding the element of discipline and responsibility to the tremendous creativity that results from the combination of […]

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