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Philadelphia shuts down “fortune-telling”

20529745_sMany cities and towns have old laws on the books against “fortune-telling,” but they are rarely if ever exercised. Now Philadelphia has taken a giant step backwards by “closing storefront psychics, astrologers, phrenologists and tarot-card readers who charge money for their services.”

I don’t know how a storefront psychic is different than one who works over the phone, and there is no disputing that there are a lot of charlatans and scam artists out there as there are in any business. We can see in television programming of shows such as Medium that psychic awareness is becoming more accepted in the mainstream, but these archaic laws remain on the books.

In 1998 (with Saturn’s restrictions approaching a square to Neptune’s spirituality) the Gypsy Cafe in Cary North Carolina was issued a citation for fortune-telling. Then in June of 1999 (with Saturn exactly square to Neptune) a psychic shop in the North Carolina mountains was shut down by police citing a 1951 law prohibiting “fortune-telling” as a professional, and amateur fortune-telling can only be practiced as part of a church or school social event.

In response, the Ancient Arts Freedom Association held a peaceful demonstration in downtown Asheville in which about 50 participants practiced various forms of divination. Police, rather than arresting everyone, issued a citation to just one participant (a tarot reader). Appearing in court with her ACLU lawyer, she hoped to be declared guilty so that she could appeal the decision to a higher court and have the law erased from the books. Instead, the judge declared the Asheville law to be unconstitutional. Unfortunately, however, this decision was not binding on other North Carolina jurisdictions.

It makes sense that this issue would arise again as Saturn opposes Neptune. While I decry […]

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“Don’t let astrology support a life of fear”

nostradamusThank you Astrology News for posting this link from with this link to an article by astrologer Victoria Bazely that mirrors my feelings on this issue EXACTLY!!

I have a pet peeve, and like most pet peeves perhaps, it’s a bit hypocritical. My pet peeve is people who use astrology (or anything else really) to support a life run by fear. I’ve read that Nancy Reagan used to consult an astrologer before her husband did anything and wouldn’t let him do things like sign legislation unless an astrologer gave the okay–which meant he sometimes ended up doing things at odd hours like 1:59 a.m. I don’t know if she actually did this, but just reading about it irritates me. It irritates me because it strikes me as operating out of a combination of fear, dependence, and an excessive need for control. . . .

Life happens, and life includes bad, scary, challenging or even exhilarating twists of fate. You can’t control the entire universe with astrology or anything else. Life happened to Ronald and Nancy Reagan, just as it does to everyone else. His presidency had its challenges and its triumphs, just as other presidencies do. If credit is to be given for the success of his presidency, I’d rather give it to a combination of his character, his ideas, and his willingness to act on them. . . .

It’s the same thing when I hear astrologers say things like “don’t get a haircut or buy shoes when the moon is void of course!” Something in me just says “I’ll buy shoes and get a haircut whenever I darn well please. I can’t live my life running around checking to see whether or not the moon is […]

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More on upcoming Mars events

5061842_sWe are in range now of the Mars/Uranus conjunction which is exact on the 29th and occurs in concert to a square of Mars to Jupiter on the 30th. Mars moves relatively quickly, but these are intense energies that have a strong impact even though the experience will only last a week or so.

This cycle will be softened somewhat by the fact that Mars is in Pisces and therefore more considerate of others, but in some ways that could be more difficult as both Uranus (radical rebellion) and Jupiter (fanaticism) enter into a conflict with the god of war.

There is a tremendous amount of energy released with these combinations, and Mars in Pisces will desire to shove any conflict that comes up under the rug. This is where it can become dangerous since that energy needs to be released during this time. Vigorous physical activity is one of the best ways to release that energy so that it doesn’t erupt in major conflict or create reckless behavior. Mars will make a quincunx (150 degree) aspect to Saturn at the same time and Saturn’s tendency to restrict and limit may push Mars into a corner where it feels it must react. A trine from Jupiter to Saturn now will aid us in making a conscious effort to be responsible (Saturn) during this period will also facilitate Saturn’s ability to enhance the energy of Mars so that it flows in a productive manner.

Update: Several of you have written me of being personally affected to the extreme with this transit. If find yourself having problems look at your chart and see what planets you have between 12 and 25 or so degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Those […]

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Gee, maybe we’re not alone after all…

It seems to me to be the height of hubris when, knowing that the universe is vast and filled with an unknowable number of planets many people still feel that Earth is the only one with life.

an earth-like planet in my very own constellation of Libra, the sign of relationships. The discovery team has estimated that the likely mean temperature of the planet would support the liquid water that would be needed to sustain life.

London bookies raised the odds on extraterrestrial life from 1000 to 1 to 100 to 1. Place your bets!

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Pluto, the Galactic Center, Ceres and Bees

Jill wrote a post yesterday about the sudden disappearance of honeybees, and subsequent research turned up which connects weather anomalies to changes in the Gulf Stream circuit, an event which occurred between December 11 and 19th just as Pluto was making its first conjunction to the Galactic Center. There is a link which shows a short period where the Gulf Stream stops flowing towards Europe and flows back down without completing its normaly circuit. Earlier this month I wrote about my hypothesis that the effect of Pluto conjunct the GC, which historically has seemed to bring about major shifts in human civilizations every 248 years that it occurs, seems to have brought the issue of climate change to the forefront of mass awareness.

The disappearance of the honeybees appears to have begun with a sudden dropoff in bee poulations in mid December. There is some speculation that may have a role to play. Another peculiarity is that many of the bees are abandoning the hives and leaving their stores of honey and pollen, suggesting that there is something toxic in the hives themselves, and scientists have found up to four different kinds of viruses and fungi in the bees that remain in the hive.

A loss of bees would be devastating to agriculture, since honeybees are responsible for 80% of pollination of crops around the world. Looking back to the reclassification of Ceres which linked it to the Plutonic archetype, we should remember that in her grief the mythological Ceres caused starvation and famine before she negotiated the partial release of her daughter from Pluto’s underworld. In playing god through technological interference with the processes of nature, we may be replaying the drama of Persephone’s abduction and […]

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