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Christopher HItchens and Pluto in Sag

Christopher Hitchens has a new book out called “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” While I totally agree with his premise that religion (Sagittarius) has poisoned many things and created more wars than anything else, I am saddened by his obvious need, like so many skeptics, to throw out any sense of wonder in life’s magic for the sake of objectivity and “science.”

In an article last week Hitchens lumps astrology together with other hoaxes of religion:

Astrology is widely considered to be discredited because of certain very obvious objections:

1) It gives people the impression that they are the center of the universe and that the constellations are somehow arranged with them in mind.

2) It suggests that there is a supernatural supervision of our daily lives, and that this influence can be detected and expounded by mere humans.

3) It bases itself on the idea that our character and personality are irrevocably formed at the moment of birth or even of conception.

Who does not know how to laugh at the credulity of those who fall for this ancient hoax? And why would it matter, except that religion, too, believes that the cosmos was created with us in mind, that our lives are supervised by an almighty force that priests and rabbis and imams can interpret, and that – by way of doctrines such as “original sin” – our natures have been largely determined when we are still in the womb or the cradle.

All the points Hitchens makes are indisputable. Astrology is indeed centered on the person, which is why it is geocentric (with the planets and luminaries orbiting the earth) rather than heliocentric (with the sun in the center). There is […]

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Burst Bubbles and the US Chart

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Despite a 6.5% decline in the Chinese stock markets, the Dow Jones and S&P averages relentlessly rose to a new high and the Nasdaq index went up 21 points. Americans are unique in their unabashed optimism and the apparent belief that what goes up need not come down. In that belief we have forgotten the lessons of Icarus, who constructed a pair of wax wings so that he could fly to the Sun. You might remember what happened as those wax wings flew too close to the Sun!
Ever since the birth of the US Americans have doggedly sought expansion (Sagittarius rising in the US chart) with a compulsive need to acquire more and more possessions (Pluto in the second house). Originally it was a land expansion as settlers moved westward in the late 1700s and early 1800s, obliterating native populations in the desire to append more and more land to the burgeoning new nation. One in ten pioneers died making the trek across the country.
Later a telegraph fever swept the country in the mid 1800s, laying more telegraph lines that could possibly be used. Thousands of eager investors lost their life savings. In the late 1800s railroad fever swept the country. Again, more railroad tracks were laid than could possibly be used, and one out of four railroad companies tanked causing a multitude of bankruptcies. In the 1920s credit fever swept the country: now you could buy anything you wanted “on time” with no money, including stocks! Speculation rather than investment fueled the stock market, and when it crashed many people owed their brokers more than they had invested.
In more recent memory, the “new economy” of the dot-com bubble (facilitated by the entry of transiting Pluto into Sagittarius) drove tech stocks to […]

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Full Moon tomorrow and the Ceres/Pluto trine

Tomorrow’s Full Moon occurs at 9:05 pm EDT and brings with it a flood of positive energy. The Moon is full in Sagittarius, the sign of expansion, adventure and optimism. During the Full Moon the solar light of conscious awareness illuminates the instinctive depths of our lunar experience, and in Sagittarius our own lunar depths are lit up with a bright fire of knowledge and awareness. Sagittarius loves a good party, and the Sagittarius Full Moon is a time of celebration.

Mars adds a burst of energy: finding its fullest expression in Aries, the sign which it rules, it trines the Sun/Jupiter conjunction and showers us with courage and inspiration. Beth Owl’s Daughter has synchronistically pulled the Knight of Wands card for this week, the perfect metaphor for the Mars/Jupiter combination:

The Knight of Wands is spontaneous, hot-headed, charismatic, quick to laugh or anger, and a creative blaze of activity. He is often charming, and pulsing with sexual energy. But he is also extremely loyal to his, understandably, huge circle of friends. While he can be impulsive and unpredictable, he takes his honor and integrity absolutely to heart, and is a true heroic figure.

Expanding the party is a conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Despite the broader planetary influences which are challenging us (see below), Jupiter and Sagittarius look for the higher path to freedom. Preferring to ignore the darkness, for the next few days we have a clear sightline to the light at the end of the tunnel. This could be a danger, however, because the opposition of the Full Moon (Sun opp Moon) is exactly square to the lunar nodes forming a lunar Grand Cross. The north node and south node of the lunar path are signposts pointing […]

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Lindsay Lohan and the Uranus Square

Lindsey Lohan has been blessed with beauty and success, but over the past year she has become the subject of tabloid headlines. Most recently she was arrested for drunk driving and the possible possession of cocaine.

(See birthchart link.) Lindsey was born under the sign of Cancer – symbolized by the crab, Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, and can be prickly. Lindsey’s Sun is opposed by Neptune, the misty planet that represents creativity and spirituality but also the blurring of boundaries, showing her ability to slip in and out of acting roles but also a tendency to lose her sense of self (represented by the Sun). Lindsey’s Moon (emotional security) is in Taurus (stability and pleasure), showing that she needs stability and material security in order to feel emotional secure, and it interacts
harmoniously with her drive for success as shown by Mars (drive and boundaries) in Capricorn (hard work and success). Jupiter (where we find meaning in life) in Lindsey’s chart is in sensitive and creative Pisces, giving her an added sensitivity and empathy to the needs of others.

Lindsay is a radical at heart – her chart shows Jupiter (planet of expansion) is locked in a battle with rebellious Uranus. Stressful aspects of Jupiter indicate a person whose confidence is somewhat overblown and there is often arrogance present there. Uranus in the chart creates an urge for dramatic and sudden changes; there is a strong need to defy convention and be one’s own person. The small planet Chiron is also involved in that battle with both Jupiter and Uranus, increasing her emotional sensitivity and suggesting that her need for expansion (Jupiter) and liberation (Uranus) are essential to her ability to heal the painful wounds of her past […]

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Fundamentalism: Fear of freedom

Leslie over at Karmic Knowledge has posted a very interesting article about Jerry Falwell’s karmic choice between fundamentalism and freedom. She posts a quote from writer Steven Pressfield that I found particularly potent:

…The human being isn’t wired to function as an individual. We’re wired tribally, to act as part of a group… We know what the clan is; how to fit into the band and the tribe. What we don’t know is how to be alone. We don’t know how to be free individuals.

It is this individuation that Uranus has come to stimulate. We could argue that in the past 2000 years, until the discovery of Uranus in the late 1700s, there was very little if any focus on the right of the individual to follow his or her own path. Humans were members of tribes, or clans, or religious groups, or subject to the rule of royalty. Individual liberties were accorded only to the royal or privileged classes. The discovery of Uranus correlated to an international revolutionary fervor that demanded these liberties for the common wo/man as well as for the monied few.

As Leslie points out, in Jerry Falwell’s chart Saturn is in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) where it creates a discomfort (Saturn) around issues of individuation (Aquarius). Saturn is the planet of rules and restrictions, of governmental law and conservativism. Those of us born in the early 1950s and the late 1970s have Saturn and Uranus square in our charts, creating conflict between the urge for freedom and individuality (Uranus) and the drive for convention and safety (Saturn). This can lead to wild swings between individualistic behavior and conservatism and depending on the rest of the chart can create a real fear of […]

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