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Owl’s Wings – a bit of magic

My friend and tarot goddess Beth Owl’s Daughter recently sent me a link to her blog which I am enthusiastically adding to the blogroll under Cool Sites and Blog Friends. This is a beautiful site with inspiration and tips for leading a more magical life. An excerpt:

In most spiritual traditions, the garden is viewed as a holy place. Since the dawn of civilization, gardens have been sacred sites for the invocation of the Gods, for meditation, inspiration, and reflection. It is no accident that in medieval times, monastery gardens were both utilitarian places that provided food and medicine, as well as havens for prayer. In Japan and China, gardens offer peace, privacy, and a place for meditation. And in the folklore of ancient Britain, magical associations are given to nearly every tree, herb, bush and flower of the wayside and the garden.

For the garden is a magical threshold between the wildness of Nature, and the structures of humankind. People through the centuries have discovered that, out among the potatoes and lilacs, their gardens are a place of power and enchantment. From there, we can observe the effect of the Moon, the Sun, and the shifting influences of the zodiac on the growth and decline in Nature. In gardens, we can contact the beings from other realms who may otherwise be elusive or unknown to us. There, we find the faerie races that are most comfortable with human interaction, as well as the devas and elementals who are associated with the subtle creative forces of the Earth Herself.

read more here…

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The health of President John F Kennedy

photo from the NYT archive

Asena asked in a comment, “What do you think about JFK’s birthchart? Is his birthtime accurate in your opinon.I somehow started to think that he might ha ve a different ASC than Libra after I read an article regarding his health problems.It seems to me that there is not indicators of the diseases he had diagnosed in his Libra rising birthchart.”

I hadn’t really looked at JFK’s chart and took a quick look to respond in the comments section but the comment quickly grew into a post of its own.

I hadn’t really looked at JFK’s birthchart so this was an interesting exercise. (click chart to enlarge, info 5/29/1917, 3 pm, Brookline MA) There is nothing in a Libra ascendant that would preclude health problems – in fact, the desire to please others that drives Libra can drive other more socially controversial aspects underground where they arise in health issues. The charm and charisma of JFK as well as his ability to reach out and connect with people is well described by a Libra ascendant, and this birthtime does show Saturn right on the MC where it reflects the pressure of his father (Saturn) pushing him into public life (MC). And in Cancer no less, demonstrating that his public life was part of the family dynamic and not just an individual ambition.

JFK had no oppositions that would aid him in reflection and give him perspective on issues, and he surrounded himself with good friends and aids to play that role. He had an exact square from Uranus to Mars in the 8th house, showing his rebellious streak as well as a fiery rage that may not have been able to find expression with the Libra asc and […]

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Astrology and C-section births

John Townley made a comment in response to the earlier post “A Sad Tale” about a man who killed his son because of his astrological chart. John noted:

One of the results of having astrology as a major part of the culture is that you get a lot more really strange and often tragic stories. In the last year we’ve linked tales from the Subcontinent and environs that include the astrologer who led a lynch mob (because of an improper marriage)and one who burned himself to death in the public square, among other sad and crazy tales. Add a lot of Caesarians, particularly recently, to get the right birth time, and it adds up to what would be the expected occasional misuse of a valuable tool when a lot of people are using it…here next, perhaps…

Although I would love to see astrology become so mainstream in the western world that it is taught in schools to help people navigate challenging times in their life, I think it’s silly to use astrology for what is effectively genetic engineering. In India it is said that up to 70% of all patients in one hospital selected caesarian birth in order to choose an auspicious birthchart for their child. Evidently the trend is up elsewhere as well: in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.

I’ve done readings for people who were born by C-section or whose mother’s labor was induced pharmaceutically, and their charts are as accurate as any others so I have to conclude that no matter what the birth method the soul is still in charge.

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Chiron turns retrograde today (updated)

hubbleart by the Universe, courtesy of 

updated 5-22-07. With Chiron now in retrograde motion, through October of this year we are likely to revisit old wounds, learning how to release them so that we can move forward with greater wisdom. Neptune follows shortly thereafter, turning retrograde on May 24 and calling on us to connect with the deeper truth that lies within us.

The combination of Chiron and Neptune is a potent one, and as they dance towards a conjunction in early 2010 we will see their effects more and more. Neptune encourages us towards a life of spirituality and imagination; it unwinds the boundaries of our minds and hearts to permit us to expand our experience beyond previously suggested limits. Chiron is the “rainbow bridge” between the personal and the transpersonal as suggested by its eccentric orbit bridging the personal planets (through Saturn) and the transpersonal outer planets. Chiron is the doctor that heals the wounds of our earthly incarnation by bringing these wounds to our attention and facilitating their release through focused intention and presence rather than avoidance. As Chiron retrogrades back through Aquarius it will make the second in a series of sextiles to Jupiter on May 31 which will expand (Jupiter) the potential of this healing process, a process which will complete in September of this year.

As Neptune retrogrades it will revisit its exact opposition with Saturn for the final time. Under the Saturn/Neptune opposition our dreams and illusions (Neptune) have been startled into reality by Saturn, but this has worked in reverse as well with Neptune reminding us of the dry desert of what we call “reality” without a sense of life’s mystery. Debates over science vs. spirituality, scandals in government revealing […]

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Sunday inspiration

Constantly be aware,
Without stopping.
When the aware mind is present,
It senses the formlessness of things.
Constantly see your body as empty
And quiet, inside and outside
Communing in sameness.
Plunge the body into the realm
Of reality, where there has
Never been any obstruction.

Tao-hsin (580-651)
Photo by Glanzmann

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