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Saturday Astro Roundup

I’m going to give my brain a rest today, but please visit my blog friends for other interesting reading:

  • Elsa takes advantage of Mercury retrograde to review tales of astrological persecution.

I’ll be back tomorrow!

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April on Saturn and the Capricorn Full Moon

April Elliott Kent has a beautiful article up about this full moon. A tidbit:

This month’s Full Moon chart features Venus, goddess of money and relationships, almost exactly opposed idealistic Neptune and nearing a conjunction with Saturn. If you’ve been struggling financially, or feeling like a failure because the work you love doesn’t pay enough, it may be time to let go of illusions and take a more realistic view of money’s role in your vocational happiness. Take a closer look, too, at your relationships. The dark side of Capricorn’s tenacity is a certain ruthless singlemindedness, and our bonds with others often suffer when we give too much to our work, sacrificing the soft, Cancerian shapes of domestic pleasure. With Venus opposed Neptune and conjunct Saturn, we have the opportunity to recognize which of our relationships were built on shifting, sandy soil and to embrace those that were founded on enduring bedrock.

When the Sun is moving through tender Cancer, we grow nostalgic for childhood summers, ice cream trucks, and the safety of our mother’s protective embrace. But it’s all too easy to stay nestled in her arms for too long instead of venturing out of your shell and tackling the world. At some point, Cancer’s baby must leave the tidepool and learn to fend for herself. Teaching us how to take care of ourselves was dad’s job, and the Capricorn Full Moon reveals how well those lessons were learned. Dad may have been loving, cruel, or absent; successful or a failure. But his example undoubtedly informed your values and visions about your place in the world.

Perhaps like my back yard, your vocational garden has been overrun with a chaotic tangle of weeds, or maybe you’ve been tending the wrong garden altogether. At […]

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Full moon tomorrow!

Moon and Trees by Sherry Wacker

This last week of June has a strong Saturnine focus, with the Full Moon tomorrow in Capricorn coming on the heels of the final phase of the opposition between Saturn and Neptune, and followed July 1 by a conjunction of Venus to Saturn. Saturn brings the noble but somewhat dreary attributes of commitment, responsibility and discipline to the equation, and with the Full Moon in Capricorn (discipline and work) opposing the Sun in Cancer (family and love), duty to family is of utmost importance now.

Because Saturn places restrictions on us and creates blockages that force us to work harder at whatever we’re doing, we may feel now that we are taking a step backwards for every step forwards. This sense is exacerbated by the six planets that are traveling in retrograde motion now! (Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) Our sense of responsibility and disillusionment leftover from the Saturn/Neptune opposition may tempt us to adopt a defeatist perspective but that would be a mistake. Under the influence of Saturn, slogging determinedly through the obstacles we face will result in certain success as Saturn, more than any other planet, rewards us for our hard work.

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More on the Void of Course Moon

Few topics are as hotly disputed among astrologers as the question of whether the “void of course” moon has an effect on our daily lives. Early in my career I carefully watched for the void of course moon but found no correlation and no effect. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is none, because different cycles affect people differently and typically people who are more “lunar” in nature experience the moon’s vagaries more personally. But I have always looked at the void moon as one more thing to plant fear in the hearts of astrology students. (The “void-of-course” moon occurs after the moon makes its last major aspect to another planet before changing signs. )

So I was happy to see this article from Dana Gerhardt, one of astrology’s noted moon experts who I have always admired, entitled “Don’t be frightened of void of course moons.” Dana writes:

Sometimes astrology is scary. You might have blissfully spent all your days unaware of void-of-course moons, but once you hear about them, you’re panicky. The news about void-of-course moons does sound hopeless. Anything begun them goes nowhere. Your job interview won’t bring employment. Your visit to your mother-in-law won’t earn any goodwill. Convene a business meeting and all plans made then will fall apart later. . . .

The logic behind this divination is more symbolic than literal. It does not presume that everyone travels the same celestial assembly line, passing through good and bad times all at once. Not all of the hundred thousand letters mailed during a void-of-course moon will fly from the postman’s hands and land in a trash dumpster. But if you begin a project on such a moon and later find your work faltering, the […]

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Mars in Taurus – Slow and Steady

Mars snuck into Taurus on the 24th, leaving behind the brash confidence of Aries where it is most at home. In the story of the tortoise and the hare Mars in Aries is represented by the hare, who after boasting that he was the fastest runner ended up losing the race because in his reckless confidence he lay down to take a nap. Mars in Taurus is the tortoise: slow and plodding but with deliberate tenacity: persistent and stubborn until he reaches his goal.

Mars in Taurus is said to be in its “fall,” meaning it is at its weakest in Taurus because the action principle of Mars is inhibited by the fixed earthiness of Taurus. While it’s true that there is inhibition of the Martian principle in Taurus, I don’t see this as a bad thing. When Mars is slowed down and forced to adhere to a disciplined structure as it does in Taurus, it draws more power and energy and its power can be expressed in a way that is more sustained and consistent.

Still, overindulgence is a danger of Mars in the pleasure loving sign of Taurus and we may find ourselves seeking the easy pleasure of sweets and other sensual delights. There is also increased acquisitiveness as Mars drives us to the acquisition of property of which Taurus is so fond.

Mars makes no aspects to other planets over the next week or so, making this a good time for active endeavors. For an excellent take on the tortoise and hare story with more inspiration on winning the race,

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