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John Roberts takes a fall – the astrology of seizures

robertsJohn Roberts suffered a seizure yesterday and fell at his Maine vacation home on Monday, July 30. This was the second time he had blacked out after experiencing what they are calling a “benign idiopathic seizure,” meaning the medical experts don’t know what caused it. That always sends me running to the chart, because undiagnosable medical maladies are often energy imbalances in the physical structure.

Roberts’ astrology chart  has an Aquarius Sun.  Aquarians often have an interesting medical history because as a rule their inventive, rational mind typically takes control of their emotions. Roberts has the Moon in Pisces, which does add water to his chart and shows a deeply sensitive nature, and his Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Water which includes a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer as well as Saturn in Scorpio. This suggests a comfort with the emotional realm overall (Pisces Moon) with a need to care for others (Jupiter in Cancer) although that must be done in a way that retains his autonomy and freedom (Uranus conjunct Jupiter).

Saturn in Scorpio reveals a strongly fixed nature and works well in the trine; however, that same Saturn in Scorpio also squares his Aquarius Mercury and Pluto. Mercury and Pluto are in opposition which lends an intensity (Pluto) to the mental realms (Mercury) and can indicate a tendency towards obsessive thinking. This is not easy for the Aquarian Mercury, which prefers to live in the more subjective realms where life makes sense and there are no underlying psychic demons such as the ones that Scorpio embraces. In this T-square the Saturn in Scorpio suggests a fear and discomfort (Saturn) with the Scorpio realm of the emotional underworld.

It is this T-square that […]

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A look at Bono

U2 singer and world-famous philanthropist Bono has been seen canoodling with Penelope Cruz in St. Tropez, leading many to speculate on a relationship between the two. Photos from the Daily Mail certainly seem to confirm a special tie between them, despite Bono’s 25-year marriage to Ali Hewson, mother of his four children.

Bono has lived a life remarkably free from scandal considering his enormous presence as a global rock and roll star, although there were whispers of an affair during a midlife crisis immortalized in the song “New York” in which he wrote:

In New York, I lost it all to you and your vices Still I’m staying on to figure out my mid-life crisis I hit an iceberg in my life You know I’m still afloat You lose your balance, lose your wife In the queue for the lifeboat

Bono’s stability is not surprising considering his astrological chart. [Click to enlarge] He has three planets in stable and grounded Taurus, including the Sun, Venus and Mercury.

Bono is a practical guy as shown by his Capricorn ascendant (or rising sign) which illustrates the ambition that drives him. The Capricorn influence adds focus and drive to the stability of his Taurus Sun and helps motivate him to achieve his goals in a way that Taurus is often unable to do because they may lack the energy to take action. Taurus dislikes and resists change and is very security conscious. Still, Bono’s Taurus Sun is squared by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution shocks him out of the […]

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Pluto transformations

My husband Rich is a very laid-back guy, nothing bothers him very much. He is in the middle of a transit of Pluto square to his Sun, a transit that can be very difficult as we are forced to face the dark side of our psyche as we enter the Underworld of consciousness that is Pluto’s domain. Pluto transits to the Sun can strip our lives down to the bare essentials. Jobs are often lost under these transits, relationships can end as we are forced to realize that those relationships do not feed the deepest hunger for soul connections.

Because Pluto retrogrades every year, Pluto transits nearly always occur in a cycle of three or five hits making them intense and long-lasting. Pluto transits can be like a tornado strike: The first phase is sometimes called the “breakdown phase” in which anything that doesn’t serve our ultimate soul evolution is broken down and stripped away. During the second phase we survey the damage to see what is gone and what remains. The third phase brings reconstruction and often a sense of relief as we recognize the freedom that results from liberating ourselves from experiences in which we have become stuck and stagnant.

This transit of Pluto square his Sun has been an amazing process for Rich and he gave me permission to share his experiences here. A few years ago Pluto squared Rich’s Moon (emotions and safety) and he went through quite a bit of emotional upheaval. He experienced a surge of emotions and memories surrounding his fear of his own power, something which had limited him throughout his life. Old memories of rage during infancy, ancient past-life memories of abuse of power – these erupted with clarity and focus as he relived his past. It was really […]

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Aquarius Full Moon, July 2007

The Moon will be full in Aquarius on July 29, with the Moon in opposition to the Leo Sun. Full Moons are oppositions, calling on us to balance two opposing viewpoints. The Leo/Aquarius polarity creates tension between the need to express our own individual ego in a healthy way that celebrates life in a body (Leo) with the urge to express ourselves through a more collective experience (Aquarius). In Leo our experience is extremely personal – like the Sun we are the center of our own Universe. In Aquarius, our experience becomes transpersonal, transcending the individual Ego to align with a larger collective mind and soul. Every sign has a polarity, and no sign is better than another, despite our individual prejudices.

In a Full Moon, the sign that the Moon is in becomes illuminated with the opposite sign playing the shadow. In this Full Moon we are focused on Aquarius and its need to transcend the original ego in order to gain greater wisdom from a more transpersonal source. Mars is approaching a square to Saturn at the time of the Full Moon that could create a certain amount of fear and hesitation and a sense of being blocked from fulfilling the ego’s desires. Saturn is associated with Aquarius as its ancient ruler, and brings with it a strong sense of responsibility to the collective that is meant to overpower the needs of the ego. Yet the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, encourages us to break free of restrictions. This is a sensitive combination of influences that requires a certain amount of detachment to operate successfully. This Full Moon is a time for mindfulness and compassion, as in the words of this Buddhist prayer:

May all beings have happiness […]

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Kathryn on the Venus retrograde and the Golden Mean

Kathryn notes that the Venus cycle from 2001 to 2007 makes the shape of a pentagram with this interesting analysis:

It’s interesting to note that Venus is associated with love, harmony and proportion when the pentagram that its 5 retrograde cycles describes in the heavens contains a ratio that conforms to the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is also known as phi- 1.618, or Divine Proportion. Since the ‘discovery’ of phi by the Greeks it became obvious that ‘God Geometrises’ and that the world is essentially founded upon the arrangement of number.

The pentagram has all sorts of occult connotations but it is actually one of the oldest symbols known to man next to the circle. We know this as it has been found etched into cave walls dating back to prehistoric times, showing that Man was obviously tracking the cycles in the skies above him. Next to the Sun and Moon, Venus is the third brightest object in the sky and it periodic disappearance from view at phases in its cycle would have been of tremendous symbolic importance to ancient tribes, whose world stretched only as far as the visible horizon.

The pentagram divides the ecliptic up into 5 equal sections of 72 degrees, which is the quintile aspect in astrology. The quintile refers to creativity, inspiration and the forging of links. Albert Einstein possessed quintiles which brought his Moon, Jupiter and Neptune together in the 5H chart. Here was a Man whose inspiration came in the form of his ‘geometrisation’ of physics.

The cycles of Venus were of particular relevance to ancient civilisations in particular the Mayans. They saw time, not as linear but as a series of interlocking cycles and it is mainly from their observations of the Sun, Moon and […]

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