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Tonight’s Sky

Wow!! Thank you Ursi for yet another fantastic link to this flash movie: “Your Guide to Constellations, Deep Sky Objects, Events and Deep Space.” (Film requires Flash 7 or better). There’s a nice view of the conjunction of Saturn and Venus, just separating from their dance.

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busy busy busy!

Perhaps it’s just Mercury retrograde that makes me feel that the world is spinning with a million details that are having difficulty fitting nicely into the pigeonholes of my life. Or perhaps it’s the exact conjunction of my progressed Moon to my natal Moon. This event is known as the Progressed Lunar Return and it’s supposed to be a major time of change and I’m sure that’s true if I could only slow down enough to notice it. I feel that the pace of life in general, not just my life, is accelerating so that we’re all like hummingbirds buzzing around, being busy.

Evidently it’s not just me; a recent study in Britain found that city dwellers are walking 10 percent faster than they did in 1994. In Asian countries the pace has accelerated by 20 to 30 percent. Is this progress? I’m not so sure.

Mars is in Taurus now, where it demands that we slow down and smell the coffee and then have a seat and savor it for most of the afternoon. The joys of being in a physical form are the domain of Taurus, and there has been a noticeable lack of the earth element present in planetary dynamics over the past year. Earth is the element that grounds us; that takes our ideas and converts them into practical form and helps us to feel rooted on the planet. Without earth it can be difficult for us to feel comfortable in our bodies unless we consciously spend time in earthy pursuit such as gardening.

I for one am looking forward to a return of earth when Jupiter heads into Capricorn in December of this year, paving the way for Pluto to follow shortly thereafter. Capricorn provides structure and […]

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Saturn/Neptune and Poison in our Food

The Saturn and Neptune opposition is associated with the forced revelation (Saturn) of that which is hidden and obscured (Neptune), and the forced exposure (Saturn) of the dangers of poisons, drugs, and food additives (Neptune). The Saturn/Neptune opposition which began last summer has brought us a variety of food scares and recalls: an epidemic of e-coli from bagged spinach, salmonella in commercial brands of peanut butter and melamine-tainted pet food, diethylene glycol in toothpaste. Some of these poisons are from China, necessitating a new round of debate on the wisdom of globalization (Pluto in Sagittarius).

Now an Italian study confirms the dangers of the artificial sweetener Aspartame (Nutrasweet and Equal) as a carcinogen, especially for children. An earlier study by the same researchers was rejected by the FDA as insufficient to overturn previous studies that showed no causal connection between aspartame and cancers (many of those studies were paid for by Searle, the manufacturer of Nutrasweet). For more information on the history of aspartame and its approval despite the presence of multiple studies showing a causal connection to cancer, see this report.

More and more it is becoming evident that the safest and most wholesome way to eat is by buying and consuming local foods. This not only helps our bodies to stay healthier but supports our communities as well.

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Happy Birthday USA!!

(A portion of this article is taken from an earlier post.) The date and time of birth of the American nation has been a matter of debate for centuries now. Most astrologers use the “Sibley” chart for the US, named after Ebenezer Sibley, a prominent American astrologer in the late 1700s.

According to Benson Bobrick’s excellent work The Fated Sky Sibley, a Freemason, was well practiced in the field of mundane astrology, known for his accurate political predictions regarding both the American and French revolutions. Sibley also predicted that America would one day “have an extensive and flourishing commerce; advantageous and universal traffic to every quarter of the globe, with great security and prosperity amongst its people,” and eventually be “a new Empire that shall soon or late give laws to the whole world. ” This is rather startling considering the fact that Masonic historian Manly P Hall has reported that the US has a secret destiny:

“Thousands of years ago, in Egypt, these mystical orders were aware of the existence of the western hemisphere and the great continent which we call America. The bold resolution was made that this western continent should become the site of the philosophic empire. Just when this was done it is impossible now to say, but certainly the decision was reached prior to the time of Plato, for a thinly veiled statement of this resolution is the substance of his treatise on the Atlantic Islands.” (from Manly P Hall’s Secret Destiny of America).

Suffice it to say that Sibley had a mystical and Masonic background, and since most of America’s founders were Masons and therefore very concerned with matters of the occult, Sibley most likely had direct information regarding the actual time for the birthchart of the United States, and […]

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This is just too bizarre…

Let’s put this under the heading of the dawning of the Aquarian age and a new breed of humanity.

Human-animal hybrids have the right to life, according to the Roman Catholic Church. Not many people had heard of human-animal hybrids, also called “chimeras,” before Bush discussed them in his State of the Union which drew riotous ridicule, but evidently a bill introduced in Britain gives scientists the right to create these hybrids for research purposes as long as they destroy the embryos within two weeks.

Catholic bishops of England and Wales, in a submission to the Parliamentary joint committee scrutinising the draft legislation, said that the genetic mothers of “chimeras” should be able to raise them as their own children if they wished.

The bishops said that they did not see why these “interspecies” embryos should be treated any differently than others.

The wide-ranging draft Human Tissue and Embryo Bill, which aims to overhaul the laws on fertility treatment, will include sections on test tube babies, embryo research and abortion. Ministers say that the creation of animal-human embryos – created by injecting animal cells or DNA into human embryos or human cells into animal eggs – will be heavily regulated.

They insist that it will be against the law to implant “chimeras” – named after the mythical creature that was half man and half animal – into a woman’s womb.

The bishops, who believe that life begins at conception, said that they opposed the creation of any embryo solely for research, but they were also anxious to limit the destruction of such life once it had been brought into existence.

In their submission to the committee, they said: “At the very least, embryos with a preponderance of human genes should be assumed to be embryonic human […]

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