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Weather forecast for August

for weather events in late August:

August 20-25:

The Sun’s conjunct to Saturn indicates the possibility of a tropical system or at least tropical moisture off the Carolinas in the western Atlantic that affects the Southeast (Carolinas). Since other planetary indicators involve the Northeast and New England, one scenario could be that a tropical system that hits the Carolinas and then creeps up the coast to New England.

Another possibility would involve a severe weather system, not tropical in nature, over the Mid-Atlantic States and New England characterized by strong thunderstorms, damaging winds, and heavy downpours.

August 26-30:

Triggers to the Lunar Eclipse of March 2007 should bring a potent weather system over the Mid-Atlantic and through the Northeast. This may be tropical as was the last time the Sun triggered the eclipse in June. At that time the remnants of TS Barry visited the area. If
not an actual tropical system, at least strong storms assail the area.

Other areas that stand out for possible tropical activity or at the least some type of severe weather are the eastern Great Lakes, the Carolinas and the West Coast of Florida.

Astrological signatures for this time period include a triple conjunction in Leo trine Pluto/GC and two related mutable T-squares evolving into a Grand Cross involving Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces.

As far as I can tell so far, his accuracy rate is far more accurate than the weather channel!!

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More good news from Mercury Rx

Thanks to Elsa for this additional Mercury Rx news item:

The attempted London car bombings were meant to be detonated by calls to mobile phones in the two vehicles, but failed for technical reasons, the Evening Standard reported Monday.

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Mercury Retrograde Roundup

Despite the claims of many that Mercury retrograde brings no more problems than any other time, many of us have noticed quite a few news items to the contrary:

Technology problems shut down the American Stock Exchange three times in two weeks.

In South Africa an airport baggage glitch delayed 150 flights and caused havoc at local airports.

Probably just a coincidence…

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The Astrology of the Iphone

Apple released its much-heralded Iphone on Friday after months of speculation. Techies waited on line for hours to be the first owners of Apple’s sleek and gorgeous new multimedia phone, despite its $500+ price tag. Still, the astrological timing of the Iphone’s release leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The timing of an event using astrology is called “electional astrology,” and provides a weather report for the planetary climate of that event. The chart of the release or birth of the Iphone on Friday June 29 at 6:00 pm, Cupertino California, shows the Sun in nurturing Cancer which suggests responsive customer service. The ascendant is Sagittarius, whose traits include not only optimism and a love of fun but the shadow side reveals a tendency towards self-importance and a desire to associate with only the best people. The Iphone is the gadget everyone will want to have, and Sagittarius jumps right on that bandwagon.

The “Lord” of the ascendant, or ruling planet, is Jupiter in Sagittarius which is retrograde in the first house. Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius would be considered a benefic signature in this chart which illustrates the initial success of the Iphone. The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of material success and achievement which is a positive indicator, and it is in an applying trine to Mars which provides the energy for activation of the new business. And Venus nearing an exact conjunction to Saturn will bring loyalty of the customers; this conjunction falling in the 9th house of travel shows success overseas.

Still, the chart shows a number of difficult aspects as well, such as five traditional planets (excluding Chiron) […]

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