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From the advice column: Where is this relationship going?

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and a half. We were supposed to move together at his place in June, but we had to call it off. My boyfriend’s mother went crazy about it, planting seeds of doubt in his mind that was already having existential concerns. Now, four months later, he’s asking me for some time on his own, saying that even though he now knows he does have feelings for me, he feels better alone at the moment.

I have validated with him that it wasn’t about me, but I wonder now what to do… This relationship is probably the best one I’ve ever had and I truly gave it serious thought since he asked me to move with him a year ago in order to be sincere in my commitment. But now, I feel fooled and even though I deeply love this person, I now have doubts of my own regarding the strength of the relationship, his sincerity and the whole “where-is-it-going” dilemma. I am afraid that by loving enough to wait, I will be crushed harder…

Let’s first look at J’s chart. As a Virgo, he is a cautious individual by nature and not prone to making hasty decisions. Venus, planet of relationship, in his chart is in Libra, the sign of partnership, so we can see that he is very relationship-oriented. Venus in Libra also tells us though that he seeks harmony and balance in his life, and is very sensitive to conflict. His Moon is in Cancer, the sign […]

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Burma’s Astrological History

photo from BBC News

Burma is a country where the art of astrology is a respected tool in national affairs, and the date and time of the founding of Burma took into consideration the astrological influences at the time. A look at the Burmese chart provides insight into the recent protests in that country which have suddenly erupted into the news.

Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) is ascending in the chart in Sagittarius, the sign which it rules, generally considered a fortunate placement. Mars is featured prominently in the 9th house conjunct the Midheaven, suggesting rule by generals and military might rather than democracy. Pluto (death and rebirth) opposes Venus (partnerships) in the chart which in a national chart could indicate the presence of open enemies and interpersonal conflict within the country as well as from those outside.

The Moon (security) is conjunct Neptune (idealism) in Libra (relationships) and both square exactly the conjunction of the Sun (Self) to Mercury (experience) in Capricorn (hard work). Sun conjunct Mercury often indicates frequent moves or changes of personality and Neptune square to the Sun creates confusion with respect to the identity. We have certainly seen this in the case of Burma’s 1948 chart, and the Moon/Neptune conjunction shows a tendency toward deception in service of the dream. Subsequent to Burma’s independence from the British Empire in 1948, a military coup in 1962 ended democratic rule there. Later it became the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma in 1974 and then reverted to the Union of Burma in 1988 before becoming the Union of Myanmar in 1989.

In 1962, when the coup d’etat instituted military rule in Burma, Pluto was in exact conjunction to Mars in the Burma chart and it was in a tight […]

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The Britney meltdown continues

The National Ledger has my latest update on the Britney Spears saga. This is what happens when you combine the Sagittarian blind optimism with an Aquarian Moon and throw in a square of Chiron to that Moon in the natal chart. Then add a stew of the Saturn/Neptune opposition transiting that Chiron/Moon square, and then Chiron transiting that Chiron/Moon square as well. Top it off with a dollop of Pluto square natal Mars and you get Britney in rehab. A sad, sad story.

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Aries Full Moon tomorrow!

Over the past week Mercury has been harmonizing with both Pluto and Mars, facilitating resolution of the anger and breakdowns that erupted with the Sun/Pluto/Mars T-square a week ago. Mercury is the messenger and its presence now in the release of the T-square energy makes it easier to process the information that came out of these critical events. This heightened understanding paves the way for the Full Moon in Aries on the 26th.

The Aries Full Moon opposes the Libra Sun and strives for harmony and balance between individuality (Aries) and the need to compromise (Libra), something which will be easier to achieve with the energy offered by trine of Mercury to Mars. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and inspiration while the Full Moon is the time of culmination and release of energy. That makes this a time of power and generation.

There is still a bit of lingering tension between Venus and Neptune that may entice us into a bit of fantasy and expectations that are unrealistic, but overall this is an energetic lunar event that shines a light into any dark corners and inspires an awakening to new ways of interacting with others that leads to a transformation of our personal relationships and our own self-esteem with the upcoming trine of Venus to Pluto that moves into place in October.

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Astrology Fund in the News

I’m taking a few days off so the advice column will be delayed until later in the week, but meanwhile take a look at this coverage of Henry Weingarten’s Astrology Fund on the financial website

For instance, earlier this year Weingarten predicted there would be a major downdraft in the stock market on Aug. 28. It was the last total lunar eclipse, a technical and astrological convergence that culminated with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling 280 points to test the 13,000 level.

Coincidence? Maybe. But it was enough to make me want to find out what Weingarten was predicting at his conference on Sept. 11, the day of the solar eclipse.

The Astrologer’s Fund isn’t a mutual fund. It’s an institutional fund that manages money for high-net worth individuals and institutions. Weingarten declines to say how much he has under management.

According to the fund’s Website, it returned 17% in July, 26% in August and was up 9.7% for the first two weeks of September. However, these are unaudited results.

Weingarten’s head isn’t solely in the stars. He uses a combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and astrological charting to make predictions on the direction of commodities, currencies and stocks. The New York money manager says that when all three converge, a major market move is usually in the works. And most of the time he can determine its direction.

“We use all the standard fundamental and technical tools, but astrology is most important,” says Weingarten. “That’s what makes us unique and allows us to capture market surprises most people don’t see. It’s out-of-the-box thinking.” But he adds that if something is overwhelmingly undervalued on a fundamental basis, “I follow that. It depends on the situation.”

Weingarten is […]

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