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Tales from Mercury Retrograde

A friend of mine sent me an email containing her Mercury Rx story:

“There have been power outages and surges following me around. First the power went out here at home two nights ago, and then when we went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner 3 miles away the power surged there. Yesterday the internet was down all morning, and then the cable tv was out all afternoon!

Yesterday morning I drove out to [her client’s office] with documents to be signed and was told that I couldn’t enter the premises because I had my dog in the car. When I did finally get to my client 20 minutes later, he apologized and said he had only had 15 minutes to meet with me and we’d have to reschedule!

I can’t wait to see what happens today. “

My friend is a good example of the manner in which Mercury Retrograde periods affect us more powerfully if they aspect something in our chart, or if something is already going on in our chart with Mercury. D has Mars at 23 Pisces which is exactly inconjunct (30 degrees) retrograde Mercury which creates pressure and irritation with no real means for relief. But perhaps more significant is the square of transiting Pluto to D’s progressed Mercury right now which is adding more power to her thoughts and potentially reducing her objectivity.

Sometimes we sail through Mercury Retrograde without a hitch; sometimes we need a little more discipline to maintain our focus. Regardless, keeping a sense of humor is invaluable!

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Mars Direct, Mercury Retrograde

Mars turned direct yesterday, and Mercury turned retrograde the day before. Part of us is looking back (Mercury), part of us is ready to move into the future once again (Mars).

Mercury is conjunct Neptune now in Aquarius, correlating to yesterday’s internet disruption (Mercury Rx) to Asia and the Mideast caused by damage to an underseas (Neptune) cable. In Aquarius, Mercury is idealistic and visionary, and because of the retrograde period Mercury will remain in Aquarius until mid-March. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, seeks the disruption of the status quo and when Mercury entered Aquarius back on January 9, suddenly all of the US presidential candidates jumped on the CHANGE bandwagon.

Mars has been retrograde through the signs of Cancer and Gemini since mid-November, slowing things down for the holidays. Now Mars is ready to move forward, but with our attention turned backwards under Mercury retrograde, prepare to hunker down for a period of conceptualization (Mercury) before the actual action is taken under Mars.

Mercury will remain in conjunction with Neptune for about a week, blurring the boundaries (Neptune) of presidential speeches, war planning, and the state of the stock market and the global economy.

Mars will continue to move through chatty Gemini where there is likely to be an increase in the war of words that has marked so many areas of global experience lately, and in early March will enter Cancer where it will make its final opposition to Pluto. Mars in Gemini is ruled by Mercury Retrograde, so every step forward (Mars direct) will be affected by a need to step backwards (Mercury Rx) . The two are inextricably connected for the next month or so.

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A Look at Unpredictable Sean Young

Sean Young is almost as well known for her rebellious behavior as she is for her acting roles. In 1987 she annoyed Oliver Stone so badly during the filming of Wall Street that he wrapped up her filming early. In 1988 a relationship with co-star James Woods turned into a disaster when he sued her for harassment after, according to her, she rebuffed his advances.

It would be kind to say that James Woods is known for his own eccentric behavior, and the case was allegedly settled with Woods’ payment of a quarter million dollars. But Sean Young’s reputation in Hollywood was established as a troublemaker, and in 2006 she lived up to this reputation once again by crashing the Vanity Fair Oscar party and was bounced out the back door. Saturday night she was tossed out of the Directors Guild of America awards for heckling director Julian Schnabel and she has now entered rehab for alcohol addiction.

Sean’s astrological chart shows that both her Sun and Mars are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is well-known for its tendency towards emotional access and drama, and for a smoldering passion that defines nearly everything that they do. Mars is the planet that defines our drive and desires, and in Scorpio Mars becomes particularly passionate and driven. This is exacerbated by a square in her chart of Mars to Uranus, the planet of radical revolution and change. This combination of Mars and Uranus is explosive and suggests a personality that is prone to outbursts of anger and extreme rebellion.

Over the past couple of years the planets Saturn and Neptune have transited over that sensitive point in her chart, first Saturn back in the fall of 2006 and into 2007, and then Neptune in 2007 and now in […]

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Midlife is hard? Of course!

In the news today:

Not only is the mid-life crisis a bona-fide affliction but 40-somethings from Canada to Uzbekistan grapple with it every day, a groundbreaking new study has found.

Researchers examined the life satisfaction of two million people in 72 countries through several decades of survey results and found that happiness universally dips when people hit mid-life.

“The 40s, roughly speaking, are the low decade,” says co-author Andrew Oswald, an economics professor at the University of Warwick in Britain. “If you’re finding your 40s tough, it seems good to know this is completely usual across the rest of the world.”

This global pattern of mid-life misery holds true regardless of gender, education, marital status, number and age of children, occupation and income.

The 40s are the time of the midlife crisis transits that create difficulty for everyone at the same time. And lately, due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit, the midlife crisis transits begin in the mid- to late thirties as transiting Pluto makes a square to Pluto in the birthchart, the “Pluto Square.”

There is a fairly reliable set of transits between age 20 and age 60 that are similar for everyone, regardless of what is going on in the rest of their chart. At around age 20-21 we have the opening square of Uranus to natal Uranus, and the closing square of Saturn to natal Saturn. This creates the dual reactions of rebellion (Uranus) and restrictions (Saturn). Then the famous Saturn Return is well-known as the time when we have to face the limitations of our newly minted adulthood and move forward in our life.

For now, the Pluto square is happening in the mid-30s and will soon arrive later and later into the 40s. This is a […]

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Mercury Rx through the houses

Heather Walden has posted this down-to-earth guide for managing Mercury retrograde. Look to see where Mercury in Aquarius falls in your chart, and follow her sage advice:

1st house – personal identity

Follow the bouncing fire ball. Remember those old battles, imagined and real. Where do you still have armor that may be dragging you down? Does the mind have the tape player on permanent repeat. Listen closely and erase the parts that don’t serve you or your colleagues. You’ll feel a lot lighter. Don’t burn all the rubber off your tires waiting at the starting gate. You’ve got about three weeks from yesterday.

2nd house – possessions and values

Get your assets lined up. If your worried about the bottom line make sure you know what it is. Go through your old bank statements and find out what there is to declare. You can find that note you wrote so you wouldn’t forget what you forgot. But remember you are your greatest asset. Take care of what you think. It is creating your future.

3rd house – communication and learning

Get out your old notes and reread them. Kept a diary; now is a good time to look over the last three months. What were you doing that you meant to do more of. Look through pictures. Sort out the ones that didn’t capture your essence. Walk it off. Peace through fast moving meditation. Update your profile to reflect your new thoughts about your life.

4th house – home and inner life

Clean out the closets. Like fast. Get those network cables checked out and untangle those […]

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