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Mercury retrograde alert!

Mercury is just about to go retrograde as I write this. Mercury is in Aquarius where it rules technology, innovation and electricity, and it will remain in Aquarius throughout the retrograde period. Mercury retrograding back through Aquarius could make it difficult to move forward with implementing new technologies, so keep that in mind as you begin new projects. Make sure that you and all parties involve are clear and understand all aspects of what is needed!

Obviously we can’t put our lives on hold when Mercury turns retrograde, and not every project encounters difficulties. But there IS a tendency for contracts to require renegotiation when signed during Mercury Rx periods, and for travel plans to be disrupted when the commitments are made while Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury retrograde periods are terrific times for RE-search, to RE-vise your website or business plans, to RE-connect with old friends. Retrogradation turns our attention to the past and give us another chance to get things right.

We can’t put our lives on hold with Mercury’s change of direction, but preparation will help to defray our frustration when our telephone systems break down and travel plans go awry! “It’s just Mercury Retrograde,” we’ll say and smile knowingly.

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Voices for Healing and Vision

I have just discovered Tina Malia and listened to her most of the day yesterday. Her voice and music is expansive and opens the heart and soul to the yearning for awakening and the hope that transformation is truly possible, for the planet and for all people. This video is of the beautiful song Heal this Land.

Today, after the tremendous win for Barack Obama in South Carolina, I feel that hope really is alive and change is truly possible. The power of Obama is the power of intention and inspiration – the intention to create real change and reach across the many chasms that divide us, and the inspiration to make it happen. Focusing on the negative, in any situation, is the surest way to bring it about – taking hope and converting it to the certainty of success is the wizard’s work that is required to turn this country around.

I found this interesting article called “Leading with Vision and Trust” by Warren Bennis. He writes:

Why did India’s poor march to the sea with Gandhi against the salt tax? Because they trusted him. Trust is based on predictability: trusted leaders make themselves known and make their positions clear. Four leadership qualities together engender trust:

  • Vision
  • Empathy
  • Consistency
  • Integrity

Creating a vision

Leaders manage the dream: they have the capacity to create a compelling, over-arching vision that takes people to a new place.

A vision is a portrait of the future that grabs. Initially it grabs the leader, and then their magnetic intensity and commitment to it draw others in. Leaders love what they do. The passion that comes from knowing what they want, that is demonstrated by their unswerving commitment to a vision, communicates hope and inspiration.

Visions animate, inspire and transform purpose into action. Visions bring about confidence and a belief […]

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The Agony and Ecstacy of the Kundalini experience

Beth Owl’s Daughter has a wonderful on the experience of the Kundalini awakening:

[T]he unplanned, or explosive kundalini awakening can be life-shattering and may result in years of difficulty, as we try to integrate and stabilize our changed sense of identity. This is why most yoga practices that work with this soul fire attempt to teach the seeker to gently raise the energy through meditation and awareness of the subtle energetic body.

Still, these awakenings may result in profoundly erratic behavior, speech, and emotional states in the individual experiencing them. Observers have noted that the subject may exhibit involuntary and spasmodic body movements and postures; pain; abnormal breathing patterns; paralysis; tickling itching; vibrating sensations; hot and cold sensations; inner sounds, such as roaring, music, whistling, and chirping; insomnia; hypersensitivity to environment; unusual or extremes of emotions; intensified sex drive; distortion of thought processes; detachment; disassociation; sensations of physical expansion; and out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

This article is part of a series Beth is doing on the three Graces, but an understanding of the way Kundalini energy operates within us is very linked to the Chironic process. I have come to see that Chiron rules the Kundalini energy that flows within our body, and many of us that were born between the mid 1950s and the mid 1980s have an opposition of Chiron to Uranus that accelerates the rising of Kundalini, sometimes in a way that is difficult to manage. Chiron’s goal in its rulership of this magical energy is to free us from the blocks that we place in our energy field to keep us safe, but which also keep us stuck. Sometimes the freeing of those blocks unleashes a flood of energy that we are not always ready for.

Psychoanalyst Stan Grof […]

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Wild swings in the markets

As befits the waning days of Pluto’s reign in Sagittarius, optimism on Wall Street prevailed over the facts. “What has happened is the Fed is flooding the system with liquidity and eventually we should see some traction in the economy,” said Steve Goldman, chief market strategist at Weeden & Co. “And stocks tend to respond first.”

This strategy, which worked well while Pluto was in Sag and optimism drove the markets, will not work so well with the more pragmatic approach Pluto will take in Capricorn where facts and technicals rule over fantasy. After the cut in the Fed rate, investors’ optimism soared, only to be brought back to earth with the revelation that the US federal deficit has ballooned to 219 billion dollars.

I’m anticipating the next week to continue in this same fashion, but with Mercury’s retrograde turn on the 28th and Pluto’s entry into Capricorn that week, we are likely to see the contraction that has been a long time coming.

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Heath Ledger and the Saturn Return

This is one I wasn’t expecting. Heath Ledger was found dead today in an apartment in the Soho district of Manhattan with an empty bottle of prescription sleeping pills by his bedside and pills strewn over his body and the bed.

Heath Ledger was determined to win fame through serious acting and not by capitalizing on his “pretty boy” looks. He won an Oscar nomination for his breakthrough performance in Brokeback Mountain, and won critical acclaim in his character performances in other films. He dated Naomi Watts for two years before apparently settling down with Michelle Willliams when their baby was born in 2005. They ended their relationship in 2007 and were often photographed by paparazzi in various arguments.

Although Ledger had a fiery Aries Sun, his astrological chart shows that he was an extremely sensitive individual. His Moon (emotional needs and nature) was in the sign of Cancer which rules emotions and moods. Mars (drive and aggressive instinct) was in Pisces where it tends to blur our desires and make it difficult to achieve them, and so was Mercury (mental functions) which shows an extremely empathic and delicate individual. Both of these planets have been stressed by cycles Pluto over the past two years, creating upheaval in his life and likely dredging up (Pluto rules the Underworld of the psyche) old emotions and thoughts that were problematic.

Venus in Ledger’s chart was also in Pisces, showing that he was a romantic and yearned for relationships (Venus) where he could connect totally with his mate. However, Venus was opposite the planet Saturn which can be cold and critical, indicating that he never felt that he was good enough for […]

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