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UFO flies over Texas!

More than 30 people over the past week have seen a Texas.

“It was very intense, bright lights,” said local newspaper reporter Angela Joyner.

“The lights were like going like this,” said Constable Leroy Gateman making hand gestures to describe what he saw when he spotted the UFO.

Rick Sorrells says he saw it while he was hunting deer in the woods.

“You look at the trees, and it was right here,” Sorrells told ABC News correspondent Mike Von Fremd as he showed him the location in the woods where he spotted the UFO.

Steve Allen, a 50-year-old pilot, was at a campfire with friends and says the object was a mile long and half a mile wide. “I don’t know if it was a biblical experience or somebody from a different universe or whatever but it was definitely not from around these parts,” Allen said.

Allen drew a sketch of the object, which he said traveled at amazing speed without making a sound. While drawing, Allen told Von Fremd that he saw “an arch shape converted in a vertical shape, and then it split and made two of them, and then these turned into just fire and it was gone.”

A spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing in Fort Worth says no aircraft from his base was in the area, and says the objects may have been an illusion caused by two commercial airplanes. But those who saw the lights don’t buy that explanation.

No one in Stephenville took a video from their phone?????

Of course I went to to get the real story, and they have posted video and photographic evidence from what is currently (6:22 pm) six sightings in six different Texas towns via the . Some […]

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Another failure of Sun Sign astrology

I could probably be a lot more famous if I was willing to write a Sun Sign column. I don’t know why I’m so stubborn, without newspaper horoscopes hardly anyone would even know about astrology. And after writing the Vanity Fair horoscope column for at least 15 years Michael Lutin is finally getting to write about real astrology.

But articles like this (thanks to the Townleys for the link) show that sun signs have little effect on our ability to make any kind of reasonable predictions using astrology.

Last month a magazine from Jordan contacted me to write a “horoscope” article for their January issue and I thought about it for awhile before turning it down. But at some point it would be difficult to say no. What if the New York Times called me to write “horoscopes” using sun signs? Could I say no? Or would it give me a wider audience to whom to reveal the secrets of astrology?

And really, I write celebrity gossip profiles for crying out loud. Is that any nobler? Of course, my goal for these profiles is to make REAL astrology accessible to people who otherwise would know nothing about it.

These are all questions buzzing around my brain as Pluto begins its descent on my Capricorn Mars.

Still – we really owe it to the magic of astrology to avoid simplifying it into sun signs that add, in my mind, nothing useful to the conversation.

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The death of Christopher Bowman

Christopher Bowman was the man’s man of figure skating who died last week at the age of 40 in a cheap motel room from mysterious causes. An unidentified male friend shared his motel room and was with him the night he died. He was destitute and recently divorced, living out of his car and struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. He was on probation with the City of Los Angeles for receiving stolen property.

Bowman often recounted that he started skating at age five because he was an overactive child, and in his heyday was celebrated for his manly performance on the ice, a relative rarity in that business. He was known not only for his talent, but also for his charisma and a wild streak that could not be tamed.

Bowman’s astrology chart shows that he had the Sun in Aries, the sign of the warrior and adventurer, reflecting his willingness to be a maverick and live on the edge. However, the planet Saturn conjoined that Aries Sun, applying pressure on him throughout his life and a sense that he was never good enough. That Sun/Saturn conjunction is difficult to live with but in an individual who is willing to work hard it can bring tremendous strength of character in one’s later life.

However, the persistent sense of inadequacy that Saturn can apply can also cause depression and isolation that drives some people to drown their sorrow in drugs and alcohol. Bowman’s coach Frank Carroll reported that although Bowman had great talent, he was untrainable and uncoachable and lacked the discipline to improve his skills. Instead he relied on instinct and charisma which sadly, did not go far enough.

Like everyone born in the mid-1960s, Bowman’s chart shows a conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, the planetary combination that brought […]

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Sunday Haiku

Beautiful words from Matsuo Basha

Winter solitude–
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.

photo by Pete Leonard from
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A week of Venus

Venus rules the skies this week.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and her namesake planet presides over all things relating to interpersonal relationships, the force of attraction, aesthetics, values, sensuality, self-indulgence, harmony and balance. As Venus transits through the sky it is barely noticeable to us because it moves so quickly and its effect is so mild.

In its role in the governance of attraction, Venus is involved in matters of wealth and prosperity. Last week Venus made a square to Saturn (exact on the 6th) and the stock market plummeted as investors lost confidence in fears that the recession (Saturn in Virgo/Pluto in Capricorn) had arrived. Still, Venus is in Sagittarius where it bestows confidence, and Pluto is still going through the last degrees of Sagittarius as well.

Yesterday’s sextile of Venus to Chiron was a sweet harmonizing influence that is very beneficial to relationships, but today Venus makes a square to Uranus that is likely to bring about a fierce need for autonomy in relationships and could create disruptions in the financial markets. Ben Bernanke’s speech to the Fed last Thursday is widely supposed to be a harbinger of bad financial news next week. Short-term interest rates are expected to be slashed which will bolster the stock market but create inflation risks that cannot be supported under Saturn in Virgo.

Just as things calm down from the excitement of the Venus/Uranus square, Venus makes a lovely sextile to Neptune on the 16th. Neptune is often referred to (by me, anyway) as the “higher octave of Venus.” Where Venus is associated with personal relationships and affection, Neptune is divine love and compassion. When Venus and Neptune dance together, a flood of creativity and […]

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