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Obama’s Announcement Chart

To me, the jury is still out on the void moon (the moon is said to be void after it makes the last aspect to another planet before entering the next sign), but today I received an email from a reader quoting a newsgroup post that said

“Please help me with the astrology of Obama’s campaign. He announced his run on Feb 10, 2007, 10:13am CST, Springfield IL. Asc 8TAU42. Source – BBC covered the event live with a local time ticker which froze at the moment of the announcement. I was watching.

At first glance there are serious problems. A voided waning Moon in Scorpio – void in the classical and modern sense. In fact, it is very seriously void, with the next ptolemaic being a square to radix Mercury 14 degrees later.

The V/C tables that I consulted indicate that the moon was not void of course until the following day, but looking at the chart of the event it certainly does appear that the moon had made its last aspect before passing out of Scorpio.

Astrological lore instructs us not to enter into any ventures when the moon is void of course. Astroprofile, a great resource for all kinds of data, says “It is a time of the minutes or hours of chaos, disruption, nothing works right…times when we make bad decisions.”

It’s interesting then that Obama, with an announcement chart that includes a void of course moon, has shot from last place into a strong lead in the presidential campaign. Perhaps what the void of course moon has done, rather than doom him to a bad decision, is to offer up results that have broken all of the rules of political campaigns.

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Blogger’s Meme

Beth Owl’s Daughter has tagged me with a meme, which is always an interesting diversion, so here goes:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people.

The nearest book to me is Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements by Stephen Arroyo, which I recently purchased through Amazon because I couldn’t find my ancient copy. This is one of the early books I read that sent me down the path to a more transformational metholody in astrology readings, and I recommend it to everyone at every level. An understanding of the elements and the way that channel energy through the personality is invaluable!

At the top of page 123 is a section titled “Over-Emphasis on Air and Fire, Lack of Water and Earth”:

This type at best represents an idealistic, aspiring, positive-thinking person whose intentions and motives are above reproach. Their approach to life is not particularly realistic, however, and they often find that they must learn about the darker side of life through hard experience and disillusionment. They often neglect the very needs and feelings which can give them more stability and inner strength.

Coincidentally, this book is available in the bookstore to in the left sidebar!! Now, it’s your turn: Neith, Jill, DR, JM, and Melody.

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The Third Saturn Return

Yesterday I had the privilege of doing a reading for a woman who recently turned 80 and was going through the closing square of her third Saturn cycle. I began doing readings shortly after my first Saturn return at around age 32, and it took me a long time to realize that as we grow older we often learn to manage the issues in our chart so that they are no longer as difficult. In fact, the challenges that formerly caused us pain and suffering often become our greatest teachers.

The beauty of reading for older clients is that they often have experienced this evolution to a degree the rest of us can only dream about. If they haven’t become stuck in a cycle of dysfunction, they have learned to move through all kinds of cycles and find their center. I spoke with the client yesterday about the Saturn Return cycles, and we talked about her upcoming third Saturn Return which will arrive around age 87.

The first Saturn Return at age 28-30, as we know, deals with experiences where we leave our youth behind and enter adulthood, either willingly or kicking and screaming. The second Saturn Return is more difficult to predict since the result depends quite a bit on how well we have learned Saturn’s lessons since the first one. Regardless, during the second Saturn Return at age 56-58 we must leave our ripeness behind; we often discover that we are being replaced by the younger generation. We have lost our youth and are entering the third stage of life. We are middle-aged.

To answer my client’s question: “What can I expect at the third Saturn Return?” I pondered the meaning of Saturn at the age of 87, and it seems […]

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Pluto in Capricorn and the Eroding Infrastructure

One of the things I believe we’ll be facing over the next few years as Pluto travels through Capricorn is the erosion of the structures that support our human lives on the planet. Bridges, tunnels, buildings – all are ruled by Capricorn and subject to transformation while in Pluto’s domain.

Governors meeting the other day with President Bush pushed for him to include funding for various infrastructure repair projects for their states, which were turned down by the President. Bush said that he would rather wait to see the results of his stimulus package, which consists mostly of tax cuts, rather than fund infrastructure projects which would put Americans back to work.

The American Society for Civil Engineers estimates that $1.6 trillion dollars is needed to restore the aging and unsafe infrastructure in the United States. The areas that need rebuilding include toxic waste sites, sewage treatment systems, dams, water treatment facilities as well as roadways.

Janet Kavinoky, director of transportation at the US Chamber of Commerce, stated last year:

America’s infrastructure is not only showing its age, but showing that it lacks capacity to handle the volume of people and goods moving today. From exploding steam pipes under New York streets, to record level flight delays in the skies across the country, it is evident that now is the time to move on a robust, thoughtful, and comprehensive plan to build, maintain, and fund a world-class 21st century infrastructure. There can be no more delay.

Washington’s Governor Grigoire said, “”In order for us to be able to avoid a Minnesota situation across America, we need a dramatic infusion of federal dollars throughout this country to rebuild our basic infrastructure.” The Canadian government […]

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Dharmaruci on Obama as Medicine Man

Dharmaruci evidently hasn’t been swept away by Obamania as I have, so his post on Obama as “The Medicine Man” is a clearer-headed one than any you will find in this column:

The man creates a very strong impression on people. One of the strengths of astrology is that it can stand outside of strong impressions and look at the chart as an entity in itself, and reflect that back to the person. Whatever time he was born, he has Sun in Leo square to Neptune. And in the 1.06 chart (and for much of the day) he has Moon square to Pluto, and I want to run with this. This is HOT. The 2 most powerfully transformative planets – Pluto and Neptune – in challenging relationships with the 2 planets most central to the personality, the Sun and Moon.

He’s working at a heat that most of us could not withstand. Squares are very challenging and very creative, if you can handle them. And has the 2 most challenging squares of all. What you need to get them right is to have a healthy and steady Sun and Moon, to be aware of yourself, so that you can then be a channel for something bigger that has its own purposes. Obama is a channel, the squares give a strong dynamism and responsiveness in relation to the collective needs and desires of the USA. People sense this very strongly: here is someone deeply tuned into the collective.

The most powerful leaders will tend to have this. Hitler, for example, had the Pluto-Neptune conjunction of his time unaspected in his chart, in his case making him an undiscriminating channel for the desires of the collective: the lack of aspects […]

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