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Robin Williams to divorce

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Marsha Garces Williams, wife of actor Robin Williams, filed for divorce last week citing “irreconciliable differences”. Although Robin is best known for his comedic skills, he has a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and it is rumored that Marsha filed divorce papers after her ultimatum failed to wean him from his addictions.

The astrological chart of Robin Williams shows a fascinating blend of comic genius and tragic emotional pain, the combination of which appears to be essential in all of the great comic minds. Williams, with a Cancer Sun, also has a Pisces Moon and Scorpio rising. This heavy watery influence shows his intensely sensitive emotional nature, and a tendency to lose himself (Pisces Moon) into his environment. Mercury (mental function) in his chart is in the fun-loving sign of Leo, and Leo is the King of Comedy. That Mercury sits prominently on the Midheaven of his chart, demonstrating his ability to connect with the public (Midheaven) through his ability to express his thoughts and ideas (Mercury). Pluto (intensity and drama) conjoins his Mercury which suggests a powerful mind with an obsessive nature.

Williams has a wildly revolutionary conjunction of Mars (aggression) and Uranus (rebellion) which is tightly aspected to both Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (fantasy), and it is this planetary system in his birthchart which describes his unique methodology when it comes to acting. WIlliams cannot be controlled and rarely sticks to the script. His strong Cancerian influence (with Sun, Mars and Uranus all in Cancer) reveals his intense attachment to family and his strong desire to nurture others; in fact, he has become a surrogate parent to the children […]

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Sunday Inspiration for stillness

When we look around we can see a lot of things to worry about. But deep within is a silent stillness that carries us back to our Selves and transcends all worry and doubt.

The wind is the breath of heaven and earth.

Into every corner it unfolds and reaches;
Without choosing between high or low,
Exalted or humble, it touches everywhere.

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‘A Nation of Enrons”

was in my inbox today. Those of us who follow astrology will not be surprised to read from the Motley Fool that the corporate culture is collapsing under the influence of Pluto (breakdown and transformation) in Capricorn (business, achievement, capitalism):

Half a decade ago, the entire nation was shocked when award-winning “innovator” Enron turned out to be little more than a cash-shredding pyramid scheme. The crucial failing for investors was Enron’s use of opaque, “mark-to-market” accounting. The problem comes when the market is batty (or doesn’t exist), so you instead mark your assets to a model, especially one that’s wrong, either because you made an error or because you based it on exceedingly generous assumptions.

In the end, we learned that Enron’s accounting was pretty much mark-to-fairy-tale, with the company booking enormous gains from assumed future profits on schemes (like bandwidth trading) that sounded great, but had little chance of producing anything besides headlines.

You might think we’d learned our lessons about fantasy accounting after Enron, but you would be wrong. Things actually got worse. The infection moved to the comfy-sounding “homeownership” market. Against a star-spangled, feel-good backdrop touting the “American Dream,” our recent mark-to-model mania tripped up a lot more than one big company. In fact, it swept through the entire banking world. (Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC) is not the first to choke on lousy, poorly modeled mortgage-backed securities “income,” and I’ll eat a Miami condo if it’s the last.)

I’ve been reading articles about the slowdown of big mega retailers, and I’m wondering if the coming transformation of the corporate world might bring about the return of independent business (when Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Cap 2010-2013). Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but it […]

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“The Personals Meet the Transpersonal” and other Planetary news

Thanks to KT The Astrologer for posting this lovely article on the conjunction right now of Uranus to Mercury and Venus (perhaps that’s why most of my day has been spent dealing with malfunctioning telecommunications equipment??):

It can be a very interesting time when a personal planet conjuncts a transpersonal planet in the sky as both are functioning from very different levels.

So when they meet it’s like the college student and the 2nd grader working on the same project.

This is what is happening on the 27th and 28th, except the college student is asked to work with two 2nd graders.

The conjunction of Uranus, Mercury and Venus has us dealing with the needs of the personality meshing with the viewpoint from higher consciousness.

Uranus needs things to change, to break free and to disrupt. Its energy is about the greater good and trying to create a better future and it will do this any way it can.

Mercury in entrenched in the mind and serves the personality. Venus with its need for relating and indulging also likes to keep the ego happy.

When they band together we experience a rather radical shift in perception and values.

Our relationships, finances and our take on ourselves aesthetically will undergo a tremor of around 5.5 on the ‘astrological Richter scale’ Our ideas surrounding these issues may be rocked and a whole new way of thinking will being to crack open.

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This triple conjunction is exactly sextile Jupiter right now, the culmination of a cycle which has taken all month to perfect and would typically bring about an expansion (Jupiter) of innovation and exciting change (Uranus). However, pesky Chiron and Neptune, which are fused now in Aquarius, are […]

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“Iraq is exploding”

Last week I commented, “Judging from the chart for the war in Iraq, events are about to make a surprising turn. After two years of a challenging transit (square) from Pluto to the Sun/Mercury conjunction in the chart, which seems to have had the effect of relentless and unending death and destruction (Pluto), Uranus (radical change) is about to transit Pluto (power and transformation) in the invasion chart.”

Noting a strong Chiron influence, I was hoping for some healing to take place but sometimes Chiron exerts its healing influence by bringing the simmering conflicts into view so that they can be examined in order hopefully to release them. Now we learn that Moqtada al Sadr’s cease fire has suddenly (Uranus) ended in Basra and Sadr City. Much of the success in reducing violence has been attributed to the surge in US troops, but some argue that al-Sadr’s ceasefire had as much or more of an influence.

The re-emergence of al-Sadr did seem to be a surprise after such a long time, but Mahdi Army fighters are now saying “The cease-fire is over; we have been told to fight the Americans.”

It appears that President Bush will be forced to deal with this problem before the election and that will make for an even more interesting Presidential race.

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