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Jupiter Gets a Third Spot

From NASA’s :

NASA explains, “Jupiter’s recent outbreak of red spots is likely related to large scale climate change as the gas giant planet is getting warmer near the equator. ”

Some climate change skeptics are using reports like this and changes on Mars and Pluto to mean that global warming is caused by the Sun and not by human activity on earth, but New Scientist refuted that objection last year:

According to solar physicists, the sun emitted a third less energy about 4 billion years ago and has been steadily brightening ever since. Yet for most of this time, Earth has been even warmer than today, a phenomenon sometimes called the faint sun paradox. The reason: higher levels of greenhouse gases trapping more of the sun’s heat.

Still, it’s an interesting coincidence that the third eye on Jupiter erupts as Jupiter stations (stalls its motion) in exact sextile to Uranus, the planet of change. Jupiter signifies our search for meaning and the theology that we build to explain our world, and in its dance with Uranus there are daily surprises that urge us to rethink this world that we live in.

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The New American Idol: David Cook

I confess I have never watched American Idol, but I happened to see a bit about this on the news and was struck by this latest winner. His sensitivity and humility is evident, and very Neptunian so I was not surprised to see Neptune conjunct the Sun in his chart.

David Cook is the latest American Idol winner, and already he has set impressive records, including the casting of 97 million votes and the breaking of the record for most text messages, and the receipt of an apology from Simon Cowell. His sensitivity and talent has been noted by fans and music critics alike. The clips from American Idol are cover pieces, but to see the real guy check out his original work:

Cook fell into the show by accident, going to the auditions to support his brother and trying out at the last minute. Previous to his American Idol journey he was songwriter and lead singer for the band Axium for six years.

We’ll be hearing a lot more from David Cook as his career begins to take off, but let’s see what his astrological chart has to say about him.

David is has a Sagittarius Sun, which describes his optimistic and positive viewpoint(he has been quoted as saying that being happy is his main goal in life). Sagittarius craves adventure and experiences that are big and expansive, and longs to know the Truth about life. David’s creativity, generosity and sensitivity comes from a conjunction of his Sun to Neptune which is the planet of compassion and transcendence and reveals a romantic bent as well as artistic talents. This Neptune conjunction can put a damper on David’s natural confidence and make it more difficult for him to be clear about his […]

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Vatican Says Belief in UFOs is OK

From Newsweek:

Here’s the curious thing about the head of the Vatican’s astronomical observatory saying there’s a strong likelihood that extraterrestrial beings exist and that they are part of God’s plan: not the “what,” but the “when,” as in “why now?”

In the long interview he gave the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano yesterday, Father José Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit priest from Argentina, called the existence of extraterrestrials a real possibility. “Astronomers contend that the universe is made up of a hundred billion galaxies, each of which is composed of hundreds of billions of stars,” he correctly noted. (The interview was headlined The Extra-terrestrial Is My Brother.) “Many of these, or almost all of them, could have planets. [So] how can you exclude that life has developed somewhere else?”

For all the attention they got, however, Funes’ comments do not exactly break new ground, as my colleague Edward Pentin, who covers the Vatican for Newsweek, points out. In 2005 Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno wrote a 50-page booklet, Intelligent Life in the Universe, published by the Catholic Truth Society, in which he makes the standard astronomical points—lots of galaxies, lots of stars, some with planets, some of which may have conditions conducive to life. (Theological question: can God create life only in places with the right conditions? Or could He create life where there is, for instance, no water, or where the temperatures are too hot or too cold? If not, why not?).

Why now indeed? Could it be that Pluto is hurtling back towards Sagittarius for the final time for the next 248 years? That Pluto’s previous passage through Sag has created schisms in the religious world and brought many of its secrets out into the open? That once the concept of Jesus […]

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Astrologer is Sorry For Failure to Predict Cyclone

Continuing on the theme of what can and cannot be predicted, the weather is the next logical topic and evidently a noted Burmese astrologer has publicly apologized for his failure to predict Cyclone Nargis. But in a country like Myanmar where they take astrology seriously, evidently the citizenry depends on their astrologers :

Myanmar astrologer Myint Lwin is upset because he failed to see Cyclone Nargis coming.

In a country where personal, political and economic destiny are intertwined with mysticism and astrology, he vows to do better next time.

“Many people died, so I’m very sorry,” Myint Lwin said, flipping through a folder of lunar, solar and stellar charts on his tatty wooden desk. . . .

Working in a shop-house on a bustling Yangon street of tea shops and trading companies, Myint Lwin has studied interplanetary alignments during tropical storms over the past two years.

He is vice-chairman of the Myanmar Astro Research Bureau, which aims to bring together a handful of eminent astrologers to train budding seers.

Word of Myint Lwin’s study of cyclones has spread among astrologers in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, which struck the southwestern Irrawaddy Delta and the former capital on May 2, leaving nearly 134,000 dead or missing and 2.4 million destitute.

Almost anyone in Myanmar who can afford it will see an astrologer before making an important decision, even the generals of the military government.

Ken over at The Weather Alternative ay about the cyclone:

The last lunar eclipse of February 2, 2008 provides us with a glimpse of the astrological aspects at the time of the cyclone’s landfall. On the 3rd, Mercury was parallel Mars. Conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and parallels between these two planets have long been known to produce whipping winds. The astro-locality map at right […]

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Ted Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

photo reprinted without permission from the Boston Globe

Ted Kennedy was rushed to the hospital last weekend after suffering a seizure in his home, and today his doctors announced that tests had revealed a malignant brain tumor in the left parietal lobe of his brain. As he is one of the most respected elder Democratic statesmen as well as the last giant in a family of political giants, this is a sad day for Democrats and for the political world in general.

Ted Kennedy’s astrology chart shows that his Sun is in Pisces, which is widely known to be the sign of the saint and the drunk because of the urge within the Pisces soul to transcend the dull and ordinary mundane reality and experience something more transcendent. However, Kennedy’s achievement-oriented Capricorn ascendant ensures that he is brought back to reality time and time again.

To complicate matters further, Mars and Mercury in his chart are conjunct in Aquarius – the sign of the visionary and a fervor for social justice and equality, as we have seen during Kennedy’s long years of service. However, the Aquarian tendency towards rational intellect does not integrate well with the Pisces longing for redemption and transcendence, and because his Sun opposes Pisces’ ruler Neptune (a double whammy connecting his Sun to the Pisces archetype) this longing stirs powerfully within him. Kennedy is well known for his long battle with alcoholism and this is not uncommon in the charts of strongly Piscean individuals, especially if they have a hyper-critical Virgo Moon and the relentless pressure of the Capricorn ascendant and first house Saturn which strives for achievement and the fulfillment of one’s destiny.

Kennedy’s seizure occurred […]

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