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“If you could predict death, would you?”

Most professionals agree that predicting death in the chart of a client or a client’s loved one is unethical. Last weekend I watched a movie I had rented called First Snow, a thriller which I really enjoyed in which a sharkish salesman goes for a psychic reading in which the psychic makes some predictions about his business and then has a vision which disturbs him greatly and causes him to terminate the session. The salesman doesn’t believe in any of it, but then the business predictions come true. He also has a health scare, and goes back to the psychic demanding to know what he saw. The psychic tells him to put his affairs in order, that he will be safe only until the first snow. Suddenly a believer but having learned anything about the metaphysical order of life, the salesman is taken over by anxiety and fears. He goes back to the psychic with a gun and says, “You never should have told me!!”

Recently I heard a story from a client about a Tarot reading that she gave to a friend in which the Death card came up in answer to a question about the health of her husband. The Death card in Tarot rarely means death, and of course when we see the Death card we want to assure the client that Death is not the meaning. In this case, however, the husband died and the reader was upset that she had not provided her client with the guidance that she needed.

Some schools of thought believe that the moment of death is predetermined; I am not among those that hold this belief. In my view we make choices every moment […]

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Full moon and other planetary news this week

Lovely Venus is very active in the middle of the month, with a square to Chiron on May 17th, a sextile to Uranus and trine to Jupiter on the 18th, and a square to Neptune on the 20th. Venus usually works on us through our interpersonal relationships but can also have an effect on our internal values and possessions. In any event, we are likely to encounter new and unusual (Uranus) kinds of people that are helpful to us and help to expand our world (Jupiter). But we may be prone to idealize these situations (Neptune) in a way that forces us to revisit old wounds of the past (Chiron).

These Venus events set the stage for the Full Moon tomorrow (the 19th) which is likely to be an intense one. Not only is it the second Scorpio Full Moon in a series, but it is at the last degree of Scorpio. The 29th degree is sometimes called the “anaretic” degree, or the “karmic” degree, because it is like the final exam. By the 29th degree we are by necessity learning any lessons of that sign that we have not yet assimilated before we can move into the next sign.

All of this is part of a major Yod to the South Node that occurs on the 21st and incorporates a conjunction of Chiron to the North Node. A Yod, or “Finger of Fate” aspect, is an event of great significance of which the Apex planet (in this case, the South Node) is the key. (I don’t use the Nodes of the Moon to calculate Yods in an individual’s chart, but they are useful to consider by transit.) The importance of the South Node shows that there […]

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A new birthchart for Barack Obama!

Evidently astrologer Joni Patry announced at the UAC conference this week that she had obtained an accurate birthtime from a client who is closely involved in the Obama campaign. :

The time is 7:11 pm, and the date (as known previously) Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. The chart gives 14+ Aquarius rising.

Patry told me that since it was obtained from a “private government website,” a copy of the document would not be available. It cannot, therefore, be authenticated and under the Lois Rodden rating system, which sets the industry standard, it is “dirty data” or DD rating because there is not documentation, and there are conflicting times. By contrast, a birth certificate in hand gets an AA rating and “from memory” gets an A rating. DD is the lowest rating.

Sources at the conference told me that people from the late Rodden’s company, Astrodatabank, were working with Patry and others to verify the authenticity of the documentation involved.

The Aquarius ascendant (see new chart) makes a lot more sense than the Scorpio ascendant which has been floating around, and reflects the universal appeal that Obama has. Aquarius is the sign of change – radical, revolutionary, innovative change. No wonder his slogan is “Change we can believe in.” Aquarius desires social justice and liberty and equality for everyone. Moreover, Aquarius tends to be rather impersonal and detached and Obama has developed a reputation for being cool and somewhat aloof, both Aquariuan characteristics.

Obama’s history of reconciliation and compromise, a Libran characteristic, was not reflected in the solar chart using just the birthdate or any of the other birthtimes proposed for him, but this 7:11 pm time shows […]

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Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson – off again

I really like these two together, and I can relate to Owen Wilson’s commitment conflicts and the despair over his failed relationships that put him in the hospital last summer after a failed suicide attempt. So I find myself following their saga with a great deal of interest and sadness. Recently the two had reconciled, and just last week Kate was spotted wearing an engagement ring, but new reports say that they have broken up once again.

Two short months ago, with reports of their reconciliation circulating, I wrote:

Last year when Owen attempted suicide transiting Saturn (the planet which tests us and creates limitations to challenge us and encourage us to become stronger) was in a stressful aspect to the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Owen’s chart. Saturn cycles often bring depression and show us our limitations and where we are not measuring up. Ideally this motivates us to work harder for change and growth, but sometimes it pushes people into despair as we saw with Owen at that time.


Kate has had her own challenging cycles, including a transit of Pluto (death and rebirth) over Venus in her chart (relationships) which witnessed the end of her marriage. She is now going through the famous “Saturn Return,” the time at age 28-30 when Saturn in the sky returns to its place in our birthchart and we are forced to accept the responsibilities of our life and move into adulthood. Kate’s Saturn Return began back in November and she is currently in the second phsae now. During the Saturn Return we often crave stability and commitment, and this can be one of the most productive times of our life […]

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Retrogrades galore this month!

Jupiter turned retrograde last week (on May 9), and Chiron turns retrograde May 25, just before Mercury and Neptune on May 26. Planets don’t really move backwards, but because we view the motion of the planets from our perspective on earth in astrology, they sometimes appear to turn backwards, or retrograde.

Retrograde planets operate on a more internal, deeper and more personal level. Individuals with a large number (4, 5 or more) of retrograde planets tend to be more inverted, with a greater internal focus and less attention to the outside world.

Before planets turn retrograde, they slow down to what is called a “station” as they prepare to turn. This is very like a car making a U-turn, which remains in the same general location for quite a while as it makes that turn. When the motion of the planets appears to slow down, the influence of those planets becomes more powerful and more intense, and this is true right now. Jupiter and Saturn (which turned direct earlier this month and is still traveling very slowly) will only cover a little more than one degree all month; Uranus about the same. Neptune travels only about ten minutes worth of distance, and Pluto only about 30 minutes. This intensifies the effect of all of the planets and their influence.

By the end of the month we’ll have four traditional planets plus Chiron traveling retrograde and it may be more difficult to navigate through the world during this time. This is rather like navigating a ship in the dark of night – we have to rely on our instincts and our inner maps rather than guidance from external landmarks.

Retrograde periods are not “bad,” they […]

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