The Death of the DC Madam

The woman known as the “DC Madam” was found hanged in a shed at her mother’s home yesterday. Deborah Jeane Palfrey was convicted two weeks ago of running a prostitution ring that catered to the nation’s power elite, and although she threatened to reveal the names in her client book most of those names were never made public.

While this story reeks of potential conspiracy and intrigue, the New York Times reports that journalist Dan Moldea, who covered her story from the beginning, had said that Ms. Palfrey had told him she would commit suicide before she would go to prison.

Statistics say that only 13% of women who commit suicide do so by hanging – it is not the method that would appeal to women who evidently prefer pills. While it’s tempting to venture into the dark side of conspiracy here, Ms. Palfrey’s trial concluded without her ever having revealed the names of famous clients (Dick Cheney was reported to be among them in conspiracy circles), so most reporters have concluded that there were no secrets to be revealed.

Astrologer Claire France Perez reports that Ms. Palfrey was her client and has kindly posted her chart. Claire began her analysis yesterday and promises to continue in a post today (thanks to Elsa for the link). Ms. Palfrey’s chart shows that her Sun was at 28 degrees Pisces and prominently placed in her tenth house of career, suggesting a curious combination of hidden identity (Pisces) in the public eye (tenth house), the perfect metaphor for her life under the pseudonym of “Pamela Martin.” Mars in her chart was in Capricorn, sitting right on the descendant (cusp of the seventh house), which sometimes indicates a danger and violence […]

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