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Astrological profile of Barack Obama Part I

This is turning out to be longer than I thought so I’m going to serialize it. Here’s part One:

Barack Obama sprang seemingly from nowhere to become the winner of the Democratic primary run for President. Until he gave the keynote address at the Democratic convention in 2004 he was little known, but that speech propelled him into the limelight where he became the hook for the projection of the hopes and fears of Democrats.

The danger of analyzing charts for the famous is the lack of real personal knowledge that we have about them. It’s all too easy to skew the reading of the chart through the lens that colors our perception of the individual. If you don’t like Hillary Clinton, you read her Mars/Pluto square in Leo square to her Leo stellium as a desperate thirst for power. If you love her, you read in it tenacity and strength and an inability to give up.

Barack Obama has attracted an even more divergent chorus of reactions among the Democratic faithful. Some are swept up in his message of hope and inspiration; others are suspicious and worry that he is a liar. Even on the political astrology boards, many are suspicious of what they consider Obama’s Neptunian attraction and the overwhelming response of his followers, as well as the lack of specificity in Obama’s speeches during the primary season.

Without an accurate birthtime, astrologers “rectified” the chart to fit their image of the candidate. Some liked the Scorpio ascendant of the 1:06 am birthtime because they felt he was secretive about his real agenda. I liked a Libra ascendant because of Obama’s collaborative style. Now that we have an actual birth certificate released by the campaign (although the right-wing blogosphere is still claiming it’s a fake) and an […]

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Ireland rejects the EU Treaty – Pluto at work.

, an agreement between member states that centralizes more power in Brussels and could potentially weaken the power of the member states.

Ireland was the only nation to put the treaty to a vote by its citizens.

Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius accelerated the process of the globalization (Sagittarius) of power (Pluto), a process that is being turned upside down by Pluto’s entry into Capricorn where that power structure (Capricorn) is being intensified. Pluto just today retrograded back into Sagittarius and we are likely to see some revision of earlier agreements and policies that will no longer suit the mindset of the Pluto in Capricorn society.

It’s an interesting note that Pluto in the chart of Ireland is at 1 degree Cancer, and Pluto turned retrograde exactly in opposition to the Irish chart, giving Ireland a crucial role in the continuing development of the European Union. ——–

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Tim Russert has died

American political junkies have become familiar with Tim Russert over the past 15 years or so since he took over the Sunday talk show “Meet the Press.” Russert had established himself as one of the most respected newsmen in the business ( a real feat under the influence of Pluto in Sagittarius which has eroded the field of journalism beyond recognition). Russert died today of a massive heart attack while filming a voiceover in the Washington Bureau of NBC News.  He was 58.

Astrologically, Russert had the Sun in Taurus, known for perseverance and endurance, and his tenacity as a reporter was widely acclaimed. He had a dogged persistence that inspired him to keep asking questions in an interview until he had his answer. His Sun was trined by Saturn, giving him the discipline to work hard and enhancing his focus on success. But it was also squared by Pluto, suggesting a challenging early life and a difficult upbringing.

This was not the only challenging aspect in Russert’s chart – he also had Mars (aggressive instinct and personal boundaries) squared by Chiron, indicating an early repression of his ability to assert himself. Nothing in his chart suggests that he would eventually be a journalistic superstar – instead he was clearly a hard worker (Mars in Virgo, Saturn trine Sun) that cared deeply about telling a story that was true and powerful (Mercury in Taurus is practical and seeks only the truth).

There is virtually no biographical information available for Russert, but since the heart is often symbolized in the chart by the Sun, we can see that Russert’s heart was stressed by the square from Pluto. This is a challenging aspect for anyone since the individual ego (Sun) is blocked and sometimes crushed […]

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Beauty and value in the second house

Last week I heard a show on NPR that highlighted a woman who had always been unattractive because of her big nose until she had an accident and the doctor suggested that while she was having surgery that she have her nose fixed. After the surgery, according to her own account she was “a babe.” As a result, she had a unique perspective on what it’s like to be pretty vs. “ugly.”

The second house is most commonly associated with money and wealth, but it also houses our personal resources, our self-esteem, what we value and how well we value ourselves. I’ve written earlier on the relationship between self-esteem and wealth, and there is a strong connection between them. In the second house we develop a relationship with our environment and learn what belongs to us and where we fit into the world. The strength of this sense of belonging to the world and having a secure place is what helps to determine our financial success and our ability to accumulate wealth and prosperity.

, cruelly, that beauty is tied to success. But these studies do not prove that it’s perfection that is tied to success – merely a perception of attraction. If cosmetic surgery enhances one’s confidence in one’s value, then it can have benefits to that individual. But if surgery becomes the tool in the pursuit of perfection, the point is missed and the inner lack of self-worth remains.

Life can also be difficult for the beautiful as they age. We have seen this with moviestars who go into […]

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