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It’s the Year of the Ox!

The Chinese New Year occurred at the time of the New Moon and the eclipse, ushering us into the Year of the Ox.  I confess I don’t know much… well really, anything about Chinese astrology except that I am supposedly a dragon which I always thought sounded cool.

At any rate, this is the year of the Ox, which seems to have some similarities with the sign of Taurus and its symbol the Bull.  Wikipedia says that the Ox is the sign of prosperity through hard work and perseverance, which sounds rather like Capricorn.  Over the past fifteen years as Pluto traveled through Sagittarius, we have wanted our prosperity to come easily and quickly.  Pluto’s entry into the hard working sign of Capricorn would rather we base our prosperity on something real and lasting.

Evidently some Chinese astrologers predict difficulties for President Barack Obama, who was born under the Ox sign, saying that when an Ox faces the Ox energy in an Ox year, he can face resistance.  I actually don’t think you have to be an astrologer to make that prediction!!

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Who is Timothy Geithner?

Timothy GeithnerTimothy Geithner is the man that Barack Obama has entrusted with the challenging task of rescuing our economy from a global recession that astrologers have been expecting for many years.  I have some doubts as to how much rescuing can actually be done until the diseased underlying system is rebuilt, but I am very curious to know more about Mr. Geithner.

Very little is known about Mr. Geithner, but there is no doubt that he has been a part of the financial establishment that is now in so much distress.  He began his career with Kissinger and Associates, and then worked in the International Affairs division of the US Treasury.  He was a Senior Fellow for the Council of Foreign Relations, and most recently was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Geithner’s astrological chart (born 8/18/1961, no known birthtime) shows an interesting combination of the bold and the cautious.  Like Obama, he has the Sun in cheerful and energetic Leo, and it conjuncts Uranus almost exactly revealing an iconoclastic streak and an inventive approach to life.  Mercury is present too, making this a triple Leo conjunction with Uranus at its center. The Sun/Mercury conjunction typically denotes an extremely bright individual, and Uranus tends to add a component of brilliance that is often found in the charts of inventors and great thinkers such as Marcel Proust who has been called the greatest novelist of the 20th century.

It’s interesting that he grew up abroad in Zimbabwe, India and Japan which likely informed his world view, which judging from his chart would embrace a wide variety of beliefs and ideas.

Saturn in Geithner’s chart is retrograde AND in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, all of which show that Saturn is very pronounced in […]

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Pondering the question of Fate

The latest issue of  has an article by Brad Kochunas which kind of bothered me.  The article is called “In Praise of Melancholy,” so I expected to love it in light of my recent article “The Joy of Sadness.”  Kochunas writes:

Our psychological orientation via the humanistic transpersonal perspective is that we should spend our lives enthusiastically committed to seeking personal growth, self-actualization, peak experiences, liberation (i.e., expanded perspective)

so far so good…but here’s where he loses me:

and – with the recent emphasis on positive psychology – happiness.  This manic search leaves us with a lopsided vision of the world.  I might argue that life is too precious and brief to exhaust it seeking enlightenment.

Kochunas then goes on to ask: “Is it possible that the pervasive presence of depression in our nation arises from the inevitable voices of Saturn and Pluto trying to be heard in a culture bent upon endless growth while denying both decline and demise?”  Yes, absolutely?  But one can experience deeply the darkness of Saturn and Pluto yet still use those experiences for personal growth and ultimately the ability to walk in and out of the dark realms without getting stuck there.

This portion of the article really annoyed me since this speaks directly to the work that I do in my own practice:

[A]strology has followed [the field of psychology] in its efforts to assist clients to find happiness, success, health, wealth and the reassurance that they are living their lives in a manner that will get them what they want. This narcissistic focus has brought about a loss of soul, a dismissal of Fate and a secularizing perspective to astrology.  There is a certain hubris and shame in the idea of […]

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One final (I promise!) look at the Void Moon in Presidential Inaugurations

This is a research project that I have been pondering, and now astrologer  has done the work for me:

The interest in the Void-Of-Course moon (VOC) and the presidential inauguration on this blog has prompted me to do some research. Where a President dies or resigns the office, the Vice-President completes the Presidential term as President. This is called Presidency by succession.

The following figures have been rounded within acceptable error for simplicity’s sake- The basic facts,

• One in six presidential terms have been completed by succession.

• One in six VOC presidential terms have been completed by succession

• One in four presidential terms begin under VOC

• One in four inaugurations occur under VOC

Primary conclusion: VOC has no noticeable effect on whether or not a president finishes his or her term.

The remainder of the post lists every presidential inauguration that has taken place under the Void Moon. Rodney has used only the five classical planets and has not included Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Chiron. Even so, his conclusions are indisputable.

The Void Moon is a construct which comes from the horary branch of astrology which seeks to answer questions based on the astrological chart for the moment the question is asked. In this context the Moon, being the fastest moving planet, tells much of the story.  All indications are taken into consideration – hence the concept of the Moon being Void as it hurtles unobstructed into the next sign.

Hopefully this comprehensive research will set many minds at ease!!

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