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Live-in relationships and the sixth house

sixth houseJeffrey Kishner  that illustrates the flexibility of house rulership in the astrological world of symbols.  It’s easy when we’re studying astrology to become rigid about certain things, like house rulers.  For example, we tend to always put relationships in the seventh house of marriage and partnership.  But relationships can fall under quite a few houses:  casual romances in the fifth house, making a home together in the fourth, sexual intimacy and joint financial ventures in the eighth, creating a business together in the tenth, and developing a solid friendship in the eleventh.

But when we’re living with someone else, the mundane realities that we find in the sixth house come into play.  As Jeff writes:

So much of a long-term relationship is the sharing of life on a day-to-day basis. The mundane, daily activities — grocery shopping, fixing up the house or apartment, taking the kids to soccer, reading the paper — are 6th house activities. They’re routine.

The routine can be comforting — it is often what draws people into relationships (e.g., “I want someone with whom I can share my bed every night”) — but it can also be stifling. Perhaps the question of whether an affair is “real” is whether this relationship can survive the 6th house experience. If you leave your boyfriend/husband for your lover and move in together, the habits might be different, but this is also when many of his flaws become apparent — those habits that annoy you.

The little details can be endearing, or they can drive you crazy.

Of course, you don’t have to live together if you are in a long-term relationship, even if you’re married. There are couples who choose to stay in […]

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Digital Astrology: What kind of tech user are you?

smartphone brings us  from the Pew Research Center on the different types of tech users and suggests that perhaps there’s an astrological connection:

With all the various forms of smartphones and laptops entering our lives, it sometimes seems like the Internet is becoming a part of us: The connection is always on, and information is always just a click away. It turns out, though, the majority of Americans don’t feel that mobile electronics are tethering them to the digital world — in fact, most adults see the devices as being distant and unimportant parts of their lives.

A new report by the Pew Research Center attempts to categorize people into 10 different types of tech users. You could call it a kind of astrology for the digital age: a set of memorably named designations that tell you your preferences and personality when it comes to the electronic world. (Sorry — no “heavenly bodies” involved in this pseudo-science.

OK, there’s only ten categories, but if we get creative we can come up with sign correlations:  Remember that each of our charts is made up of many different sign combinations, so this is for entertainment purposes only!

Digital Collaborators: 8% of adults use information gadgets to collaborate with others and share their creativity with the world. These are the Libras – the ones for whom relationships and connections are critical, and probably also the Leos who feel that everything they do is important enough to be shared with the greater universe.

Ambivalent Networkers: 7% of adults heavily use mobile devices to connect with others and entertain themselves, but they don’t always like it when the cell phone rings.  It would be Aries and Scorpio, the Mars-ruled signs, that like to control […]

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More thoughts on Planetary Reincarnation and how astrology works

Edgar CayceI’m reading an out-of-print book by astrologer Ry Redd called Toward a New Astrology that is quite interesting.  Redd went through thousands of Cayce’s readings and extracted the astrological signatures for each individual.  It is astounding that Cayce, with no astrological training and without casting a chart, was able to pick up the planetary vibrations at work in the astrological charts through his clairvoyant readings while in a trance.

I remembered that I had written a post a couple of years ago on this very subject after finding an article online.  If this subject interests you I suggest that you go back to the original post and the article to which it links on  which includes these paragraphs:

… Cayce revealed that our life experience involves more than just the earth. It involves our entire solar system. Through the principles of astrology, each solar system in the universe is like a “university” – a place for higher learning. Our solar system has nine planets and each planet is a physical representation of a particular afterlife realm (or dimension). Our universe is only one realm out of many afterlife realms. Our universe (including the earth) is the third realm in the afterlife hierarchy and represents three-dimensional life.

Because Cayce associated each planet as a physical (three-dimensional) representation of a particular afterlife realm, Cayce referred to these afterlife realms using the name of the planet associated with it. For example, when Cayce uses the name Venus, he is referring to the afterlife realm that are associated astrologically with the planet named Venus. When Cayce mentions that souls inhabit Venus, he does not mean that souls live on the surface of the planet Venus, he means that souls inhabit the afterlife realm […]

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Venus retrograde, financial markets, and the Mayans

Mayan calendarVenus is the goddess of love and pleasure, and she rules over the principle of attraction as well. In that guise she oversees our ability to accumulate wealth and talents as well as loved ones, and it’s therefore not surprising that since Venus turned retrograde the financial markets have improved and there is a bit of optimism lurking underneath the darkness.

Venus is at its brightest just before it turns retrograde, but it is during the time when it makes a station as it prepares to turn direct that it slips into darkness. During this retrograde period that time will come around the 15th of April.  According to Bruce Scofield as quoted by Erin Sullivan in her excellent book , the ancient Mesoamerican cultures believed that Venus “takes the form of a man and walks the Earth.  Here he meets the goddess Xochiquetzal, goddess of love, who abets him in breaking his vows of purity.”  Venus couples with the goddess and is sacrificed when the planet Venus is hidden from view, only to be reborn as the Morning Star and back in her female guise.

This pageant reflects the fact that when Venus is retrograde we often are forced to view that which is hidden and dark within us and in our relationships.  The Mayans evidently used the astronomical movements of Venus to plan their wars and sacrifices at the time that Venus emerged from the underworld.  This celebration of Venus as Goddess of War would exalt Venus in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, god of war, rather than refer to Venus in Aries as being in her detriment.  Is this a symbol of our sanitized culture which even from an astrological point of view […]

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New Moon in Aries

The Moon is now in Aries along with Mercury which entered that fiery sign yesterday, and Venus is retrograding back through Aries so we have a strong Aries focus right now.  Mars-ruled Aries is well known for being the sign that is most adept at expressing anger due to its rulership by the god of war.

I like to say that Mars rules the way we feel about the things we want.  When we don’t get what we want, we get angry.  If we don’t speak up for ourselves, we get angry.  If we don’t set good boundaries and someone violates them, we get angry.  There are levels of anger that are useful, and then there is the anger that comes when we have not honored ourselves and what we need.  “I shouldn’t feel that way.”  “That shouldn’t bother me.”  We tell ourselves these things, and then the anger erupts anyway.

April Elliot Kent :

Anger is the emotion of last resort, which kicks in only when other warning signs have failed to get our attention. When someone crosses the line with you, a quick and assertive response is in order. We need to stand up for ourselves, and when fear, good manners, or pride keep us from doing so, anger is the natural result. But anger is the nuclear weapon of the relationship arsenal – its only power lies in its ability to intimidate or frighten others. Anger stamps a vintage from the grapes of normal, healthy, Aries wrath, bottles it up and places it in a dark cellar for months. What results might be a great wine – but will more likely turn to vinegar, corrosive and sour.

Aries isn’t all about anger and boundaries though – it is also about simplicity and idealism.  Aries sees […]

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