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Retrogrades brings reversals in consumer confidence

When the outer planets appear to change direction from our perspective here on earth, we call that “retrograde.”  Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde now, and Uranus will turn retrograde tomorrow.

A report on consumer confidence in the US that is out today reveals that confidence of the average consumer dropped in May, driven largely by job fears.  Saturn changed direction in May – it had been retrograde since December of 2008.  In mid-May Saturn slowed down to a crawl in preparation for its retrograde turn, adding a reality check to the thrill ride of the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune that was moving into position back in April.  The combination of Jupiter and Neptune can take us into Never-Neverland, the very place the Saturn seeks to keep us away from.

I was anticipating a significant reversal in the stock market when Uranus turned retrograde but I wasn’t sure which direction we would head in.  It appears that we might be headed into the negative territory in light of today’s news and the fact that Mercury is square to Saturn right now where there is a tendency for the mind (Mercury) to follow the negative course (Saturn).  It’s a good time to sit tight and not make any radical or sudden decisions until it’s obvious that the course is clear.

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British MP caught studying astrology

While South Carolina Governor Sanford was accused of using taxpayer money to fund his trips to Argentina to see his lover,  received payments for several hundred dollars worth of astrology software and lessons.

“He said that after his studies, he was inclined to believe there was some truth in the astrology and the influence of the planets on the earth and said the payments had been approved in advance by the Commons’ Fees Office.”

Wouldn’t it be great if more politicians got into this kind of trouble!

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Michael Jackson dead at 50

Michael Jackson was found dead in his home this afternoon, and paramedics were unable to revive him on the way to the hospital.

We don’t know Michael’s time of birth, but his astrological chart (born August 29, 1958) reveals a conjunction of the Sun in Virgo to Pluto, a planetary combination that can be quite difficult.  There is a tremendous amount of power locked in this combination of the god of power and transformation (Pluto) and the Sun which represents the Self.  But there can also be a self-destructive tendency if the sheer force of the planetary dynamic isn’t handled well.  Often (but not always) there are abusive experiences from the past with Sun/Pluto and we know that Michael suffered greatly at the hands of his father.  The Virgo Sun desires perfection, and the presence of Pluto there makes that perfection impossible yet at the same time urgently necessary.

Venus is in Leo, revealing his love of performing and interacting with fans.  It conjuncts Uranus which incorporates the principle of rebellion and eccentricity into his relationships with others.  Venus/Uranus combinations sometimes (again – not always) denote androgynous relationships (the word “Uranian” is sometimes used to describe a transgendered person).  Chiron, representing wounding and healing, is in a challenging opposition formation to both Venus and Uranus which suggests a wound (Chiron) to his sense of attractiveness (Venus) and hence his addiction to plastic surgery.

The Venus/Uranus conjunction forms a challenging square to Mars in his chart, and Mars is also square to Chiron.  This is a complex planetary combination that denotes a great deal of inner conflict and difficulty expressing anger and setting defensive boundaries which is what Mars is all about.

In addition, Michael’s Moon is in Pisces, an extremely sensitive […]

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The astrology of North Korea

Before you can have an accurate astrological profile, you must have an accurate date of birth.  In a mundane chart of a nation this gets a little tricky.  What is the moment of birth?  Is it the moment that the nation is announced?  Is it when the constitution is signed?  Ratified?  New leaders elected?

In my online research today I found several different dates used by astrologers for North Korea.  There is a chart for August 10, 1945, the date that the US War Department decided to partition the country at the 38th parallel.  There is a chart for September 10, 1948 which appears to have come originally from Nick Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes and is incorrect.

In my view, using the August 1945 date for North Korea is a bit like using the time of conception for a birthchart.  Information from the US State Department and several Korean websites confirm that the actual birthing of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) was proclaimed by Kim Il Sung on September 9, 1948, and this is the day that is celebrated by the North Korean people as the founding anniversary.

Chiron in the comments section suggested that we must also look at the revision of the North Korean constitution, but additional research reveals that the constitution has been revised many times including in 1992 and 1998.  Because the government did not change, I’m inclined to disregard these charts.

I have not been able to find a suitable time for the North Korea chart so I will use noon as Robert Blaschke does in  for The Mountain Astrologer.

The Sun in the  is in Virgo where it is in the final stage of a transit of Saturn. […]

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Mercury square Saturn, and Uranus prepares to retrograde

Mercury is moving into position today to form a square to Saturn tomorrow.  Mercury, the Winged Messenger, presides over not only messages and communication but also the way we process our experiences through our conscious awareness.  In Gemini, its own sign, it is particularly facile and communication typically flows without interruption.

Saturn will put the brakes on that easy flow for a few days.  Saturn, lord of restriction, karma and time, stops the presses while corrections are made.  Saturn demands that we apply focus and diligence to all of our communication projects.  This is not a time for easy promises; accountability is required for the next few days until Mercury has moved out of range of the square.

Meanwhile Uranus has slowed down to a standstill in preparation for its change of direction on July 2nd, and between now and then we will begin to see the force of change dominate the news to a greater extent than before.  Watch for destabilization of the financial markets and political structures in general.  Uranus is retrograding back for its last passage through Pisces before it moves into Aries next year, and in my view this demands a wakeup call.

Uranus is known as “The Awakener” and Pisces rules sleep, and while Uranus has been in Pisces (since 2003) the disruption (Uranus) from the longing for the unconscious (Pisces) has been powerful.  Uranus will move into Aries in 2010 and there will be no more opportunity for sleep.  This then is a good time to begin to prepare for Uranus entering Aries by completing the awakening process within our own lives.  Where are we stuck in subconscious reactions to situations?  Where do we limit ourselves by taking the easy road?  Uranus always asks […]

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