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Notes for my guinea pigs on interpreting the Saturn Uranus opposition

Many people volunteered to be guiinea pigs for an analysis of how the Saturn/Uranus opposition affects the charts of individuals. Some of my eager volunteers do not actually have Saturn or Uranus affecting their charts and so with apologies, your charts will not be used for this experiment. I’m going to limit my comments specifically to the effect of the Saturn/Uranus opposition.


Diane has Uranus ascending in her chart in the first house of personal identity, and it is exactly trine her Sun in Aquarius.  This is a “double whammy” that tells us that the Uranian qualities of innovation and eccentricity are a powerful force in her life.  So when the opposition comes along and squares Uranus in her chart she may not even notice it except that she will feel more independent and eager to do new things than usual.  The Saturn influence, demanding solitude and hard work, will be more difficult and create restrictions that could be uncomfortable because she has very little earth in her chart to hold her down to the material world.  She will be required under this cycle to find balance between practicality and routine and her desire to flee restriction and confinement.


Tamara is also affected by the opposition which will reflect one of the central themes in her chart.  She has a Taurus Sun and is therefore very security minded, but she has Mars in Gemini which has a thirst for freedom and new experiences.  That Mars is trine Jupiter in her chart, which expands (Jupiter) her drive and instills independence and a need for freedom.  But Pluto squares Mars, which makes it difficult for her to feel that it’s safe to have those expansive experiences.

The opposition will harmonize with her Sun, and that will help her to better integrate […]

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Skywatch for August is posted

I’ve posted the monthly Skywatch article which you can read here in its entirety.

Here is a tidbit reporting on the astrological cycles for the first few days of the month:

On the first day of August Venus has just entered the emotional and nurturing sign of Cancer and this alters somewhat our perspectives of our relationship to others and to the world in general for the next few weeks. Venus describes the way we connect to our outer world, and in Cancer there is a protective instinct and a sensitivity to the plight of the world around us. This will be particularly powerful on the first of the month when Venus forms a challenging opposition to Pluto. Our awareness of our connections to others is deepened for a day or two, and it is no longer satisfying to relate on a superficial level. This short-lived transit has the potential to uncover problems in our relationships that may have previously been hidden.

On the 2nd, Mercury (communication and learning) enters its own sign of Virgo, and for the next few weeks we have a greater ability to focus on the details and create order in our lives. This is particularly true on the 3rd when Mercury forms a harmonious trine to Pluto and is able to harmonize with Pluto’s laserlike focus and intensity.

You may notice that this month I have added Ceres to the pantheon of Skywatch planetary guides. Although I do not usually work with the asteroids in consultations, when Ceres was reclassified along with Pluto I started to incorporate her into client charts to see if she would begin talking to me. I feel I have a better understanding of her now and will begin including her in both the Daily and Monthly Skywatch articles.

Ceres enters Libra […]

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Astrologer is suspect in husband’s murder

A news report reveals that Pamela Phillips, founder of the now-defunct Starbabies website, may have to go on trial as a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, Arizona real estate developer Gary Lee Triano, in Aspen back in 1996.  Investigators believe that Phillips paid Ronald Young $400,000 to murder Triano in anticipation of a $2  million life insurance payout.  Phillips has disappeared and has not cooperated with the investigation.

The “Dateline” program  on Monday night this week and claims that they found Phillips in Switzerland. The Aspen home that she bought with the insurance proceeds is under foreclosure, and she has been profiled on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”


The case goes to trial in November of this year.  Now THAT’s a profile I would really like to do, if I could find a date of birth!

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How to interpret the opposition of Saturn and Uranus

Marco, a new reader, writes: ” I was looking for more information re: the saturn/uranus opposition and found you. However, what I was seeking was a more specific study of the impact of this phenomenon as it comes in contact (particularly through opposition/conjunction) with major planets in an individual chart. What is the impact of this duality when it squeezes native Jupiter, say, in its axis? Hope you’ll take up the challenge for us.”

When I began studying astrology and doing charts, one of my bibles was Sakoian and Acker’sThe Astrologer’s Handbook.  This is, in my opinion, one of the best and most comprehensive “cookbooks” for astrological aspects in the chart.  My bible for looking at planetary transits was and still is Rob Hand’s Planets in Transit,a masterwork of cookbook interpretations for every planet (Chiron is not included, this book was published the year before Chiron’s discovery).  I still learn something when I read an interpretation from Rob’s book.  An online cookbook that I find has excellent interpretations is the database on the  website

An astrology “cookbook” is a compendium of explanations for any individual astrological phenomenon. For example, when the Sun conjuncts the Moon in the natal chart, taken by itself, denotes someone whose conscious mind and sense of Self (Sun) is fused with the emotional nature and sensitive side of the individual (Moon), but it can be difficult for the individual to gain perspective over their life because their perception is colored so greatly by their emotions. How we interpret this depends a great deal on the rest of the chart, and whether the Sun or the Moon is stronger.  If the Sun is stronger, (say with the Sun and Moon in fire signs),  this person will […]

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What does astrology tell us about financial markets now?

The past two weeks have seen a big rally in the US stock market, buoyed most likely by the conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (dreams and illusions).  The presence of Chiron there adds caution to what would otherwise be a much more buoyant grasp at the gold ring with the Jupiter/Neptune alliance.  Chiron reminds us of the wounds recently experienced and helps to keep things a bit under control.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average which was the day of the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, and has risen every day since then. Today Venus, the great Attractor, is in an exact trine to the Triple Conjunction (Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune), and the Moon will jump in, forming a Grand Trine with the Triple Conjunction for much of the day.  There is tremendous optimism in the air today that can overcome any negativity.

Still, it would be foolish to get caught up in an illusory optimism that drives the markets up temporarily until the reality of Pluto in Capricorn steps in.  Pluto turns direct in mid-September, and that will likely mark a return to realism/pessimism.  But even before then Saturn (convention and practicality) will begin again to oppose Uranus (all things new and different) in the latter part of August.  So we will continue to see some ups and downs for some time to come.

Jupiter and Neptune will collide for one final time (this cycle) in November of this year, but at that same time Saturn will be preparing to square Pluto which can be a big challenge.  I would probably not jump into any long term investing yet but it may be an interesting time for a short run.

disclaimer:  I have no training in financial advice and this information is provided […]

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