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Earthquake and tsunami in Samoa

The earthquake yesterday in Samoa was a severe one, with a magnitude of nearly 8 on the Richter scale, resulting in a tsunami in the Samoan islands that have killed hundreds of people.

This event occurred as the Moon joined Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, but even more significant is the square of Ceres, the planet of nurturing and our relationship with the Earth, to Neptune in what is now a stellium in Aquarius.

Neptune of course represents the vast oceans, and the square of Ceres to Neptune is reminiscent of the devastation that Ceres caused to her devoted followers when her daughter Persephone was taken by Pluto into the underworld.  Sad and desperate, Ceres caused the crops to wither and die, and the people experienced a disastrous famine.

Ceres is rising in the chart of the earthquake event, which occurred at 6:48 am just south of Apia in the Samoan islands.  As the planet rising in the chart it is extremely powerful and suggests that our balance with the Earth is somehow implicated in the event.

Certainly earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred for millions of years and we can’t really say that our lack of care for the Earth has caused this current event.  But we live in a manner that does not respect the simultaneous power and fragility of our connection to the planet.  Humans continue to build settlements and cities in areas which are known to be risky locations for earthquakes and floods, assuming that the power of humanity is greater than the power of the planet.  Every now and then we have to realize that this is just not the case.

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The Jaycee Lee Dugard case

When word of Jaycee’s release first surfaced on Friday I of course took an immediate look at her birthchart.  You would expect that someone who was kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave for 18 years would have a horrific chart full of Plutonic undertones but that did not turn out to be the case.  We do not have a time of birth for Jaycee, and while her chart (May 3, 1980) does show a conjunction of the Sun to Chiron which does suggest a wounding in childhood, there is also a strong fantasy element to the chart.  That Sun/Chiron conjunction is in the earthy sign of Taurus showing that she is a person who needs to feel that life is stable (Taurus), but that an early wound (Chiron) made that impossible.

Jaycee’s birthchart has the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, fusing the emotions (Moon) with creativity and imagination (Neptune).  Moon/Neptune people are extraordinarily creative, but also sometimes have difficulty being grounded in reality.  That Sagittarian Moon longs for freedom and does not like to dwell in despair.

Her Moon/Neptune conjunction is opposed by Venus which enhances that powerful creative imagination even more, adding to the picture of a young girl who perhaps found an opportunity to escape from a life that was difficult and unhappy.  We don’t know much about Jaycee’s family, but news reports suggest that her biological father left the family at an early age and made no contact after that.  Aspects to the Sun often reveal the relationship of an individual to a father, and a Chiron/Sun conjunction often will show the death or abandonment by the father.

Saturn in Jaycee’s chart is retrograde, indicating an individual who tends to be more self-critical than […]

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Mercury takes a turn

Even people who don’t believe in astrology believe in Mercury retrograde.  I usually start hearing it around the office co-op where I spend my days about a week into the retrograde period.  “Is Mercury retrograde?” people start asking me.  Email can get glitchy, computer and other equipment starts to fail, contracts take forever to negotiate.

Well folks, Mercury turned direct this morning so it’s moving in the right direction again, but it will be in the news for a little while longer.  Mercury is still within a degree or so of an opposition to Uranus, and the thoughts and ideas are coming faster than we can moderate them.  This can lead to errors and miscommunication, especially since one Mercury is past Uranus it bumps right into Saturn on October 7.

Mercury is in Virgo right now, one of the signs it rules, so it is happy coming up with great ideas and perfecting them.  But Mercury is less happy with the kind of intense flood of data that pours forth from the opposition to Uranus.

This is a great time for writing and planning a lecture or conference, but the implementation will be easier after the 7th.

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Astrology and the Kaiser Healthcare Poll

Now this is interesting and mirrors what I suspected was the case.   with answers to two questions:

  1. It’s more important than ever now to tackle the problem of healthcare; or
  2. We can’t afford to tackle healthcare now.

The first opposition of Uranus (change) to Saturn (not change) occurred on November 3, election day.  At that time there was the widest disparity of opinions on this subject.  The second phase of the cycle occurred in February, and you can see the divergence at that point.  Chiron and Neptune were also conjunct at that time.

The second phase of the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction occurred at the end of May, and at that point healing and healthcare (Chiron) evidently became a greater concern for the public as the gap in public opinion began to shrink, despite the violent town hall meetings that occured this summer.  By August the gap was at its smallest, diverging again in September with the opposition of Saturn and Uranus.

It will be interesting to see what will happen over the next few months as Saturn enters Libra and begins to square Pluto.  I suspect that there will be a greater desire to agree and form alliances under the Libra influence, and the square to Pluto could bestow a greater sense of impending danger which needs to be addressed.

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The Astrology of Revolution in Honduras

Honduras is not a country that has been much in the news, but in June of this year president Manuel Zelaya, who had attempted to rewrite the constitution of that country to permit a president to serve two terms, was ousted by a military coup ordered by the Honduran Supreme Court.  Zelaya re-entered the country illegally last week and demanded reinstatement and the fall of the replacement government.  The government reacted by suspending civil liberties and instituting martial law in many places in the country just as Saturn opposed Uranus exactly.

My bible for national charts is Moon Moore’s Book of World Horoscopes, but written back in the 1960s it lacks the benefit of knowledge of more recent history.   Moon used the date that Honduras seceded from the Central American Federation as the date for the national chart of Honduras, but the military ruled the country for many years until 1979 when the country returned to civilian rule (source: WIkipedia).  A new constitution was approved in 1982. Still, the new constitution did not particularly change or alter the country in any way so I am going to go with Moon’s original date of November 5, 1838.

That chart reflects very well the nature of the Honduran government, which like many Latin American countries has bounced back and forth between civilian and military rule   The Sun in this chart is in Scorpio, the planet of power and drama.  Scorpio is not very concerned with democracy or the will of the people – there is an intense desire and passion with Scorpio that holds on to power with an iron grip.  The Sun conjoins Mercury, planet of communication and movement, signifying that despite the fixed nature of the Scorpio Sun, the national identity (Sun) is changeable or Mercurial  (Mercury).  The national […]

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