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Repost: The astrology of Elena Kagan

In honor of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings, and because I’m busily working on the July Skywatch (please sign up in the sidebar if you’re not already on my mailing list!) I thought I’d repost this profile of Ms. Kagan.

Elena Kagan has been widely acclaimed after President Obama announced her as his choice to be the next Supreme Court justice, garnering support from conservative lawyers and policymakers.  One of the qualities that has gained her widespread affection and respect is her ability to entertain arguments across the political spectrum.  She is a trailblazer, having been the first woman named Dean of the Law School at Harvard University, and isn’t afraid to challenge the sacred cows of American politics.

Kagan’s astrological chart shows that she was born with the Sun in Taurus, indicating a desire for peace and harmony but also a stubborn streak and a fixed nature.  Her Sun is in a harmonious trine to Pluto, which reveals her ability to effect change and to transform (Pluto) the world around her.  Individuals with Sun trine Pluto typically possess a great deal of personal power and can be very magnetic.

The planet of rebellion (Uranus) is in a stressful square to Kagan’s Sun, reflecting her iconoclastic nature and her desire to push the boundaries of conventional rules.  As a child of 12  she challenged her rabbi to institute the bat mitzvah in her Orthodox synagogue, and persuaded him to do it.  She fought Big Tobacco for the Clinton administration, yet worked hard to heal fissures between faculty members while at Harvard.

Kagan’s chart shows a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the assertive sign of Aries.  Her thought patterns (Mercury) and the way that she expresses her affection and seeks relationships (Venus) operate […]

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Facing the dawn through your ascendant

The ascendant of the birthchart is the cusp of the first house which describes our personality. You will often read that the ascendant describes the personal appearance, but that is not always true although it certainly can affect the appearance. But the ascendant does describe the way we experience our world and the way we face all of our experiences.

I read something interesting in a book by astrologer Melanie Reinhart the other day: that the ascendant describes the way we approach the beginning of a new day. This makes a lot of sense, because the ascendant is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time we were born (hence the term “rising sign”). I thought about that for myself: I have Gemini rising, the sign of communication, and the first thing that I do when I get up is brew my cup of decaf and sit down to write. My husband Rich has Virgo rising, the sign of routine and order, and he has a set pattern that he follows each morning as he gets ready to leave the house before the crack of dawn.

So here’s an experiment – let me know how this works for you:

Aries rising: Rise and shine: I’m ready to face the world and the exciting adventures of a new day.

Taurus rising: It’s hard to leave those luxurious bed linens behind but the thought of a delicious breakfast will get me out of bed.

Gemini rising: The mind is already alert before the eyes open, then it’s time to see what happened on Facebook while I was asleep.

Cancer rising: As soon as I wake up I check on the family to be sure everyone is ok.

Leo rising: What wonderful thing […]

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Mel Gibson is being sued by everyone

Mel Gibson suedMel Gibson isn’t having a very good week.  First news reports announced that Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn were being sued for a construction company for over $200,000 in work performed on their Malibu home over the past twenty years.

Then TMZ reported that Gibson’s estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he fathered a son last year, obtained a restraining order against Gibson last week after telling a judge that he beat her up last January, despite the fact that the two continued traveling together after the alleged event.  Gossip rags speculate that Grigorieva is attempting to renegotiate the terms of the custody agreement and that Gibson was the first to file a restraining order against Grigorieva to keep her from discussing the terms of their agreement and other details of their relationship.

Mel Gibson has been in and out of the news for a variety of scandals since 2006 when he was arrested for drunk driving in Hollywood and released a torrent of anti-semitic language to the police.  Gibson (1/3/56, 4:45 pm, Peekskill NY) has the Sun in Capricorn which gives him a strong focus on responsibility and hard work.  His Sun is “angular,” sitting right on the descendant (cusp of the seventh house) of his chart, suggesting that he is a person who defines himself though his relationships.  He has the Moon in Libra, which echoes that need to be partnered, and he was married for 28 years which is a rarity in Hollywood.

Gibson has some challenging planetary systems in his chart, including a conjunction of Pluto (power issues) to Jupiter (philosophy and shared values). The combination of these two planets can indicate a person who seeks to impose through power and manipulation (Pluto) […]

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Dick Cheney’s back in the hospital

Dick Cheney hospitalizedFormer Vice-President (or some would say acting president) Dick Cheney was admitted to a hospital in Washington for tests on Friday night as the powerful Grand Cross eclipse fell right on his progressed Moon.  Cheney’s Moon just progressed into Libra about a week ago where it was challenged by an opposition from both Jupiter and Uranus (you can read how my own Uranus transit caused heart palpitations for me in this earlier post).

Cheney has a long history of heart problems.   You can read my (warning: very biased) profile of Cheney from 2005 here.  Saturn squares Cheney’s Sun natally, and the in medical astrology the Sun often represents the physical heart in the individual.  Saturn creates pressure on the heart that can erupt when the individual is under stress.

Cheney’s Sun is in Aquarius, which is very rational and most comfortable when emotions do not enter the picture, yet his Moon is in the highly sensitive sign of Pisces. Handling emotions is problematic for him, so in his case the Moon may be a more significant indicator of health issues than the Sun.  In February 2010, just after transiting Uranus formed a challenging opposition to his progressed Moon, Cheney was admitted to the hospital with chest pains which were later diagnosed as a heart attack.

It’s no wonder he might have felt unwell under the eclipse influence, with six planets challenging his progressed Moon.  There are some transits coming up that can signify the departure from life, although not always and not reliably.  Cheney’s progressed Midheaven has just completed a challenging square to Jupiter in his chart, signifying a release of some kind, and the progressed MC is just about to […]

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