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More Jupiter/Uranus UFO disclosure

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the epidemic of UFO sightings under the influence of Jupiter and Uranus as they team up in the sky, and thanks to those readers who let me know about the press conference by the former Air Force officers who are coming out under this influence to tell their stories of UFO sightings.  Jupiter is the planet of expanding the mind, and Uranus brings sudden and unusual surprises so when the two team up we can end up with some interesting events.

One of the witnesses, Colonel Charles Halt, ” in December 1980, was the deputy base commander at joint British/American airbases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge, in the Rendlesham Forest in England. Over the course of several nights, UFO activity was high at the base, including reports of unidentified objects near the nuclear weapons storage area.”

One key element in UFO testimony is the question of why more military or scientific voices haven’t come forward in the past to discuss the possibility of UFO reality. Halt has a simple, straightforward answer.

“Because it’s a career killer,” he said. “I tried to keep it all quiet and quite frankly, at the time it happened, I really didn’t want any publicity, didn’t want to be involved in it. Hey, I was coming up for promotion, and this was not a positive thing. My boss wanted nothing to do with it; he kept it at arm’s length.”

What did Halt and the other former Air Force officers at Monday’s news conference conclude about the UFO events they separately experienced during their service careers?

“This was something of intelligent control beyond any technology we know. It’s my firm belief that it was extraterrestrial or from a different dimension.”

And how does Halt feel about allegations that the Air […]

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The music of Dane Rudhyar

Many of my readers will recognize the  name Dane Rudhyar as the father of twentieth century”humanistic astrology” that led to the psychological astrology many of us practice today.  Rudhyar was the author of many astrology books and a noted Theosophist, but he was also an acclaimed painter, musician and composer.

Rudhyar’s musical talents are largely forgotten, but an event this week in California includes performances by pianist Sarah Cahill of some of Rudhyar’s compositions.  Cahill quoted Rudhyar: “The inspiration for the music stems from a sequence of psycho-spiritual states of consciousness, not from anything resembling physical movement. Music here is a nonverbal speech aiming at communicating or inciting inner experiences.”

The group hosting the event is called Other Minds, and it would be wonderful if a recording of this music could be made available to the public.


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Astrology in my world: Saturn square my Chiron

At first I thought something was wrong with Rich, my husband.  Everything he did was bothering me.  He didn’t talk to me enough.  He talked to me too much.  He didn’t pay any attention to what I was doing.  He paid too much attention to what I was doing.  I felt like a raw nerve, and everything he did set me off.  And then I felt that there was something wrong with me – that I wasn’t good enough and it was probably my fault anyway.

I went for a walk and realized, “This feels like Chiron.”  You would think I would be more up on my own chart, but I long ago stopped tracking every little movement of the planets and anticipating what they might mean.  (I keep an eye on the larger cycles, but since Saturn will only make this square to my Chiron once I didn’t give it too much thought.  Next year when Pluto conjoins Chiron I will be singing a different tune!)

At any rate, once I realized that Saturn was squaring Chiron in my chart, it all began to make sense.  Chiron in our chart reveals where we are emotionally sensitive.  It’s the little places where if someone says something the wrong way we burst out in tears.  Transiting Saturn, being the noble Taskmaster that he is, wants to make sure that we are doing the hard work to heal old wounds and will make sure that those wounds pop up in our conscious mind so that we can attend to them.

Individuals with Saturn/Chiron alignments in their chart know this all too well.  I like to say to my Saturn/Chiron clients that  “some people can hide from their wounds, but not you.” […]

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Venus prepares to retrograde, 2010

Venus will turn retrograde on October 9th and is at a virtual standstill now as it prepares to change direction.

Don’t believe all of the negative hype you read about Venus turning retrograde; as planets go Venus is generally a beneficial one.  But when retrograde, Venus forces us to look into our past and see where changes need to be made in current relationships and sometimes urges us to look into past situations that we thought were long gone.

From an article I wrote after the last retrograde period:

The Venus retrograde period (March 5 to April 17 2009) was greeted with great trepidation by some astrologers and the readers who follow them. Venus is generally known as a beneficial planet, but when retrograde she can challenge our relationships and force us to look below the surface at what motivates us in our interactions with others.
There was a large number of mass murders (eight?) during the Venus Rx period, and most of those were connected to disappointment and resentment of family members and spouses. Fortunately, it’s a very small number of people who experienced the self-examination of the Venus Rx period in this manner, but many people wrote to me of their experiences dealing with friends and loved ones.
I was not exempt from this process, and much of my Venus Rx experience was facilitated by Facebook which I joined after much resistance (I already spend way too much time online!!). But through Facebook I found a couple of old friends who I had just lost touch with because we never found each other and as it happened, both of them made visits to where I live during the Venus Rx period so we were able to reconnect.

There were some challenging moments, such as the time I asked […]

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Saturn like you’ve never seen it before

Wow, is all I can say.  Saturn’s not all cold and darkness, it has a beautiful side.  Perhaps that’s why it’s exalted in Libra!

Saturn aurora Photo from the Daily Galaxy

more information here…

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