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“The stars align to ruin Christmas”

It evidently takes bad astrology news to make the mainstream blogosphere.  The Daily Beast has that predicts “holiday hell”:

The stars are aligning to ruin Christmas. Astrologers say that for the first time in years, the tumultuous astrological cycle known as Mercury Retrograde falls during the holidays, causing “tears,” “confusion,” and “throwdowns” during the busy shopping and travel season.

This article is largely based on an interview with Susan Miller, who is one of the best known astrologers in the US today and was one of the earlier pioneers of internet astrology with her Astrology Zone on America Online back in the early 1990s.  But in this article she seems to have lost her mind.

It starts with Black Friday and Saturday, which they say will be doomed by bad deals and under-stocked merchandise. And shoppers who wait until after December 9 will get stuck with faulty products or presents that no one wanted in the first place. By mid-December, holiday travelers will be hit with bad weather, mechanical errors and possibly, terrorist threats. Wars may break out, marriages will dissolve, people will lose their jobs and, as astrologer Gahl Sasson put it, “the whole planet is going to have Tourette’s syndrome.” But that’s not even the worst of it. The darkest day comes on the Winter Solstice (December 21), when a full moon eclipse will wreak its own special havoc.

“It’s a nightmare,” says New York astrologerSusan Miller. “People will be in tears.”

I’m in tears already thinking about the effect on humans across the planet whose fear in reading these words will inspire ridiculous behavior that is apt to make this prediction bear fruit.

Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks four times a year, every […]

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers!

Thanksgiving astrologyThanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday – perhaps due to the combination of the Sun in Cancer with the Sagittarius ascendant in the US chart.  The Cancerian Sun is focused on food and the nurturing of the People, and because the US Sun falls in the Seventh House of partnerships there is a sense of sharing that nurturing with others with whom we are allied.  The Sag ascendant is bountiful and optimistic that in sharing a big (Sagittarian) feast (Cancer) it will open the door to more abundance in years to come.

One of my readers reminds me that the US is to set aside a day for Thanksgiving but it is one of only four nations to do so.   The power of gratitude is widely recognized as both a balm for healing and a tool for expanding the abundance in our lives.

Today we have an interesting astrological correlation for the Thanksgiving holiday in that the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Cancer, repeating but in reverse the solilunar aspects in the US chart.

We all know that the fairy tale of the original Thanksgiving in which the settlers and the native American people share a meal together loses its meaning when we think of the horrors that followed for several hundred years, but the essence of the holiday goes, I think, beyond a celebration of that myth of turkey and potatoes.  On this day there is a focus throughout the nation on the things that we are thankful for, and that is something that we all benefit from.

So on this day I invite all of my readers, no matter what country you hail […]

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The astrology of North Korea (updated)

This article was originally posted in 2009 but has been updated to account for recent events.

astrology of north koreaBefore you can have an accurate astrological profile, you must have an accurate date of birth.  In a mundane chart of a nation this gets a little tricky.  What is the moment of birth?  Is it the moment that the nation is announced?  Is it when the constitution is signed?  Ratified?  New leaders elected?

In my online research today I found several different dates used by astrologers for North Korea.  There is a chart for August 10, 1945, the date that the US War Department decided to partition the country at the 38th parallel.  There is a chart for September 10, 1948 which appears to have come originally from Nick Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes and is incorrect.

In my view, using the August 1945 date for North Korea is a bit like using the time of conception for a birthchart.  Information from the US State Department and several Korean websites confirm that the actual birthing of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPRK) was proclaimed by Kim Il Sung on September 9, 1948, and this is the day that is celebrated by the North Korean people as the founding anniversary.

Chiron in the comments section suggested that we must also look at the revision of the North Korean constitution, but additional research reveals that the constitution has been revised many times including in 1992 and 1998.  Because the government did not change, I’m inclined to disregard these charts.

I have not been able to find a suitable time for the North Korea chart so I will use noon as Robert Blaschke does in  for The Mountain Astrologer.

The Sun in the 

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The astrology of the Tony Parker/Eva Longoria split

longoria-parker.jpgJust one day after both parties denied split rumors last week, actress Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from basketball star Tony Parker after three years of marriage.  Ms. Longoria found hundreds of text messages on her husband’s phone from the wife of another NBA player.The Longoria/Parker relationship is a great example of how unhelpful Sun Sign compatibility is when it is considered as the most important factor in a relationship.  Longoria’s Pisces Sun is in a nearly exact sextile, an extremely harmonious aspect, to Parker’s Taurus Sun, suggesting a high degree of compatibility between them.  But people are complex, and these two are no exception.

In  her Pisces Sun conjoins Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces and the planet of good fortune and optimism.  She definitely has a sensitive side, but she has a strong and forceful personality with her Aries (the warrior) Moon and Venus and Mars, planet of aggression, in a challenging aspect to Uranus, planet of radical behavior.  Her chart shows that she is very like the fiery character she plays on the Desperate Housewives program – a powerhouse of energy with a sweet and sensitive side.

is also sensitive with his Moon in the dreamy and empathic sign of Pisces, but he lacks the fire that Longoria’s chart reveals.  His Mars is in Libra, demonstrating a drive (Mars) to please others and find harmony in relationships (Libra), and while his Venus is in that fiery sign Aries, suggesting that in his relationships (Venus) he needs to be the one in charge (Aries), Saturn opposes Venus which can create a great deal of self-doubt and hesitation.  I suspect that over the course of their relationship he became overwhelmed by her assertive […]

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The return of General Motors: The beginning of a new era

General MotorsI don’t know about you, but all of a sudden I want to buy a new car.  I’ve been looking online, in magazines, in the newspapers – thrilled at the prospect of something shiny and new in the driveway.  This is particularly curious because I have a car that I LOVE – it’s a cool shade of green, nice and luxurious, and it goes great with all of my clothes.

I was telling Rich I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I wanted a new car, and then I noticed that every five minutes there is a new car ad on television.  Yes, I AM that susceptible to marketing!

Today marks the return of General Motors to the trading floor of the New York stock exchange.  The conservative press is minimizing the importance of the initial public offering today by General Motors which is selling stock in the company for the first time since it went bankrupt in 2008 as Pluto moved into Capricorn, but so far over $20 billion in stock shares have been sold, bringing the US Treasury’s share of GM stock down to 33% from over 60%.

With Venus and Jupiter both changing direction today and tomorrow, be prepared for reversals of fortune in financial markets.  It’s difficult to predict whether GM’s success will lead to lasting optimism in the markets, but stocks are way up today over the excitement of the return of General Motors.  This euphoria may be induced by today’s challenging square between the Sun and Neptune, which has a tendency to bring out our most fervent fantasies.

I have been predicting that once the “Cardinal Drama” of planetary alignments was behind us, which it is at this time, the general […]

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