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Mercury turns direct! When is it over?

Mercury direct

Mercury will soon officially turned direct, meaning it will begin to move forward again through the zodiac.  As with many other astrological phenomena, astrologers disagree about how long the “shadow” period of the retrograde is, and when it is safe to emerge again from the shadows and begin making decisions and taking new steps.

In my view and experience, as long as Mercury is moving slowly as it does just before and just after the retrograde turn its effect on communication and frustrating events remains strong.  As Mercury begins to pick up speed there is more of an ease of motion that helps to lubricate both verbal communication and the transmission of energy in general.
The sign that Mercury is in and the aspects that it makes to other planets have a great deal to do with the effect of the retrograde period.  Mercury is in Sagittarius now where it tends to instill a broader vision that can be particularly frustrated by the retrograde, and the fact that Jupiter and Uranus are approaching their final conjunction in Pisces is creating surprising changes and turns of events.  This conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus breaks apart our preconceptions and requires that we release the past in order to move forward into a new breakthrough of awareness and experience.
Mercury will not begin to pick up speed until after the Capricorn New Moon on January 4th.  A New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of achievement, is a wonderful time to set intentions for success in business or other practical matters.   At that time Mercury will be in range of a challenging square to Jupiter and Uranus which may make it difficult to concentrate, but it could also encouraging the breaking […]

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Mercury retrograde roundup

Mercury retrogradeMercury is still retrograde for another few days or so, and there are signs of it everywhere.  Mercury rules transportation as well as communication, and when retrograde there are often snafus and the need to repair our equipment and revise our plans

I’m sure my readers have stories of their own to tell: disappearing emails, dropped phone calls, malfunctioning equipment, miscommunications.  There are plenty of stories in the news as well that relate to the retrograde Mercury cycle (italicized words are Mercury keywords)

  • Passengers are stranded in airports all over the world from Boston to London to Moscow as winter storms bring air travel to a screeching halt.
  • Miscommunications between airline pilots and air traffic controllers resulted in passengers on Cathay Pacific and British Airways planes being stuck on the tarmac without an available gate for many hours.
  • The Chinese government delivered a counterattack to Pope Benedict’s criticism of Chinese religious freedoms in his Christmas message.  It seems to me this is an area in which the Pope doesn’t have much room to criticize.
  • Time Warner Cable makes another grab for more programming money by rejecting a settlement offer with Sinclair Broadcasting which means Sinclair channels, including network and Fox affiliates, will go dark when the contract expires.
  • Consumer confidence retreated in December, with consumers expecting that there will be fewer jobs in 2011.
  • A malfunction of a ski lift in Maine injured nine people.

What’s going on in your world?

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The Astrology of 2011

 2011 astrological forecast

If you liked 2010, you’ll love 2011!  While likely not as personally challenging as the past two years, the astrology of 2011 brings its’ own excitement.

To learn more what’s coming up next year, here is a link to an .mp3 of the radio show I did on the subject.  The recording is just of the lecture portion and does not include the call-in section.


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Musings on Yule, 2011

Yule, Winter SolsticeAnyone who has read this blog for more than five minutes will know that I am rather skeptical not only of Christianity but of any organized religion.  Religion is found in astrological symbolism in the planet Jupiter, which seeks to define a belief system which helps to give our life meaning.  When this individual theology is shared among others, religion is the result.  Neptune is the planet that bestows an actual experience of the divine – a direct connection to God that requires no intermediary.  Shared belief systems are important in order to connect with others.  My closest friends are the ones who share my belief systems and my view of the world.  But my view of the world is something that is my own, rather than something that has been indoctrinated.
Still, I love the Christmas season, with its pagan-derived trappings of pine trees decorated with colorful balls and lights, songs of celebration, and the sharing of food and sweets with family and friends.  After all, the week of the Winter Solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years as Yule.  And even if it’s only for a week, it’s lovely to hear people of all religions talk about peace on earth and goodwill to men.
Around this time people always ask about the astrological meaning of the Star of Bethlehem, and a recent MSNBC article presents a compelling case for the actual birthdate of Jesus based upon the astronomical Star of Bethlehem:
Historical records and modern-day computer simulations indicate that there was a rare series of planetary groupings, also known as conjunctions, during the years 3 B.C. and 2 B.C.
The show started on the morning of June 12 in 3 B.C., when Venus could […]

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Eclipses and fear

While I’m thrilled that astrology is spreading like wildfire on the internet, I am less thrilled at the fear that is sometimes generated, both by astrologers and by readers themselves.

I’d like to post a portion of an email from a client, perhaps this may be helpful for others.

Client: I read on another site that this lunar eclipse is a big one for Virgos born 17-21.
I’m really nervous. Can’t find my CD of our reading to check if this is a day I should stay in bed:)

Lynn: I’m sorry that I am just responding to your email and the eclipse happened last night. The reason that site said this about Virgos is because the lunar eclipse was in a square aspect to your Sun. But more important for your chart, it also made a very tight square to your Moon. This suggests that this period may be catalyzing some big emotional shifts for you – if so, it’s a good time to breathe deeply and let go so that the transformation can occur. If we stay in bed, metaphorically or literally, we miss the opportunity to unfold in a new way.

Despite the fear tactics that some astrologers use, I have not seen instances where eclipses lead to tragic events. They are general internal forces that create change.

Please don’t let astrology scare you! It should be a tool to bring wisdom into our lives, and where there is wisdom fear disappears.

Please note that I am unable to offer free readings to the general public unless they are clients.

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