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The Mars/Saturn conjunction 2012: how afraid should we be?

Mars Saturn conjunction clip from the film “Mars Attacks”

Astrologers love to forecast doom and gloom for some reason, and in today’s world of intense energy shifts and change many readers of things astrological tend to filter astrological information through their lens of fear.  I have a mission to dispel this astrological anxiety, and what better time to do this than now.

Mars and Saturn are nearing a conjunction (alignment) in the sky – they will be at the same degree of Libra on August 15th.  Traditional and Vedic astrology consider both Mars and Saturn to be “malefic” – they are seen as promoting danger (Mars) and generally bad things (Saturn).  So when the two come together, this can be perceived as a dangerous time where generally bad things can happen.

Even Richard Nolle, an astrologer I greatly respect, reports in his August forecast “it’s a time to be on the alert for danger due to the haste, recklessness or outright malice of others – including mass shootings and other especially heinous crimes. Be safety-conscious. Steer clear or conflict and danger as best you can.”

There’s no denying that we have seen more than our share of mass shootings over the past few months, but that has had more to do with the alignment of Mars with Uranus and Pluto which began when Mars entered Libra in early July.  Mars represents energy and desire, and when it began to trigger the square between Uranus (rebellion and revolution) and […]

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Psychological inheritance and the lunar nodes

I did a reading for a client the other day who had Saturn, the planet of discipline and challenging life experiences, in a square to the Nodes of the Moon.  The Nodes of the Moon represent the pathway of our soul’s evolutionary journey from the past (the South Node) to the future (the North Node).  When a planet is in a square (90 degree) aspect to the Nodes of the Moon it is sometimes called a “skipped step” (coined by astrologer Jeffrey Green), meaning that planet plays an important role in our evolution and reflects an energy that requires constant examination and perfection. I have found in client work that the skipped step often shows something that gets in the way of our evolution – a pattern or way of looking at the world that holds us back and keeps us from being able to move forward in our lives.  Like so many other ways in which astrological forces that are difficult also serve as the keys to personal growth, that same planet that holds us back is the portal to our own self-discovery. In the reading I mentioned this square of Saturn to the nodes, and the fact that often individuals with this placement come into this life with a sense that life is too hard – the force of Saturn which forces us to work hard and apply great discipline both stands in the way of our finding ease in life, but also represents a key to our progress.  After the reading she shared with me that her grandmother had always told her that she was a descendant of a notorious mass murderer, and informed her that she and her family were being punished for […]

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More on the chart of James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora gunman

Photo from ABC News site

Last week I posted a profile of James Holmes, the gunman in the Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting. However, a birth certificate has been located and we now have a time for  Holmes that provides a more accurate chart.   but for some reason they do not use Chiron in these charts and Chiron plays an extremely significant role in the chart as it forms a Grand Cross (see my other article for more details).

With an exact birth time we can see the exact placement of the natal Moon, which is at the very last degree of Virgo.  The 29th degree, sometimes called the “critical” or “anaretic” degree, is associated with the endings of cycles and new beginnings.  The word “anaretic” derives from “anareta,” which in medieval astrology signified the planet of death in the natal horoscope.  This is likely what has given the 29th degree such a bad rap in traditional astrology, although endings are often  the harbinger of new beginnings and not to be feared.  However, there can be a sense of something critical to occur in an individual’s life, and this is made more true by the conjunction of the Moon to the South Node in the chart, representing karma from the past.

Leo is rising in the chart, so Holmes is a person who needs attention and admiration – he needs to be Somebody.  With a Leo ascendant there is a tremendous amount of fire in this chart including four planets in Sagittarius.  Yet the Moon (emotions and inner world) at the last degree of Virgo (critical perfectionism) is locked in this painful Grand Cross between Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, and Saturn/Uranus (restriction and rebellion, […]

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Mercury retrograde roundup: Wild times

mercury retrogradeI knew this would be a tough Mercury Retrograde period when I wrote this post.  With Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde on the same day, we were bound to be in for some surprising (Uranus) twists of fate and weird events and we are certainly seeing that in some corners of the world, especially in the highly charged electrical atmosphere of yesterday’s Full Moon in Aquarius.

  • when the automated system sold all of the stocks the company had purchased that day.
  • in one of the worst blackouts in history. (This disaster is also tied to an Pluto in Capricorn due to the inadequate infrastructure (Capricorn) of India’s power grid.
  • It’s often said that Mercury retrograde periods are good for anything that has an “re-” prefix.   to stop the government rather than compromise.
  • Traveling short distances fall under the domain of Mercury and there were two bizarre automobile accidents this week: in one, .  In the other a drive hit the gas instead of the brake and
  • Airplanes are usually connected more to Jupiter because of their ability to travel long distances, but it’s Mercury retrograde news.
  • And I’m not sure how to connect this to Mercury retrograde but it has to make the list of crazy news events:
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Lynn’s Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations for August

The August report on planetary excitement is now posted in full on my website here. If you’re on my mailing list you will soon receive your own copy along with a translation into English which is easier to understand.  If you’re NOT on my mailing list, please sign up on my website or in the sidebar of this blog. Here is the overview of major astrological events for the month: August begins with a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. For more details about the Full Moon please see this article. The emphasis of this Full Moon in fire and air sets the tone for the month as there is very little water to cool us down or earth to ground us. Mercury is retrograde in Leo until August 8th and Uranus has just turned retrograde in Aries and is still moving extremely slowly which intensifies its influence. You can read more about this combination in this blog article, but the combination of Mercury and Uranus retrograde in fire signs suggests a powerful emphasis on mental activity and potential chaos of the mind. The lack of water and earth exacerbates this and means we need to take greater care than usual to ensure that we find internal stabilization and nurturing that are missing with a shortage of water and earth in the planetary alignments. Mercury retrograde periods are always good for things like renewing commitments, retracing our steps, renovating our house or redoing our websites. With the addition of a strong Uranian influence, the revisions and remodeling need to take on an innovative quality so that the change brings in an element that is completely different from our previous experience. It’s helpful to avoid making commitments or signing contracts during retrograde Mercury periods but it’s […]

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