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Astrology of 2017: Planetary event details

Here is a calendar of the important planetary events throughout the year of 2017. I will be writing about these events as they occur so check back for more details.  You can read the overview of major planetary cycles for 2017 here.

astrology of 2017JANUARY

1/3  Venus enters Pisces
1/4  Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius
1/8  Mercury turns direct
1/12  Full Moon at 22 Cancer
1/19  Sun enters Aquarius
1/27  New Moon at 8 Aquarius


2/3  Venus enters Aries
2/6  Jupiter turns retrograde
2/7  Mercury enters Aquarius
2/10 Full Moon lunar eclipse at 22 Leo
2/18  Sun enters Pisces
2/25  Mercury enters Pisces
2/26  New Moon solar eclipse 8 Pisces


3/2  Jupiter opposite Uranus
3/4  Venus turns retrograde
3/12  Full Moon at 22 Virgo
3/13  Mercury enters Aries
3/20  Sun enters Aries
3/27  New Moon 7 Aries
3/30  Jupiter square Pluto (second phase)
3/31  Mercury enters Taurus


4/2  Venus retrogrades back into Pisces
4/6  Saturn turns retrograde
4/9  Mercury turns retrograde
4/11 Full Moon at 21 Libra
4/15  Venus turns direct
4/19  Sun enters Taurus
4/20 Pluto turns retrograde
Mercury retrogrades back into Aries
4/21  Mars enters Gemini
4/26  New Moon at 6 Taurus
4/30  Saturn square Chiron (second phase)


5/3   Mercury turns direct
5/10  Full Moon 20 Scorpio
5/15  Mercury enters Taurus
5/19  Saturn trine Uranus (second phase)
5/20  Sun enters Gemini
5/25  New Moon 4 Gemini


6/6  Venus enters Taurus
Mercury enters Gemini
6/9  Full Moon 18 Sagittarius
Jupiter turns direct
6/16  Neptune turns retrograde
6/20 Sun enters Cancer
6/21  Mercury enters Cancer
6/23  New Moon 2 Cancer


7/1  Chiron turns retrograde
7/4  Venus enters Gemini
7/5  Mercury enters Leo
7/9  Full Moon 17 Capricorn
7/20  Mars enters Leo
7/22  Sun enters Leo
7/23  New Moon 0 Leo
7/25  Mercury enters Virgo
7/31  Venus enters Cancer


8/3  Uranus turns retrograde
8/4  Jupiter square Pluto (second phase)
8/7  Full Moon lunar eclipse 15 Aquarius
8/12  Mercury turns retrograde
8/21 New Moon solar eclipse 28 Leo
8/22  Sun enters Virgo
8/25  Saturn turns direct
8/25  Venus enters Leo
8/27  Jupiter sextile Saturn
8/31  Mercury retrogrades back into Leo


9/5 […]

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All about the latest astrology: An Overview

astrology of 2017Looking for a listing of all planetary events for 2017?  You will find it here.

The magic of astrology operates on a variety of different levels – at the microcosmic levels the movement of the planets affect our daily lives and define the trends that mark our passage through time.  Those periods where we feel like everything is difficult?  A Saturn cycle.  The times when everything falls out of our grasp and we are forced to start anew whether we like it or not?  Blame it on Pluto.

We are also affected on a global level, especially by the dance of the slower moving outer planets.  The passage of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 marked a contraction in global thinking and economies, and the entrance of Uranus into Aries in 2010 sent a fever of revolutionary fervor around the world.  The conflict between Pluto and Uranus between 2010 and 2017 has overseen political crises at a level not seen since the last Pluto/Uranus dance in the 1960s.  Read more about this cycle here and here.

Uranus square Pluto, and Jupiter

The Pluto/Uranus cycle breaks down the established order of things, especially when there is weakness in the structures on which society depends.  Planetary cycles don’t simply destroy for the fun of it: they tend to reveal areas of our lives where things are not working as well as they should be.  Attention is required during these times so that we can determine how best to utilize these energies of great change.

Uranus and Pluto are no longer in an exact aspect, but Jupiter is interacting with each of them and acting as an intermediary to trigger the incendiary energy to activate more change.  This […]

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Winter Solstice, Mercury retrograde, and Pluto Pluto Pluto

Winter Solstice 2016Dear friends, I have neglected you terribly and there is so much to catch up on.

First of all – Mercury has turned retrograde (December 19th through January 8th) so all of the usual warnings apply.  Of course I have been wildly disregarding my own advice and doing lots of online shopping to catch the holiday sales.  We’ll see how that turns out!

Mercury retrograde periods, especially this time of year, are excellent for reflection – for looking back at the past year to see what changes we would like to make in our lives.  With Mercury not turning direct until January 7th, we may want to continue the reflection period into the new year and begin implementation after the 8th.

The astrological Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches 0 degrees Capricorn which just occurred this morning, December 21st.  These seasonal shifts are also energetic turning points: our bodies’ circadian rhythms adjust with the seasons by detecting changes and offer opportunities for us to let go of the past and evolve towards our best and brightest selves.

Finally – and I will be writing much more about this in the future – we are seeing the effects of Pluto everywhere in the world today.  The darkness of political power grabs, assassinations, mass murders in holiday markets, and the potential destruction in the US of our political system.  We have been dealing with Pluto, planet of death and regeneration, for quite some time as it moved through a cycle of a challenging square to Uranus – rebellion and change.  Right now Jupiter has entered the equation and is facilitating the expansion of Pluto’s destructive force and exacerbating the Uranian need for dystopia (look it up) and chaos.  On top of […]

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