An astrology makeup line

Upset about the wildfires in Russia?  Nervous about the struggling economy?  Sad over the tragedies occurring around the world?

Cheer up!  You can change your mood with , “the gift of beauty from the stars.”  This website offers makeup to coordinate with your Sun Sign.

The vendors of this product evidently haven’t gotten the memo: the appearance is governed by the rising sign or ascendant, NOT the Sun sign!


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  1. Penny August 13, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Here is another vendor’s Astrology makeup line from Linda Mason-a makeup artist, she is a gifted artist and entrepreneur.

    Her line is very expensive and she used to distribute at Nordstroms several years ago. I was pleased to find that she is still in business. I owned a Libra kit back in the late’80s, *I am a Scorpio-(born the exact day as David Petraeus!). Funnily, my rising IS Libra. Her kits may be gimmicky and so expensive but just plain fun too. I will get another of her kits again if, and when, I can.

    Loved the Ted Stevens video. Thanks for sharing that.


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