Astrology at the Expo

Twice a year I do readings at our local Body Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh.  Because these are mini-readings they are perfectly suited to people who are trying out different consultants and different modalities, and while I have many repeat clients I also have quite a few newbies who have never had an astrology reading.

Although I’ve been doing readings for many years, it’s still so exciting to read a chart for someone who is completely new to the art of REAL astrology.  Probably they already know their Sun signs, but when the door to the other planetary configurations opens and they see their psychological and emotional patterns revealed in a way that gives them greater understanding and acceptance, a light goes off that is really fun to see.

There is a general feeling of euphoria at this year’s February expo – a sense of greater optimism and readiness for change.  Over the past few years with the planetary dramas that we have seen unfolding, those changes have been somewhat wrenching and created real chaos in people’s lives.  A theme in yesterday’s readings was choice: that having been deconstructed we are now being given options for reconstructing our lives in new ways.

More readings today – if you’re in the Raleigh area come and see me at the show.

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  1. Greg F February 24, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    “There is a general feeling of euphoria at this year’s February expo – a sense of greater optimism and readiness for change.”

    That’s my take on this new year as well. I’ve been highly creative, the most since 2012. Interestingly, Saturn was retrograde in April of 2012 in the same degree as Mars is today, the last period I wrote so profusely.

    Here’s to a great 2014 to you and all, Lynn. Thanks, as always.

  2. Debbie February 25, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Would have loved to have been there Lynn, but wasn’t able to make it. Would you ever consider coming to the Mind Body Spirit Expo, May 2-4, at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ?

    • February 25, 2014 at 5:52 am

      Hi Debbie, we just do the two expos in Raleigh – we have a big table filled with rocks and crystals and it would be a major effort to take everything around the country.

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