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Jupiter/Saturn, sunspot cycles, and 2012

Thanks to  for finding  about the research of the late Rhodes Fairbridge of the effects of Jupiter on our earthly climate. It has been known for some time that Jupiter has an effect on sunspots which correlate to changes in our climate, but no one really understood why. It turns out the answer may be in the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn.

At times, the sun is at the solar system’s centre of gravity. Most often, this is not the case– the orbit of the planets will align planets to one side or another of the sun. Jupiter, the planet with by far the largest mass, most influences the solar system’s centre of gravity. When Uranus, Neptune and especially Saturn — the next largest planet — join Jupiter on one side of the solar system, the solar system’s centre of gravity shifts well beyond the sun.The sun’s own orbit, he found, has eight characteristic patterns, all determined by Jupiter’s position relative to Saturn, with the other planets playing much lesser roles. Some of these eight have orderly orbits, smooth and near-circular. During such orbits, solar activity is high and Earth heats up. Some of the eight orbits are chaotic, taking a loop-the-loop path. These orbits correspond to quiet times for the sun [solar minimum], and cool periods on Earth. Every 179 years or so, the sun embarks on a new cycle of orbits. One of the cooler periods in recent centuries was the Little Ice Age of the 17th century, when the Thames River in London froze over each winter. The next cool period, if the pattern holds, began in 1996, with the effects to be felt starting in 2010. Some predict three decades of severe cold.

I wrote on […]

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The end of relentless optimism

  The realism of Saturn in Virgo is beginning to have an effect on the continuing determined optimism of Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius with some of the more inflated (Sagittarius) stocks, mostly in tech, falling to more realistic levels. Apple, buoyed by the frenzy over the Iphone, fell almost 40 points in less than a week, and Google, having climbed 130 points in less than a month, fell 100 over the past few days.

The rise of these stocks coincided with the square of Jupiter (expansion) to Uranus (tech), an astrological signature that was considered by some to bring about a sudden downward shift in the markets; the Dow Jones Industrial Average peaked just at the point of the partile (exact) square. These signatures rarely work the way they expect them to, particularly where Uranus is involved, and the shift was in the upward direction rather than down. Uranus works by surprise, and will tend to bring whatever you least expect! But now that its influence is on the wane, Saturn is injecting reality into the situation and bringing Virgo’s cautionary nature into play.

This is not just an American problem, although the problems in the US with the falling dollar and housing market are causing a ripple effect in markets around the world. Asian markets fell yesterday, as did Canada’s. There are fears about the long-term stability of the US economy due to the falling dollar and housing market and I predict that the final conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius in mid-December and Pluto then entering Capricorn in 2008 will mark the end of this long cycle of optimism.

At that point speculation will be a fool’s game and old-fashioned saving will come […]

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From the advice column: Will I ever receive a proper diagnosis?

I have a particular interest in energy medicine and the underlying causes of illness as they appear in the birthchart. This is particularly true of mysterious symptoms that defy diagnosis. That said, I am not a medical professional and my comments are not to be considered a substitute for regular medical care. Still, I strongly believe that most illnesses originate in an energy imbalance and that correcting this imbalance can improve our health.

Q: Twenty years ago, I had an attack of shingles in my head.. leaving me with vertigo, deafness, no taste or smell on the left side of my head, paralysis there too, and intellectual deficits. Up until this point, I was a journalist. Afterwards ? Well I had days when I couldn’t remember what side of the envelope the stamp went on. The nerves at the lower end of my spine got involved somehow and though I can walk, etc. I’ve lost functions of elimination… I have to use catheters daily to drain my bladder etc. (I know TMI…) this has been for two years now.. I underwent several tests this summer to try to find out the underlying cause of my physical problems.. and got.. No answers. I’m wondering what to do next ? Is there any light at the end of this long and painful tunnel?

A: Your chart shows difficulty expressing the energy of Mars, something I like to call a “Mars problem.” Mars, being the god of War, is the planet that urges us to defend our borders, to respond appropriately when attacked, and gives us the drive to get what we want. Mars is our desires and often is tied into our physical energy (although the Sun is also an important piece of the vitality puzzle). This is a very complex issue and […]

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Sunday inspiration: Cut the storyline

This week’s Cancerian New Moon eclipse opposed transformative Pluto which is in an exact square right now to a complex system in my own natal chart that includes Saturn and the Sun.  I have been turning inside out as the energy of Pluto demands that I remain aware of the churning emotional and thought patterns that struggle to emerge and be released, just like little daemons I have carried with me throughout my life.  The retrograde travel of Mars is a great ally in this struggle to break free of the captors that hold our heart prisoners, but sometimes the battle distracts us from the Truth of surrender.

profoundly spoke to me, and perhaps it will speak to you as well.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by habitual, ruminative thinking; when the repetitive thoughts and feelings are cascading and looping; when you are caught in the trance of disembodiment and self-abandonment… just stop.

With the power and presence of the warrior’s sword of compassion, cut the storyline. No, not this time. This time I choose differently.

Slow way down and feel your feet on the ground. Breathe deeply into your lower belly and activate your senses. See what is around you with clear vision, enter into pure listening. Shift your sacred life energy out of the spinning and into the aliveness of the body. While it may appear otherwise, the safety we seek is in self-attunement, self-compassion, and holding the visitor as he or she appears.

It is an act of kindness to not fuel the dysregulating narrative, and takes practice, courage, and curiosity. Something is erupting under the surface, longing to be integrated and allowed back home, but it […]

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