Big & Powerful Capricorn Full Moon: July 1, 2015

Full Moon July 1 2015

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Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn is a big and powerful one, amplified by both Mars and Pluto which are moving into a dance of opposition which will culminate on the 15th of July.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings our focus to the material world and encourages us to apply discipline and structure to our lives so that we can create something of meaning – something that will last beyond our small and mortal life.  The Moon is opposed by the Sun in Cancer, so we find ourselves dancing in the polarity between Cancer and Capricorn.  On the one hand we have the Sun in Cancer, encouraging us on the conscious level to develop a rich inner world of feelings and emotions and the links between our individual selves and the family of our heart and community.  On the other we have the Capricorn Moon, hardening the heart a bit so that greater achievement and accomplishment can occur.

In this Full Moon we have the luminary of the conscious Self (Sun) in the sign of the inner world (Cancer) and the luminary of the interior realm of emotions (Moon) in the sign of outer world focus (Capricorn).  There is a double whammy of polarities here which require balance between the emotions and feelings that drive us and enrich our world and the hard reality of life in a material world of accomplishment and production.

Applying even more pressure is the conjunction of the Moon to Pluto, and the Sun to Mars.  Emotions (Moon) are intensified (Pluto) and aggressive energy (Mars) is enhanced by the power of the Sun.  The alignment of Mars and Pluto will continue to tighten over the next two weeks, creating the potential for power conflicts and perhaps violence, but also stimulating the creative soul to unfold and emerge in its truest form.

Fortunately Neptune (spiritual compassion) is in an exact harmonious alignment with both the Sun and Moon, encouraging us to surrender any egoic limitations that might inhibit our growth at this time. A conjunction between Venus and Jupiter which has just culminated will continue to shine a light of beauty and harmony into any crevices of darkness to help soften the transformational process, and the trine from Uranus (radical innovation) to both Jupiter and Venus aids in the process of expansion and shifting our focus away from the past and into a renewed future.

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  1. Diane July 2, 2015 at 12:46 am - Reply

    Hi Lynn,

    I was wondering about the June 30th, Star of Bethlehem – Jupiter and Venus converge for the first time in 2000 years and what might be the astrology of this event?

    P.S. I saw this the other night while looking out my window but didn’t know what I was looking at at the time.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • July 2, 2015 at 1:33 pm - Reply

      Jupiter and Venus align about once a year so this is a lot of hype. The unusual thing is that because Venus will retrograde the two will align three times. I’m trying to figure out why these astronomy sites are saying this is the first such event in 2000 years and having no luck so far.

  2. Caroline July 2, 2015 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    It’s been so mesmerizing to see this sight, to me it seems that Venus is shining more brightly than ever…I received intuitive messages that this alignment is bringing love pouring onto the planet, through the Sacred Feminine, we can receive it in our hearts – by setting healthy boundaries, sidestepping negativity, listening to the intuition and acting on it, this keeps the heart open. This is really an extraordinary time! I felt my heart begin to open more, and that morning I really noticed the shimmering dew outside, for the first time in my life. It brought tears to my eyes, all the beauty that surrounds me.

  3. Maria July 2, 2015 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    Hello Lynn. Blessings to you. I had a dream at the night of July 1st.
    It was like this: I was on the ground and looking up to the sky. I then saw, a light blue and gray sky but with a staircase with two different levels extending up to and to a very big while clouds and then penetrated and then then I could see no more of it. The stairs case was like the light of florescent lights and they were very wide and well constructed. I was so exited about this that I shouted to a woman to take a look at it. I then was looking for a men also to share the vision with him but he was gone. I felt disappointed that I could not show him what I seen. I then waked up. I felt a telepathic message coming that said, that God wanted to show to me that there is a stairway to heavens , but it is an invisible one for us, and constructed by God for us when to use when we are in spirit. Thank you for all your articles they are full of wisdom. Maria R.

  4. Melissa July 17, 2015 at 2:35 am - Reply

    I have moon at 29 degrees cap, conjunct my ic and I’ve never really related strongly to what I read about it. While I have always done my utmost to hide my emotions, I don’t think I’ve ever been perceived as cold and hard emotionally. My cappy moon receives nothing but hard aspects (square venus, opposite saturn, wide square to uranus), and I do like to be self reliant – don’t like to lean on people emotionally and would rather present myself as someone invulnerable and steady and who can be relied upon – but that’s not how I feel inside and I know I’m perceived as soft and easily taken advantage of (perhaps more to do with other influences). I didn’t have a terrible childhood, but probably didn’t get the emotional support I needed. I have two boys and my eldest has his moon in cancer and the younger moon in cap at 28 degrees….both are sensitive and emotional, but the cappy moon is more concerned with how he is perceived by others, a people pleaser, more insecure perhaps. He’s well liked, but works hard at it.

    • August 31, 2015 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      That’s more a Libra/Leo trait Melissa, you would have to look at other factors in the chart. Capricorn moon itself doesn’t care so much about what others think.

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