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Chiron in Pisces: The healing of medicine?

Chiron in PiscesPerhaps it’s just a “coincidence,” but last week as Chiron (the “wounded healer”) entered the sign of Pisces (spirituality and the soul) one of my favorite podcasts, the People’s Pharmacy, broadcast an interview with Dr.  Allan Hamilton called The Scalpel and the Soul.  Dr. Hamilton has written a book called The Scalpel and the Soul: Encounters with Surgery, The Supernatural, and the Healing Power of Hope.

It’s unusual to find an established medical professional talking about the supernatural and healing powers, but it coincides perfectly with the entry of Chiron into Pisces.  At a time when the field of medicine is spiritually bankrupt and desperately in need of an overhaul, perhaps this infusion of spiritual awareness into the way we think about our physical bodies is emblematic of what Chiron in Pisces has to offer.

I like to think of Chiron as the “Soul Healer” rather than the wounded healer – Chiron is instrumental in helping to clear the emotional and physical wounds that we bring into this life so that the soul can progress.  Chiron presides over the body/mind/spirit connection – the triad of influences that come together to make up the Human Being.  Physical health alone is not sufficient to provide balance – the mind and spirit must also be well integrated in order to achieve optimum health.

Chiron was in Pisces in the late 1960s when Elisabeth Kubler Ross was waking up the medical establishment to a new sensitivity of death and the process of dying.  Her book On Death and Dying was published in 1969 as Chiron was completing its passage through Pisces and helped to popularize the hospice care movement.

All of the talk today about health care reform is more about how […]

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Chiron in Pisces, February 8 2011

Chiron in Pisces Art by Willow Arlenea

Most of the planets in our solar system travel through the zodiac (from our perspective here on earth) at approximately the same rate of speed, no matter what sign they are traveling through.  The Sun takes about 30 days to go through each sign; Saturn takes approximately 26-28 months to go through a sign.

Chiron and Pluto both have elliptical orbits from our perspective on earth, so their travel through the twelve signs of the zodiac is more erratic.  Here are the approximate number of years Chiron spends in each sign:

  • Nine years in Aries
  • Seven years in Taurus
  • Four years in Gemini
  • Three years in Cancer
  • Two years in Leo
  • Two years in Virgo
  • Two years  in Libra
  • Two years in Scorpio
  • Three years in Sagittarius
  • Four years in Capricorn
  • Six years in Aquarius
  • Eight years in Pisces

So Chiron spends more time in Pisces and in Aries than in any other sign.  Chiron tiptoed into Pisces in April of 2010 for just a few months before moving back into Aquarius to complete its Aquarian journey along with Neptune.  You can read more about the transition from Aquarius to Pisces here which includes these paragraphs that are probably most applicable today:

With Chiron in Pisces for the next nine years or so, the last stage of healing occurs at the soul level. This process began last year with the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Under this combination many of us were intensely aware of the longings of the soul within. Memories of past loves; mourning for those we’ve lost — all took on a more profound meaning as the doorway to the soul opened under Neptune’s guidance so that the healing of Chiron could begin to do its work. The […]

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Astrology and schizophrenia

astrology and schizophrenia from 1997 that correlated astrological data to schizophrenia.  The findings are particularly interesting in light of the recent shootings in Arizona by Jared Loughner who is now widely believed to be schizophrenic.

Some astrological hypotheses related to predisposition to severe mental illness were tested by analysing the zodiacal signs, the interactions between planetary qualities (aspects), and the occurrence of full and new moon dates, on the dates of birth of 221 schizophrenics, compared with 112 normal subjects. The sun signs of the schizophrenics were significantly more likely to be in the signs associated with introversion, while those of the control population were significantly more likely to be in the outgoing signs. A significantly higher proportion of schizophrenics had their Mars (i.e., symbol of aggressiveness) in the outgoing signs than the normal population. A significantly higher proportion of control subjects fulfilled operational criteria for adequacy of number of aspects between the sun and the other planets.

The tendency for a higher proportion of schizophrenics to have “difficult” aspects just failed to reach significance. A significantly higher proportion of control subjects had aspects between the sun and mars; and also a significantly higher proportion of control subjects had “soft” (helpful) aspects between the sun and mars. These findings are in keeping with the well-known oddity of schizophrenia (schiz = split; phren = mind); such that, a group which collectively is characterised by an “introverted” self (i.e. sun sign), has a coexisting aggressive tendency (i.e. strong mars) and poor integration between the elements of the psyche and the self (i.e. inadequacy of aspects between Sun and other planets). However, the findings give only partial support to key astrological postulates because there […]

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Skywatch for February is posted

February horoscopesFebruary is a short but mighty month that brings us a big alignment of six planets in Aquarius (seven if you include Ceres).  You can read the whole article at this link, but here is an introduction to get you started.  I’ll be posting a more complete article on the New Moon tomorrow.

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As February begins, Jupiter has just moved into the fiery sign of Aries for the first time since last summer, igniting the energy of fire.  The element of fire is inspirational and energizing, but it can also foster destruction and chaos.  Fire must be harnessed with conscious intention in order to be utilized with the greatest effectiveness, and for this all of the other elements must be incorporated as well: air for intelligence, water for sensitivity, and earth for grounded practicality.

On February 1 there are four planets in Aquarius, and on the 2nd the Moon joins the Aquarian lineup for the Aquarius New Moon.  This is an intense influence that demands our attention, insisting that we refuse to settle for the ordinary, the every day.  Aquarius demands nothing less than the ultimate solution to any problem; that we force a situation into our view of the perfect outcome.

Venus is active on the 2nd, with a sextile to Neptune and square to Uranus.  There is tremendous creative force available now, and this force is embedded in the New Moon which occurs at 9:31 pm at 13 degrees Aquarius.  Uranus challenges Venus to break free of relationships that restrict us, […]

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A monster storm on Saturn!

Storm on Saturn that a storm on Saturn has turned into a monster storm, at least ten earths’ wide.

Saturn , and I wrote about , but the current storm is so huge that it is visible with the naked eye.   In my article linked above, I wrote about political activity that coincided with the earlier Saturn storms in 1994.   During the Saturn storm in 2006 there were mudslides, stampedes and sinking ferries.

Astrological Saturn is the taskmaster, demanding that we face the cold hard realities of life. It’s hard to know how much influence events on the planetary bodies themselves have in our personal world but it’s always useful to pay attention.

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