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Uranus turns retrograde today!

Uranus turns retrogradeI had been meaning to write about Uranus turning retrograde and then I read from a couple of days ago:

I have been somewhat surprised to find that I am on becalmed waters.

Not because of a lack of things to do. On the contrary, I should be busy gearing up for the Fall launch of my next series of classes, both in-person and through teleconferencing. I have a deadline looming for my next article for , preparations for my teaching session I’ll be leading with the in a couple of weeks, and a myriad of other tasks and projects sitting on my desk. Some of them fairly urgent.

And yet…nothing seems to be happening. Is this the dreaded ? Self-defeating procrastination? Depression?

I told myself, okay.. Maybe I just needed to take a few days off around the Independence Day holiday. I did.

Then maybe I could do some long-term strategizing for the coming year or two, as I am very definitely feeling some fundamental shifting going on in my practice and how I intend to serve in these changing times in which we find ourselves.

And with the appearance of this week, I thought – okay! Here we go!

But instead, I still find myself on hold. I find myself dragging my feet, in maintenance mode only; not really wanting to start anything new. I sit down to my planning worksheets .. and I turn away. Instead, I feel a deep hush inside my spirit, as if waiting for something.

And what’s funny about this, is that during this same past week or so, my friends and my […]

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The astrology of Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony verdictAny time the public is swept into hysteria over a sensationalized media frenzy I tend to back away from it unless I want to use it as a magnet to attract traffic to the blog.  I believe that this kind of obsessive attention to other people’s business serves as a distraction from the important matters that require our attention.  To me  it’s the same thing as drivers who cause traffic tie-ups for miles as they slow down to observe a grisly accident and I find it annoying.

But I’ve had so many emails about this trial, and while I’m not going to spend a long time researching the ins and outs of the trial there ARE some interesting things about Casey Anthony’s chart that suggests that she might have had the capacity to commit an act like this.

There is an unverified birth time floating around on the web that seems to have originated with.  I’ve emailed her for the source of this birth time and will post an update if I receive one.  Meanwhile it’s risky to speculate on birth times so I’ve used a noon chart.  Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look.

Casey’s Sun is in Pisces which is a sign that tends to be easily led.  Pisces is all about the experience of flow, and there is rarely the kind of determination that you find in other signs unless there is a strong earth element elsewhere in the chart which Casey doesn’t have. In fact, she has no earth other than Neptune which is a generational planet and doesn’t add any earth to the elemental balance of her personality.  She also has Mercury in Pisces, […]

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Solar Return for the US, July 2011

Fourth of July astrologyAny person, place or event with a date of origination has an astrological chart. Humans have birthdates, companies have incorporation dates, and countries have their own dates of origination (we call this “mundane” astrology). Mundane charts are not always easy to define since we must accurately pinpoint the exact time at which the current incarnation of the place began.

The chart for the United States that is most typically used is called the Sibley chart which uses a date of July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, and has Sagittarius on the ascendant (Sagittarius “rising”).   Another chart used by many astrologers is the Scorpionic chart, with Scorpio rising that uses a date of November 15, 1777 when the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were signed.   Other charts use the date that the Constitution was signed.

In any case, the Solar Return chart for the Sibley chart of the United States (the chart cast for the moment in time when the Sun in the sky returns to its place in the birthchart) suggests that this will be another difficult year for the US.   Libra is rising in the chart at 5 degrees and the Midheaven of the chart is 5 degrees Cancer.  Uranus, planet of revolution and innovation, is nearly exactly opposite the Libra ascendant at 4-1/2 degrees Aries, and Pluto, planet of destruction and rebirth, is within ONE MINUTE of an oppositition to the Midheaven on the I.C.

So what does this mean in English?  Probably, continued conflict between the People (the I.C.) and the Government (the Midheaven) and surprising events (Uranus) that come from other, probably renegade, nations.  This could take the form of attacks on our troops in other […]

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Sunday inspiration: Moving into Spirit

“For me, spirituality is ecstatic experiences with the divine within nature and all that is beyond. For me, the divine is what gives the universe life and it is therefore eternal, yet it penetrates our world even to the extent of creating the time-acceleration cycles characterized by the World Tree.”

–Barbara Hand Clow


Tree of Life Art by Willow Arlenea


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Lynn’s Skywatch for July, and the July 1 solar eclipse

Lynn's Skywatch for JulyI’ve posted the Planetary Illuminations for July, and you can read the entire article here.  You can also read the abridged English translation here, and if you would like Skywatch delivered each month in your email box just sign up in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, the last of the eclipse series occurs July 1st so here’s the information on that and the introduction to July:

July begins with the Cancer New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse.  This is the third of an eclipse series that began on June 1st and you can read more about this eclipse here.  Although this is a partial eclipse and therefore weak astronomically, it packs a more powerful punch than it normally would because the conjunction of the Sun and Moon that forms the New Moon alignment engaged Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in a Grand Cross formation.  The Grand Cross locks the three planets and the luminaries (Sun and Moon) in battle that will result in a climax of some kind in order to release the energy buildup that occurs through the square.  The presence of Saturn in the Grand Cross in a nearly exact square to the New Moon ensures that there will be a lesson of some kind to learn; Uranus will inspire that a change be made.  The presence of Pluto empowers us to leave behind anything that no longer serves us.  Resistance to these transformative forces will not only slow down the process of change, but also create unnecessary bumps in the road.

The Cancer New Moon offers us an opportunity to begin anew from a place of deep feeling and emotional sensitivity.  This is easier for some of us than others, but the Cancerian […]

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