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The Passing of Gerald Ford

The death of Gerald Ford is bringing up a lot of interesting emotions. Ford was ridiculed frequently for his habit of falling down, a quirk memorialized by Chevy Chase in Saturday Night Live) and he brought us the dreaded twosome Cheney and Rumsfeld, but the incompetence in the White House of the last six years has made Ford look good. Now it appears that he told journalist Bob Woodward that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and that Cheney was a good Chief of Staff but made a bad Vice President. (An interesting revelation considering that Mercury (information) was conjunct Pluto (secrets) when the contents of this interview was disclosed.)

Unfortunately, Ford wanted his comments kept secret until after his death. Ford was a Cancer who cared for those he loved, and his Mercury was opposed by Uranus and squared by Mars which shows that he kept his own counsel and was not easily swayed by others. Perhaps his advanced age (he was 93) kept him from speaking out against the current administration or perhaps it was the Cancer loyalty to his party. Either way, it’s tragic to think how different the world would be if those who now disagree with the present White House would have spoken up sooner.

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Keith Urban’s latest setback

This saddens me – I feel this guy has so much potential but he’s locked in a prison of pain. National Ledger has my post on this (turn on your popup blockers!).

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Looking back at 2006: An Astrological Perspective

2006 offered some powerful astrological challenges that were reflected in the world around us. Beginning in late 2005 a powerful Grand Cross involving Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars in fixed signs created explosions, tensions, riots and conflicts that continued into January.

Then in February Saturn and Chiron moved into opposition, forcing a crisis (Saturn) of healing (Chiron) that exposed fissures in the US government, the Islamist movements, the immigrant populations all over the world. This opposition was the culmination of a series of oppositions between these two that occurred between 1986 and 1994 – 27 in all!! Chiron exposes the wounds in the structures of our society (Saturn) and encourages us to heal these wounds rather than run from them.

Saturn was also connected by square to Jupiter throughout 2006, beginning in December and ending in October. The struggle between Jupiter’s expansion and optimism and Saturn’s restriction and need for discipline created an erratic political season as well as a roller coaster in the world’s financial markets. This was exacerbated by the continuing square between Jupiter and Neptune between January and September created confusion (Neptune) between our hopes and optimism (Jupiter) and the realities that we faced via Saturn and Chiron.

Fortunately during this period Jupiter also made a trine to Uranus, helping to add a new dimension (Uranus) to our ideas and the way we find meaning in our lives (Jupiter). Rather than get bogged down in explosive violence there has been a slow but steady move towards progress in global issues.

Over the summer we had six planets in retrograde motion, creating a need to continually look back and re-do projects we thought were completed; reinvestigate situations that […]

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Goodbye James Brown

The hardest working man in show business has died at the age of 73. James Brown was the father of funk music, the grandfather of soul, a visionary in the music industry. He overcame tremendous odds of the post-depression and Jim Crow eras to become one of the most successful musicians in American history. Little Richard, one of his protegees, says of Brown: “He was an innovator, he was an emancipator, he was an originator.” These are all qualities that we associate with the planet Uranus – the planet of radical change, rebellion, innovation, freedom.

James Brown was certainly a rebel: he was well-known for his brushes with the law both as a young person when he spent time in prison for armed robbery, and in his later years when he was arrested for assault and served more prison time. His childhood was less than stable; after his parents split up when he was four he went to live with his aunt in a brothel. He was married four times and was accused by several of his wives of being a violent husband; he was once quoted as saying women should be controlled and “must know their limitations.” But despite the bad publicity of his personal life, the brilliance of his craft dominated the music industry for over 50 years.

In order to create a viable astrological profile for an individual we need a correct birthdate, and this can be difficult with celebrities who for various reasons often falsify their age. Biographies of James Brown give the year of his birth as either 1928 (Wikipedia) or 1933 (most other sources). One article reports that in his early years […]

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