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Keith Urban’s Healing Journey Continues

Keith Urban has a lovely video on his website today, thanking his fans for their support during his stint in rehab and explaining what happened to encourage him to seek help and talking about the recovery process. In the video he says that during the first 30 days he learned that abstinence is only the ticket to the movie, not the movie itself. Evidently he chose to stay longer in order to learn more about himself and what led to his problems that made his life “unmanageable.”

Back in October when Urban entered rehab I wrote that he was beginning a challenging transit of Pluto, the planet which pushes us to transformation, to Chiron in his chart. Chiron is the “wounded healer,” and a transit of Pluto to that sensitive point brings up old painful emotions and feelings. This is a difficult process, since we typically hide from our feelings of discomfort and push them away to a place where they won’t bother us. Pluto can be rather ruthless when it hits a sensitive point in our chart and demands that we give up whatever is holding us back from our evolutionary process. The transit of Pluto to Chiron that began for Keith Urban in October demands that he face the demons of his pain and work through the healing process. Surrender is required, and it appears that he is facing the challenge: he says “Thirty days became 60. Sixty days became 90 and, with each week that passed, I found myself really learning to surrender.” He also talks about how much he is learning about himself, which is the key to this planetary cycle.

I had never seen him before, […]

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Speculation and the Stock Market

I came across n from the 1930s that some kind blogger posted on his/her site which has some interesting tidbits such as these:

SUN–The Sun rules gold, gilt-edged stock and Government Securities, and the general tone of the Market. It does not materially affect the Market itself, except as it forms aspects to other planets, and its influence is exerted thru the sign in which it is placed. Favorable aspects increase the value of Government securities of the country ruled by the sign, and bad aspects depress it.

MOON–The Moon is not a particular significator of anything. Its passage thru a sign stimulates the commodities ruled by the sign, and often those of the opposite sign as well. Aspects to the Moon do not always act in accordance with their natures, but seem rather to mark turning points, and to denote the times of highest rise and lowest fall. The position of the Moon in its orbit, however, has a general influence on fluctuations, especially in regard to changes from an upward to a downward movement, and vica-versa. This is very marked in the case of the Moon’s passage over its apogee and perigee.

MERCURY–This planet rules with others wheat, corn and grain (partly), silver and quick-silver, as well as bonds, returns and publications, news, rumors, and public confidence. Its effect upon the Market is to cause nervousness, activity, instability, quick buying and selling, and rapid fluctuations. If afflicted it brings false or adverse news and rumors, and indicates lack of public confidence. Thus Jupiter afflicted by Mercury would cause quick fluctuations and selling of affairs ruled by Jupiter and the sign containing it, due to adverse rumors.

VENUS–Venus rules copper, silk, textiles, sugar, cotton, furnishing, money, corn, and […]

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State of the President, 2007

As President Bush prepares to deliver his (OMG) seventh State of the Union address, we take a look at what the stars have in store for him over the next few months.

To summarize briefly, over the past few years President Bush has been going through a long period of Saturn transits over sensitive points in his chart. Saturn is the planet that teaches us restraint and discipline by pointing out where we have made mistakes, and that is certainly true in this situation. Saturn has challenged his partnerships and alliances when it crossed his ascendant and opposed the cusp of his seventh house, resulting in the loss of his Chief of Staff Andy Card, press secretary Scott McClellan and the shifting of position for his henchman Karl Rove. Saturn confronted his thoughts and ideas when it passed over his Leo Mercury that filters all of Bush’s experiences (Mercury) through his ego (Leo) driving his poll numbers down, and when it crossed his Pluto the country became fully aware for the first time of the breakdown (Pluto) of the government (Saturn) in response to Hurricane Katrina.

On a personal level, Bush has been experiencing some deep emotional distress over the past year with a conflicting aspect (square) from his progressed Mars (aggression and drive) to the Moon in his chart, showing that he is more defensive and prickly than usual as Mars irritates the sensitive Moon.

Now he faces a series of difficult cycles involving Chiron, the wounded healer. Where Saturn creates disappointments and restrictions, Chiron brings up old unresolved wounds that need to be addressed. Where Saturn works to effect change in the structure of our lives, Chiron works on the deeper emotional fabric and encourages sensitivity and evolution. […]

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Nostradamus, Saddam, Weather and Comet McNaught

This is NOT meant as a fearmongering post predicting the end of the world, but you all know that I am fascinated by unusual connections. In looking for information on the comet, I came across this passage from Nostradamus:

Quatrain 2.70

The dart from the sky will make its journey,
Death while speaking: a great execution:
The stone in the tree, the proud nation brought down,
Human mist, the purged monster to make expiation.

This does seem to eerily reflect the execution of Saddam Hussein at the time of the brightest passage of Comet McNaught, and the “death while speaking” could describe the taunts of the Sunni leader by his Shiite captors that is likely to bring down the US-led fledgling Iraqi government.

The proud nation, the United States, does appear to be losing its grip as the world superpower as the Bush Doctrine causes us to lose even our staunchest allies. This has been made painfully clear by Condi Rice’s failure to garner any respect for the US during her trip through the middle east this week. Meanwhile, Jordan and Egypt have announced plans to acquire nuclear technology in order to defend against Iran.

I couldn’t find any explanation that I like for the phrase “the stone in the tree,” but what makes sense to me is a chaotic planetary upheaval where stones from the ground end up in the trees. This could speak to severe weather and climate change. Concurrent with the appearance of Comet McNaught there have been severe winter storms in Europe and the western US as well as Canada, torrential rains in Mozambique, and powerful earthquakes in Scotland, Indonesia, Iran, El Salvador, New Zealand, Panama, and […]

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