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Who could’ve seen this coming

Mercury is retrograde for the first time during an election since the one in 2000, and we all know how that turned out: a few hanging chads determined the course of history.

MSNBC reports:

Programming errors and inexperience dealing with electronic voting machines frustrated poll workers in hundreds of precincts early Tuesday, delaying voters in Indiana, Ohio, Miss. and Florida and leaving some with little choice but to use paper ballots instead.

In Cleveland, voters rolled their eyes as election workers fumbled with new touchscreen machines that they couldn’t get to start properly until about 10 minutes after polls opened.

The New York Times reports:

No one expects Florida elections to go smoothly, but this year the state got off to an alarming start. Voters reported that after selecting Democratic candidates on electronic voting machines, the review screens registered that they had chosen Republicans. A spokeswoman for the Broward County supervisor of elections told The Miami Herald that the machines often fall out of sync under heavy use, but that they can be fixed when voters complain.

With Mercury (along with the Sun and Venus) in a tight square to Neptune the Times goes on:

Unfortunately, many of the things that go wrong [today] may be invisible to the average voter. Machines that appear to work properly may be throwing out or altering votes. Without a voter-verified paper trail and an effective vote audit, this can go undetected. Provisional ballots may be wrongly rejected after the polls close. Some states, shamefully, have laws saying that if a provisional ballot is cast in the correct polling place but at the wrong table, it will not count.

Hopefully the result will be clear enough that it is beyond dispute. Otherwise we could be in […]

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Only YOU can bring back our country. Yes, Mercury is retrograde and Saturn is opposite Neptune and Pluto is getting ready to conjunct the Galactic Center, but the fate of the world is in YOUR hands. Get out there and vote and be a part of creating a new world.

If you need some inspiration, watch this video:

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From the advice column: When will I meet my soulmate?

Q: Can you tell me when I will meet my soulmate? Or what is keeping me from meeting her?

A: I’m glad that you wrote to me, because you have a type of chart that can make it difficult to gain perspective on your life by yourself. Your chart lacks the air element which helps to facilitate this perspective and the thoughts of others can act as a mirror for you which can be useful.

You are a strong Leo, with not only your Sun in Leo but also your mercury (thoughts and communication) and Jupiter (faith and meaning). These three Leo planets are in your first house and the Sun is your chart ruler; all of this tells us that your true mission in this lifetime is to develop your own personality and learn to express your own creative and unique individuality. Any relationship that you become involved in will need to give you the room to be able to be completely and truly yourself.

Your Sun conjuncts Jupiter, which gives you a great deal of self confidence and a natural good fortune; however, this combination is squared by Neptune which can make it easy for you to lose yourself in your fantasies and you may let opportunities slip through your fingers.

Your Scorpio Moon shows that your emotions (Moon) are deep and passionate (Scorpio) and that you have a tendency to hold onto things and people. Scorpio does not let go and Leo can be rather stubborn as well. It may be difficult for you to let […]

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Full Moon November 5

The Taurus Full Moon occurs Sunday morning with the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon, requiring balance of the Scorpio intensity with the serenity and pleasure-seeking of the Taurus Moon. Where Scorpio embraces psychic pain and drama and ultimately death and rebirth, Taurus seeks only to enjoy the bounties of the earth-bound life.

The Full Moon is the apex of the lunar cycle that begins with the Sun/Moon conjunction at the New Moon. The great astrology Dane Rudhyar determined that the first half of the cycle (the waxing moon) was involuntary and unconscious with the initiation of a new phase of consciousness. The second half of the cycle begins with the Full Moon which begins to open up an understanding of the greater meaning of the cycle, a process which completes during the waning moon. If we resist the evolutionary process we become caught in the cycle again.

Today’s Full Moon is widely opposite the entire stellium of planets currently in Scorpio: Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, forming a T-square since both the Moon in Taurus and the Scorpio planets are square to Neptune and its penchant for illusion. There is a tremendous amount of energy in this dynamic since these planets are all in fixed signs which focus on issues of power. (Some say that Saturn is also involved, although Saturn at 24 degrees is too widely square for my taste to the 12 degree Moon.) The Moon draws us away from the Scorpio drama and reminds us that life on earth is inherently pleasurable if we only will pay attention and remember our deeper instincts. The conscious mind (the Sun) may be concerned with worldly matters but […]

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Winds of change

Over the past year we have seen some very stressful planetary configurations along with an extremely distressful set of challenges around the world. Increased terrorism, xenophobia, failed governments and nuclear crisis have been the prevailing stories of the year.

As we head towards the US Election Day on November 7 there are numerous planetary harbingers of change. There are five planets in Scorpio, showing a focus on power, and Jupiter in Scorpio is being squared by Saturn which seeks to curb its expansion. The square of Jupiter in Scorpio to Saturn in Leo over the past six months has had the effect of restricting (Saturn) the relentless Jupiterian optimism and curtailing (Saturn) the powers of rulers of all kinds (Leo). Although the peak of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle has passed, the planets are just two degrees of separation from that square and the conflict between idealism (Jupiter) and realism (Saturn) are still very much in effect.

Progressed Mars in the chart for the Declaration of the Independence turned retrograde this past year, indicating a change in direction for the country. Progressed planets show the symbolic evolution of an individual, and when a progressed planet changes direction it shows a major shift in direction. The retrogradation of the US progressed Mars is a major event that has not occurred since the country was established and it will remain retrograde for the next 80 years. Mars represents our aggressive instincts and drive to succeed, and the US has aggressively dominated the world political arena since its inception. The retrograde turn of Mars shows that this thirst for dominance by the US is likely to lessen as the attention turns more […]

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