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The Rant of Michael Richards: The Freemason Connection

Michael Richards is a comedian best known for his role of Cosmo Kramer in the hit television show “Seinfeld.” He has not been heard of much since Seinfeld went into syndication, but last week he made headlines when he was filmed by a cellphone video camera in a racist rant against two black members of the audience. As the black members left Richards shouted, “That’s what happens when you interrupt the white man.” He subsequently went on the apology tour, hitting the Letterman show and making personal calls to black leaders including Al Sharpton.

Subsequent reports include fresh allegations of an anti-Jewish rant earlier this year. Richards claimed at the time that he was “in character” and that this was part of his act. His publicist reports that Richards is Jewish, but his biographies are clear that he was raised Catholic and but is now unaffiliated with any religion. He is, however, a Freemasons have a long history of racism and was associated with the beginnings of the KKK in the US; in fact, there is currently a controversy within the southern Masonic lodges whether to accept the black lodges (Prince Hall Masonry) that were set up because blacks were not permitted to join the Masons. Reports of this kind of behavior from Richards just erupted this year after a lifetime on the comedy circuit, making it easy to conclude that his Masonic connections have something to do with these racist outbursts.

Michael Richards’ birthchart shows that he is a Leo, with Mercury conjunct his Sun. The affiliation of Mercury with the Sun always shows an extremely bright individual […]

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Musings from the Beach

We’re at the beach with Rich’s family this week, and this morning I took a long solitary walk along the coastline, the only human out so early in the morning. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to let my mind wander, and I happened to think about Neptune, the god of the Oceans who is currently opposing Saturn, Lord of Karma.

The symbology of Neptune has very little to do with the god Neptune/Poseidon and everything to do with his domain: the domain of the sea. From one drop of water to the endless ocean, the sea is eternal, flowing, the body into which all life eventually flows. Water may attempt to take form in ice, but eventually the ice melts and flows into the sea. This is the urge of Neptune: to dissolve the form that we build in life into the boundless ocean of consciousness.

Saturn, on the other hand, seeks to build form where Neptune dissolves it. The rocks along the ocean edge offer resistance to the flow of the waves, but ultimately they too begin to erode; their edges becoming soft in the face of the endless flow of water. Still, the rocks form the foundation of our life on earth. They provide a base for us to construct the homes in which we live and the structures through which we earn our living. At the beach there is a constant tension between the impulse of the ocean to dissolve and erode and the necessity of form, and this is the very thing which the Saturn/Neptune opposition teaches us to balance in our own lives.

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Astrology Lesson: Evolution of the Progressed Sun

In my own personal theology, the Soul is the unchangeable, pure energy that has descended into the matter of the body. Once the Soul has come into form, it takes on an individuality that I call the Self. The Self doesn’t change, it’s the essence of who we are in this lifetime; however, the Self has attributes that I call the Personality which do evolve over time. (I make no claims that this is absolute fact, but merely a theology that works for me.)

The Personality is mapped in the birthchart, with the various planets, luminaries and points each illustrating a facet of the personality. The birthchart never changes, and our basic personality traits remain the same. An introvert will never transform into an extrovert, a fiery person will never lose that fire. However, as we learn and grow from our experiences these personality traits modify somewhat; our goals change and evolve and we are constantly seeing the world through new lenses. The progressed chart reflects those new lenses and describes the way our perspective is changing.

There are many different ways to progress a chart but the most common, and in my view the most accurate, is the secondary progressions which advance the chart one day for one year. Astrology is a symbolic system, and there is no way to explain why this would work; experience is the only proof. In the secondary system, the inner planets which are the fastest moving are progressed a day for a year, so that in ten years the progressed Sun would have advanced ten degrees. (We typically only use the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and […]

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More on Scorpio Transformation

As we complete the powerful Scorpio week with five planets clustered in that sign of passion and intensity here is another dimension from Robert Wilkinson:

Scorpio is devotion made manifest, showing us our desire and what we’re willing to do to get it. Like Taurus, it shows us the lessons of “mine and thine” as we interact with others. It is the part of us willing to hold the line on what we want and how we wish to possess others. This sign deeply merges into shared values with others, yet also knows how to draw clear and definite boundaries between the values and desires of each.

Scorpio, when freed of the traps of perpetual dissatisfaction, stubbornness, excessive desire, and not knowing when to stop, demonstrates a consistency and reliability in sustaining the collective effort. They are devoted warriors that will hold the line unto death if need be, hanging in there when everybody else has bailed. Scorpio, like Libra, is highly socialized and need people, but are less likely to compromise as they strive to get closer and closer to the object they are attracted to. [emphasis added]

Sometimes too impulsive, they persist in rhythmic activity that flows from icy calm to fiery intensity, movement to rest to movement in an unending spiral of evolution. When Scorpio learns to let go of possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion, and any tendencies to be domineering, dishonest, or violent they become a living miracle of trustworthy, heroic courage. They are master healers, creative and inspiring, one-pointed and tenacious in their mission of service.

The challenge of Scorpio is to experience the intensity fully and then surrender. It’s a tough assignment. All of us have Scorpio in our chart somewhere […]

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The TomKat Nuptials

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have set their wedding date for November 18. Astrologers at report that if they marry on this day they are doomed because the Moon is “void of course” that day. I myself have some questions about the durability of this relationship but it has nothing to do with the Moon and its course.

The Moon is said to be void of course after it makes its last aspect to another planet before moving into the next zodiac sign, and some believe that during these periods people are less focused and unable to make good judgements. Some live their life by the moon tables, refusing to participate in any activity during the void moon. I have not found this to be so in real life; moreoever, this kind of fear-based thinking simply perpetuates the notion that we have no control over what happens in our own lives.

TMZ goes on to say that “Of course, the other planets involved — Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Neptune, as well as the Sun — don’t spectacularly align for the couple; with foreboding, hardship and destruction the dominant themes of the planetary tea leaves.” I completely disagree. Venus, the goddess of love, will have entered Sagittarius the day before and is therefore beyond reach of a “bad” aspect to Saturn that could put a crimp on the day’s socializing. In addition, Venus will be conjunct Jupiter, the god of abundance and possibilities, and Venus will be exactly trine Tom Cruise’s Moon that day, expanding and opening his heart. These are very positive aspects for a wedding. Tom has some anger issues amanating from a natal square of Uranus (rebellion) to Mars (aggression) and on […]

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