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Andrew Harvey’s Dark Night of the Soul

"I Go Now" by Dark Awakening

While I was on vacation I happened on a radio interview with Andrew Harvey, a mystic and Shakespearean scholar who believes as many do that the earth is heading for some troubled times. I was very impressed by the depth of his commitment to the spiritual life and his eloquence in describing the twists and turns that are required on the path to becoming one with the divine.

Harvey’s recent book is entitled The Sun at Midnight, written about his long journey through the dark night of the soul. In the opposition from Saturn to Neptune, many of us are experiencing such a “dark night” in the form of the ending (Saturn) of our illusions (Neptune). Although Pluto is now associated with death and the principle of rebirth, before Pluto was discovered Saturn ruled over death’s domain. Death under Saturn is a cold hard ending as we come face to face with the fragility of our spiritual connections under Neptune. Although Saturn is a stern teacher, the rewards are great and when we face the hard lessons that Saturn brings we are given great rewards. In its opposition to Neptune, adopting or deepening the discipline (Saturn) of a spiritual practice (Neptune) will help to facilitate the progression of our cosmic education.

But there is a deeper death in Harvey’s writings: the death and regeneration that we associate with Pluto. The reclassification of Pluto into a new category along with Ceres and now Eris adds a new complexity to our concept of this transformation that we may not yet have the capacity to understand. Perhaps there is a clue in Harvey’s words […]

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The Sharks are Circling

As noted here a few days ago, President Bush is having a major planetary crisis in terms of his relationships. Saturn with its tests and challenges is affecting Venus in his chart, creating limitations and restrictions in his relationships with others as demonstrated by Venus. But that’s not all: Chiron with its tendency to wound as well as heal is transiting his descendant, the cusp of his seventh house. The seventh house is known as the marriage house, but it is much more than that; it deals with all kinds of one-on-one relationships. Not just marriage or love relationships, the seventh house also relates to “open enemies,” another kind of partnership.

Suddenly it seems Bush is being attacked from all sides. Two of his sworn enemies, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran last week signed more than 20 trade and investment deals and both spoke openly against Bush at the United Nations where Bush received little respect despite his attempt to reach out to the people of Iran.

Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, a tenuous ally in the “war on terror” yesterday accused the Bush White House on the television program “60 Minutes” of threatening to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” after September 11. Today he revealed that the CIA has paid millions of dollars in payment for AlQaeda prisoners creating additional embarrasment for the administration.

Colin Powell, Bush’s loyal soldier who took the case for the Iraq War to the UN and betrayed the trust of the American people (for which he later apologized) came out publicly against Bush’s anti-terrorism proposal to permit torture of detainees.

Meanwhile President Bush’s only ally, Tony Blair, has been forced to […]

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Planetary news this week

Venus in Virgo squares off with Pluto over the next few days, creating potential crises in relationships (Venus) as issues that may have been buried are dredged up by Pluto. However, the sextile (60 degrees) between Saturn and Mercury will encourage a commitment (Saturn) to communicate (Mercury) and resolve any dissonance that arises. Neptune has been trine Mercury as well which adds a creative influence and perhaps more compassion (from Neptune). Of course we are still in the throes of the opposition of Saturn to Neptune, even though the two planets are about three degrees apart. It will be early October before they leave each other’s orbit and meanwhile the confusion remains.

Jupiter is square Neptune now, expanding (Jupiter) the danger of illusion (Neptune), and perhaps bringing us into conflict between our belief systems (Jupiter) and our experience of truth (Neptune). Mercury joined this system over the past few days, bringing us a step closer to divine intelligence and conscious awareness of the more subtle influences that surround us. Mercury is moving towards a sextile to Pluto (on the 27th) that will help us to process the Jupiter/Neptune expansion through the mental realm where it can be converted to understanding and wisdom.

Meanwhile, reports that a “solar wind stream hit Earth last night, sparking geomagnetic storms over Canada and some northern US states.” Joseph Shaw of Bozeman submitted this incredible photo of an aurora against the backdrop of the Milky Way.

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Happy Birthday Libra!

Art by Thomas Hamann

The Sun entered Libra yesterday (see yesterday’s article for the connection between Libra and the Autumn Equinox). The sign of the Scales, Libra is the sign that seeks balance, harmony, truth and beauty above all else. Libra is a sign representing the air element, and therefore operates in the realm of ideas. For Libra, everything is balanced against its opposite. Libra can usually see both sides of an argument, making the Libra person well suited for a career in the legal field where the truth is multi-dimensional. Although Libra is often accused of intellectual relativism, this multi-dimensional approach to Truth makes for a good diplomat or negotiator. However, Libra is famously known for difficulty in making decisions since all options are seen as having advantages and disadvantages.

Venus rules Libra, and generally bestows an attractive look to individuals with a strong Libra or Venus influence; a mechanism for ensuring that these Venusians participate in relationships which are Libra’s testing ground. Libra is known for their charm which can be used to manipulate as well as to soothe: “the iron fist in the velvet glove.” From the Libran point of view, the manipulation of the outside world in order to achieve balance and harmony is not hypocritical but instead is just the right way to be. The pursuit of a life of beauty and serenity is paramount for Libra, and like the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) the ends justify the means.

The principle of balance often gives Libra a blurring of the gender identity. Libran women take up traditionally masculine interests, and Libran men may display an artistic sensitivity. Libra is acutely aware of the principal of balance, and is sensitive to situations where emotions are […]

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