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Transit of Mercury November 8

There will be a transit of Mercury across the Sun November 8, just in time for the US elections. This is a different event than a simple conjunction of Mercury and the Sun; it is more like an eclipse where we are actually able to see Mercury silhouetted against the disk of the Sun. See the NASA site for the technical information. There are only thirteen such transits of Mercury in a century so they are a relatively rare event. The last one occurred in 2003, and we won’t see another until 2016.

Transits of Mercury occur at the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde period and because eclipses tend to mark crisis points that instigate change, we may notice a shift in focus at that time. The last Transit of Mercury occurred May 7, 2003 and during the following week there were two suicide bombings in Chechnya, a bombing in Riyadh Saudia Arabia, and a suicide bombing in Casablanca. In addition, the week of May 4 through May 10 marked a period of 393 tornadoes in 13 US states, more than during any period in US history. At the time Mercury was locked in a stressful T-square formation with Mars and Jupiter that no doubt had an influence on the week’s events.

The previous Transit occurred November 15, 1999 (these events always take place in either May or November) and was not associated with any major events such as this. At that time Mercury did not make any stressful aspects. The chart for the upcoming Transit event on November 7 is very complex, and occuring one day after the US election I would expect some sort of major […]

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A Look Ahead

We’ve had a rough time astrologically over the past year, which may account for the explosion in new astrology blogs. We get a brief respite in 2007 (except for the opposition of Saturn to Neptune), and then the countdown starts to 2012.

Astrologically, the period around 2012 brings a number of major aspects that are big and challenging, but that also have the potential to bring tremendous change and transformation. The square of Uranus to Pluto, heralding a cultural change that will echo the changes of the Uranus Pluto conjunction in the 1960s, begins in 2011. Uranus will be in Aries, the god of war, with Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of structure and society. Here’s what’s coming up before then:

  • Pluto enters Capricorn 2008 where it is likely to begin the breakdown (Pluto) of our social and governmental structures (Capricorn) so that ultimately they can be rebuilt.
  • Saturn will oppose Uranus 2008-2010, bringing about a clash of authority (Saturn) with rebellion and cultural change (Uranus) (beginning right at the US presidential election).
  • Saturn will square Pluto 2009-2010 with the addition of Jupiter and Uranus during a portion of the cycle. When the two dark lords face off it usually isn’t very pretty.

Difficult times bring transformation and that can be a magnificent experience if we are able to keep our perspective on what is occurring on a spiritual level. has some inspiring words to help keep us focused as we approach these times:

By ancient sources we are told humanity is on an arc of return, and past the depths of its ignorance, though there are a few throwbacks still flailing against history. I believe these times are the last effort for […]

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Financial markets defy astrological predictions

I am the first one to admit that astrology cannot predict the future, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. I was not the only one to look at the astrological signatures and predict financial doom in September and October with the eclipse series and the square of Saturn (pessimism and realism) to optimistic Jupiter. Many of us also expected the addition of Neptune to the mix to bring the end (Saturn) of illusions (Neptune).

And it wasn’t just the astrologers – financial experts also predicted a downfall. Bill Fleckenstein, a columnist for CNBC and MSN, wrote:

“The stage is set for some real fireworks, especially since this has been such a straight-up, bulletproof rampage for the last 2 1/2 months. In fact, given how we’ve powered through the large pre-announcement season into an earnings season that I expect to be pregnant with disappointment … (we’re) more ripe for reversal than at any point in time since the fall of 2000.”

Yet the Dow Jones average is soaring above 12,000, London’s FTSE index is trading at a 52-week high, Germany’s DAX is at a five-year high and Tokyo’s Nikkei index closed at a five-month high. The relentless optimism that we’ve seen since Pluto entered Sagittarius and began this reign of financial expansion continues unabated. Writer Alan Hall writes, “A whole thesaurus of words fails to describe the degree of investor optimism.” The stock market increase of the Pluto in Sagittarius era has been fueled by consumer spending and the desire for extravagant lifestyles. Second homes, luxury cars – much of which is funded by equity loans.

Perhaps it is the overarching influence of this compulsive (Pluto) optimism (Sagittarius) that is continuing to fuel the increase in […]

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Scorpio and Wuthering Heights

Barbara Palliser to find the archetypal theme of this heavily Scorpionic time:

“And I pray one prayer – I repeat it till my tongue stiffens – Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living! You said I killed you – haunt me, then! The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered the earth. Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!… I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!”

This is the thing with Scorpio. When it’s important, it’s life and death, all or nothing. No middle ground. No grey areas. It’s an all encompassing, utterly absorbing, and inescapable power that Scorpio deals in, and touching on this kind of energy can drive people to do strange things. They can turn unrecognisable even to themselves. Even the quiet ones, who of course by Scorpio standards are the worst.

But don’t forget that Scorpio, like all other signs of the zodiac, is ultimately positive, purposeful and well designed as a medium to experience the best that the mystery of life has to offer. It’s through Scorpio that we come to know Love by first meeting what Love is not. It’s up to us how much we allow ourselves to be impacted by that knowledge, and how much we are willing to let go of what Love is not.

The letting go of what love is not is an aspect of Scorpio has to do with the connection of Pluto with Scorpio. Pluto requires that we let go of that which no longer […]

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Neptune goes direct and Saturn/Neptune shifts as well

Dharma over at Astrotabletalk has an interesting take on Neptune’s change of direction next week: Like me, Dharma is intently exploring the application of the new planet Eris and brings her into the equation as well:

Neptune is due to change direction in about a week. This means we can expect a new phase in the current Saturn-Neptune Opposition, which lasts for about a year, to begin. And the most obvious manifestation of this transit is the developing political realism around Iraq, which any decent mundane astrologer could have predicted a long time ago. [and many of us did]


[T]he phase shift in a transit usually begins, I have noticed, in the run-up to a planet changing direction, and we have certainly seen this in the case of Neptune’s upcoming change of direction. The news has been full of politicians admitting to the need for policy change in Iraq. Neptune coming up to turn round has been like a bubble bursting. It began with a trickle, and now every day some senior official in either the US or UK governments is admitting to the need for change, and then another official will come along and deny it. They are obviously fudging their way to something more realistic, and doing their best to save face along the way, as you’d expect.

Even though it’s not being said, George Bush is obviously in the middle of a political disaster of the first order. But the acknowledgement of this belongs to a slightly later phase of the Saturn-Neptune Opposition. It’s the Iraq reality that is currently being acknowledged, and we can expect to see the momentum developing further over the next week as Neptune moves towards changing direction. The next phase-shift will be […]

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