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School shootings and the balance of the collective psyche

The past couple of months have seen a virtual epidemic of shootings in schools:

  • August 24 – a 27-year old man went to an elementary school in Essex, Vermont looking for his ex-girlfriend, a teacher. Unable to find her, he killed the ex-girlfriend’s mother and fatally shot one teacher, wounding another.
  • August 30 – inspired by the Columbine massacre, a 19-year old in Hillsborough, North Carolina murdered his father and went to his former high school for a shooting spree that fortunately resulted in no deaths.
  • September 13 – a 25-year old man stormed a Montreal college, wounding 19 students and killing one and himself.
  • September 17 – three teenagers in Green Bay Wisconsin were arrested for a plan to kill students and themselves at their high school.
  • September 27 – a 53-year old man in Platte Canyon, Colorado took six girls hostage, sexually assaulting them and ultimately killing one girl and himself.
  • September 29 – a 15-year old boy in rural Wisconsin killed a school principal and himself.
  • October 2- a 32-year old man took female students hostage and ultimately killed five young girls and himself.

This cluster cannot adequately be explained by the “copycat” explanation, and there is no consistency here as to age of the shooters. As an astrologer, I look for synchronicity and planetary events, and what these events have in common is the opposition of Saturn to Neptune with the addition of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Earlier this year I wrote on Jupiter in Scorpio:

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of death, and therefore relishes the journey through the underworld of darkness and emotional baggage. Scorpio seeks power and emotional intensity and Jupiter is the planet of buoyant abundance, so this is an odd combination that expands (Jupiter) the focus on death, secrecy and sexuality, the domains of […]

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Skepticism without magic: An empty prison

For years I have pursued skeptics, offering free readings to anyone who doesn’t believe in astrology. I am fairly certain that most skepticism arises from a disbelief in “sun sign” astrology and horoscopes, yet not one skeptic has ever taken me up on my offer which would demonstrate the difference between newspaper horoscopes and a real astrological consultation. There is no doubt that a certain amount of skepticism is a healthy thing and keeps us from falling into the Neptunian abyss of illusion and fantasy, but what is it that would prevent someone who doesn’t believe in astrology from being willing to explore it a little further?

I do understand that astrology cannot be quantified using a scientific method, but neither can many other phenomena that we take for granted. Weather predictions are less accurate than astrological predictions, but we call meteorology a science. In addition, the relatively new field of quantum physics defies many of the laws of classical physics. You cannot prove that you love someone using science, but you can experience it. In the same way, it’s difficult to prove how a birthchart describes the character of a person you have never met, but this too can be experienced.

I’ve just started reading Richard Tarnas’s book Cosmos and Psyche, and in the very first paragraph he describes the dry desert of a life a closed mind can bring:

Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect, Santayana declared, and the metaphor is apt. THe mind that seeks the deepest intellectual fulfillment does not give itself up to every passing idea. Yet what is sometimes forgotten is the larger purpose of such a virtue. For in the end, chastity is something one […]

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October Skywatch is posted

You can read here all about what October has in store for us. I also pulled my thoughts on Saturn/Neptune into one article which is posted here.

From Skywatch, here’s what’s coming up next week including the Full Moon in Aries:

Mercury (communication and thought process) will leave Libra for Scorpio on October 2, intensifying all matters of information processing. Scorpio does not share Libra’s concern for harmony but instead seeks to probe to the bottom of an issue in order to achieve a final resolution. Mercury is approaching a square to Chiron now, where it may bring about some conversations (Mercury) that open old wounds (Chiron). There is potential for healing here, but only if we face the difficulty head on and work towards a resolution. At the same time, Mars is approaching a harmonious aspect (trine) to Neptune as well as to Saturn (sextile), fueling our creativity (Neptune) and applying the discipline (Saturn) that we need in order to use that creativity in order to manifest our goals and dreams. This occurs as we head into the shadow of the Full Moon, making this a powerful time for manifestation. Although we may be feeling a bit destabilized by the Saturn/Neptune energy, we have an opportunity now to bring in a new focus and energy with the Mars interactions which peaks at the Aries Full Moon on October 6 at 11:13 pm EST.

Aries of course is the sign ruled by Mars, and at this Full Moon the Sun in Libra conjuncts Mars as it opposes the Moon in Aries, highlighting the duality between our own individual needs (Mars/Aries) and our relationships with others (Libra). The addition of Mars increases Martian energy of Aries which can […]

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Owen Wilson and Commitment Conflicts

You can tell Owen Wilson is unusual the first time you see him in a film. Shaggy hair, crooked nose: he doesn’t look like your everyday film star. And even though the parts he plays are typically the sophomoric doofus, his presence lingers and suggests a deeper and more complex character lies beneath. His chart suggests that the same is true for Wilson himself. Recent gossip reports have suggested that Kate Hudson has left her husband for a romance with Owen Wilson, so I looked into their charts for the National Ledger entertainment column.

Owen Wilson has the Sun in Scorpio, along with three other planets (Neptune, Mercury and the Moon), giving him an exceptionally strong intensity and passion in everything he does. Scorpio is a fiery water sign that is anchored in the realm of the emotional underworld; the dark and deep underbelly of our feelings that others may fear to witness. There is a great deal of courage in the Scorpio personality, since they are the ones willing to face their inner demons and become transformed by them. This doesn’t sound like the Owen Wilson that we see in films, but this is due to the fact that it is actually the sign that is rising in the chart, the ascendant or rising sign, that describes the outward personality. The rising sign is determined by the time of birth, and this is rarely available for celebrities so all we can do is make a guess, and in Wilson’s case I would guess his rising sign to be something fiery such as Leo or Sagittarius. Wilson himself has said that he is surprised he ended up in comedy, because he was so serious in high school.However, the inner Owen Wilson is strongly Scorpio.

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Andrew Harvey’s Dark Night of the Soul

"I Go Now" by Dark Awakening

While I was on vacation I happened on a radio interview with Andrew Harvey, a mystic and Shakespearean scholar who believes as many do that the earth is heading for some troubled times. I was very impressed by the depth of his commitment to the spiritual life and his eloquence in describing the twists and turns that are required on the path to becoming one with the divine.

Harvey’s recent book is entitled The Sun at Midnight, written about his long journey through the dark night of the soul. In the opposition from Saturn to Neptune, many of us are experiencing such a “dark night” in the form of the ending (Saturn) of our illusions (Neptune). Although Pluto is now associated with death and the principle of rebirth, before Pluto was discovered Saturn ruled over death’s domain. Death under Saturn is a cold hard ending as we come face to face with the fragility of our spiritual connections under Neptune. Although Saturn is a stern teacher, the rewards are great and when we face the hard lessons that Saturn brings we are given great rewards. In its opposition to Neptune, adopting or deepening the discipline (Saturn) of a spiritual practice (Neptune) will help to facilitate the progression of our cosmic education.

But there is a deeper death in Harvey’s writings: the death and regeneration that we associate with Pluto. The reclassification of Pluto into a new category along with Ceres and now Eris adds a new complexity to our concept of this transformation that we may not yet have the capacity to understand. Perhaps there is a clue in Harvey’s words […]

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